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Captain Marvel Helmet

by DamaskProps Jan 22, 2019
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For those of you printing in one piece, how are you orienting it on the bed? Also, what about supports?

What an amazing work!!
I'm about to print it, but I have a doubt... How do you glue all the parts? I'm about to use PLA for this.

Thanks in advance!

If you are using PLA then most glues or adhesives would work just fine. If you have a 3D pen you can use it to fuse the parts together, there are plenty of good Youtube videos on this. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Hey, amazing work by the way. I was wondering if you use patching, sculpting or just regular modeling to make these helmets. Been using fusion for 2 years, made some ok stuff. If you could let me know how you do these, that’d be awesome!

I often make the general shape in the sculpt environment and then add chamfers, fillets, etc in the modelling environment. If you head over to my Patreon i'll be uploading processes on how I make my models.

It's incredible that in no part of this file or in the makes, there's any warning about the size of the model.
Whose head fits in there? I'm a 6' male adult and it's gigantic even for me, let alone for the woman this was being prepared for.
Under what scale should I print this for a human being??

Is it possible if you can widen the jaw area so that the mask doesn't look so sharp along with making the details less deep and prominent? Also would be great if you could remove the ridge at the bottom back of the helmet. Maybe this could help as reference https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/659035762/captain-marvel-helmet-2019-3d-printer?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=captain+marvel+helmet&ref=sr_gallery-1-11

Other than those things great model like always. :)

I'll see what I can do to improve the model.

This design looks awesome.

Do you recommend any particular slicer settings?

Print Speed
Infill Percentage, type.

If anyone can provide examples on how you finished it; sanding, painting, etc... I would love to know.

Has anyone printed this yet? I'm going to be making one for my 7 yr old daughter and I'm curious how much I should scale it down. We're also planning to put LEDs in the mohawk, so it should be a fun build!!

Hey stromtrooperguy,

I just finished the print and it's fairly large even for an adult (womans) head, but it is absolutely beautiful. The diameter from the bridge of the nose to back of the head is 10 in and the width (ear to ear) is about 7.5 in. My head has a circumference of about 22in, and I still have a good 1.5 in between the back of my head and the helmet.

Also, before printing I'd recommend slicing off the entire "chin strap" portion of the helmet and printing it as a separate piece, otherwise when glued together your daughter won't be able to put the helmet on. I didn't think about this before printing and so had to hacksaw the chin portion off, which was still easy and effective, but it might be easier and safer for the print in the long run to account for it ahead of time.

The mohawk portion prints really well with no in-fill, making it perfect for LEDs. Something I would have also done ahead of time is probably remove the adjoining walls between the individual mohawk pieces so that an LED strip could run straight through. This is another instance of me having to drill holes in the pieces post print which could have been done ahead of time.

I hope this helps! You're daughter is going to look awesome!

quick question, where exactly did you hacksaw it and how did you make the chin strap attachable after? I just put the whole thing together and ran into the same issue with now her not being able to slide it on her head. Debating how to cut it before I get to painting and it being unwearable.

I did remove the chin strap! I've got it attaching with magnets on one side and elastic on the other, so she can put the helmet on and clip the chin into place. I could have done a better job hiding the line from the cut, but oh well.

I printed the mohawk in translucent yellow, 0% infill, and did remove the walls between the parts. So far so good!

The helmet is now sanded and filled... just getting the rest of the lines out before I get it nice and red!!

Stormtrooperguy, I’m looking at making this for my six year old. Can I ask what you scaled it to? And print time?I’m just trying to get a rough idea. I’d love to have this done in time to have it for the movie.

I found that due to the taper of the helmet, I had to print it at nearly full size. I did 95% and it fits her pretty well. It needs some foam padding to stay in place, but it's comfortable for her.

Print time was around 60 hours I think.

Thanks, so did you you print most of the pieces without supports?

I used the full model provided and split it myself. I cut the top of the helmet off along with the chin cup. I printed the middle part (the largest) with no support, then used supports on the top of the helmet and the chin cup.

Thank you so much been looking for this, great model

In my best Joker voice.... "And here we goooo"

i saw this file and thought HMMM how long till UncleJessy puts out a video :D

Hahaha I just downloaded the files again earlier today. Soon

You are not alone =)

actually no worries if you didnt upload it, i just split it and put it back together...thanks for the great stuff..

well..crap im gonna be that guy and i dont mean to be, cause this rocks..but it's missing part of the chin strap it looks like..other than that..perfect..
thank you

Sorry about that, not sure how I missed that but thank you for pointing it out, i've updated the file again. Thanks

cool, no rush..thanks!!

The unsplit file is now available.

do you have a full unsplit version of this by chance?

I'll upload it as soon as possible.

This is a spectacular model!!! Keep up the amazing work!!