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Pickle Toothpick micro fpv quadcopter frames and accessories

by ledroneclub Jan 16, 2019
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Can you share pids and other settings you used with BETAFPV 1103 11000kv motors. I cannot seem to get it right... With AMAX Inno 7500kv it's super good but for 11000kv I cannot make it work.

Hi, sure, here's my current Betaflight diff : https://pastebin.com/8rP4vLpx

I have slight high throttle oscillations, probably a bit less P needed but flies quite nice except that.

Do you have a file for the 3" pickle? Im only seeing 65mm ones in the zip file and I heard you had a 3" model.

Sure, it’s a separate design you can find here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3642230

Pickle 3inch : micro fpv quadcopter frame and accessories

I'm wanting to get this cut and shipped to the UK, which app is best to go with?


You could try here, directly in the UK http://multirotorspares.co.uk/custom-carbon-fibre-cutting/
No idea of the cost but could be ok, such a frame should cost 11-15$ max. Otherwise you could try ahltec.de, the feedback I have is good

Hi ! Too bad for the X frame. I had the version 1.1 cut out. I can only mount the amax motor with 2 screw. Don't really want to adapt hole using a dremel, but if i have too...
Anyways thanks for your works !

I’m really sorry for that mate. That’s the issue when working alone, no one to point out stupid mistakes until frames are cut :(

no worries, motors stick well with 2 screws. I only use my dremel to make a place for usb port (GEPRC Board). love it :D

Hi! Thanks for this frame. How do you compare flying it of when it is cut from carbon versus when it is 3d printed in pla or abs? Thank you. Cheers :)

Will be too flexible to fly correctly. If you want something printed take a look at this one from dave_c https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3578531

Micro Pod [19mm]

What if I use bigger motors? Crazybee F3 esc seems to have 5A barrier, will that significantly effect the performance?
I'm not sure that bigger 1104 motors would draw too much current from the board and burn it or what.
DYS 1104 7500kv motor is about 5.6g each, 2g heavier. It will add 8g extra weight to that tiny quad.
Just kind of worried about the additional weight and unpredictable power output.

Up to you to test, you may toast your esc's if you go too much above the 5-6A, depending on what props you use. You'll probably be fine but note that 8g more means 20% increase on the common dry weight. So maybe not a great improvement of flight performance overall compared to 1103 motors.

Sadly that sweet AMAX motor isn't available in my area. What about DYS 1102 7800KV? It's lighter and still got the same KV.
How the motor size and KV effect the overall performance?

Should work as well. Try to find spedix 1103 11000kv, betafpv 1103 12000kv. Used a long time the latter one and were very good (a bit fragile). The good spot is 1103 motors with kv between 7500 and 11-12000 but others are fine. Don’t go below unless you go 3S batteries

Oh man... took a good whak and broke the frame. So now I just want to make the best out of it and leave some documentation - for science! Hopefully you can get some insight from it and improve the frame. It's the v3 frame in 2mm CFRP, as I've presented in the Make I posted.

I wasn't that fast but I run into a metal drawer. Short video of the crash: https://youtu.be/cnRRfalsAp0

added a 2.9 classic frame that's a bit hardened where you broke your frame. May not be perfect but a bit better, i think the arm ends will need a complete overhaul.

So cool ! (Well it’s not but i’m glad that you reached out to me for the feedback)

It broke where I always thought it’s weak unfortunately, will change that :(

Can you please contact me on Facebook or messenger (search for my name, Alexandre Arvinte) to discuss further?

Hi, does your pickle_frame_v2 support 0802, 1103, and Amaxinno 1103? From the DXF it looks like it supports alot of different sizes.

Question, when I open the v3 .dxf it looks like it's incomplete. Some lines are missing

Both v2 and v3 supports 08 to 11 motors with 3 or 4 holes. I’ll check the dxf file maybe it got corrupt

Will both v2 and v3 support the Amaxinno 1103 motors?

Yes, same motor mount on both frames

I'm thinking about building this frame with the amax motors and a Crazybee F4. Any experience of the durability yet? Am I correct that the braces of the v3 frame are to increase durability and does the USB cutout also work with the Crazybee FC?

Hi, be careful with the crazybee board. Some users noticed that it have a weak 5v regulator that tend to fail after a few flights. Workarounds exists anyway. For the frame itself both versions have a cut that will work with any whoop format board I think, so no problem here. Both frames should be equally durable. The one with the struts/braces was intended to provide easy access to the motor wires.

Hello, thank you for your work :)
Is it possible to buy one or more carbon frames from you directly ?
I do not know any friends able to cut them out on carbon for me.
Postal shipping from france to germany should be not a problem :)

Checkout www.fpv360.de

Hello. I get mines from cncdrone https://m.facebook.com/CNCDrone/. I guess he should be able to ship to Germany as well.
Basically he’ll ask for the dxf file and thickness (2mm). Let me know if any issue

Also any chance for a light weight version of the battery holder? It's over 3g now.

Can try. This one is solid. Could be made lighter but can’t guarantee the durability

Awesome work on the light version of the battery holder. Can you please please make one that fits gnb 450mah. Size is 450mah is 13mm x 18mm x 62mm

Just uploaded a GNB450 version of the light holder. Could you give it a try and tell me if it's fine ?

Yes no problem, will upload something this week

I tried the battery holder with gnb 450mah and it does not fit.

This one is designed to fit the beta75x batteries (and tattu 450 mah long version)

I think the gnb 2s stick type are slightly larger

300mah is 13.5mm x 17mm x 50mm
450mah is 13mm x 18mm x 62mm
550mah is 14mm x 18mm x 67mm

Comments deleted.

link is in the description in the "camera mounts" paragraph ;)

Has anyone moved the 2s FC and ESC separates stack from a Beta75X to one of these yet?

Should work as well. It will simply need taller spacers.

Wow, a lot of progress in a week :) Still amazed.
Do you know the weight of the frame? Just interested... the AUW is very promising

thanks, the v2 frame is 5.2 grams (2mm carbon fibre)

Would you be so kind as to make a version of the V2 frame with the 3 hole mounting pattern for motors?

Sure. Can you give me a reference of 3 hole motor to check the spec?

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the fast reply!
Racerstar 0703 1s 22000kv is what I will be using, which utilizes a widely-manufactured 3 hole pattern so it will work with quite a few of these micro motors that have 3 hole bases.

Dimensions are shown in an image at the bottom of this link: https://goo.gl/1BAZQN

I've uploaded the 3 holes frames (v2 and v3). Please take a look and tell me if it's ok, a bit of guesswork for the center hole.

Okay, so it's not the right measurements unfortunately. The screw holes need to be equidistant at 5.5mm apart, creating a perfect triangle. The circle in the center of the triangle only needs to be 3.5mm in total diameter. I hope that makes sense.

I love the flare you added to it on the tips! Where do you go to get carbon cut in your area?

whoops :(

i've corrected the v2 version, lack on concentration :)

I get it cut from a guy here in France, the name is cncdrone.

You nailed it!!!! Absolutely perfect on the hole spacing & center hole. Fantastic job!
You just became the first designer on Thingiverse that I've tipped :-D
Now to find someone here in Dallas who can cut carbon fiber! Which file type usually works best for your cutting guy?

Thanks mate ! First time i got tipped :))

usually cutting services use the DXF file only. Hope you'll find where to cut it. btw, the right price should be around 15$ without shipping.

No no, thank YOU sir! Yaaaay congratulations! It's the least I could do :-)

I found a guy who can cut them for exactly $15, pretty excited! Actually I found more people to cut than I had expected.
Thanks again, Alex! I'll report back how they came out.

I'm in Austin and I'd be very interested in getting a couple of these cut too. Could you message me the place you got yours at? Thanks!

Hey man, sorry for delay in response!

Go to cncmadness.com and send them an email. Can't remember the guy's name who runs it, but he was INCREDIBLE! Not only did he reply almost immediately to my order that I placed around 7pm, but he cut them that night and shipped the next day. To boot, he turned the dxf files at an angle to work with the weave of the carbon fiber. Highly recommend them!

No worries at all, thanks for getting back to me!

I wound up finding a thread on the RCGroups forums the night I posted that question to you in here. They had a bunch of CNC shops listed and I emailed every one of them for a quote. What do you know, cncmadness got back to me right away and it went just like you said it did for you. Super fast, cheap, and friendly. Can't wait to get it and start my build :)

Great ! Let me know how it builds up when you'll get the frame. I've test flown mine today, flies really well.

Got them cut and shipped & they arrived in 2 days! Looks so good Alex, really great work. Will build them up this weekend. So glad we worked on the 3 hole pattern and spacing, it's perfect!
I put a post up on the Tiny Whoop group on Facebook about this project so you may see a little more activity :-)

Guess we need another version. The amax inno 1103 motors Kabab recommends is a bigger 3 hole pattern :)

I saw that! Always good to have more options.
Still can't stop admiring this frame! Such a trip to have carbon cut and shipped, gives me big ideas. Getting my feet wet with design, thanks to inspiration from you Alex!

Downloading now and I'll print a few layers off, check the specs & report back.

Ok got it. Maybe I can reduce the size of the motor stand as well, those motors are so tiny :)

It's such a great design & Kabab is doing some neat work here. Awesome inspiration piece you've created! I'm definitely going to buy a few of Kabab's once they're back in stock, but this will be fun in the meantime.

Thanks mate! Do not hesitate to buy Kabab’s frames. He deserves a lot of credit for pushing things forward in the hobby

You are most welcome! Oh absolutely, I'm a supporter. It's so much fun to watch this hobby grow and be a part of it!
Yeah I think the motor stand in his first iteration was more arrow-like for these specific motors, but I'm down to see whatever you come up with :-)

Great design!
Do you have any flight videos to share? Really interested. I've already seen Kababs videos :)

Thanks, haven't flown it yet :(

It should behave the same as Kabab's frame because it's a very simple design fitting the same hardware.