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Ender-5 Control Panel Back Cover

by kilroy01 Jan 13, 2019
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This was the first mod I made as I saw the issue of the exposed back of the display. I can see this as not a major issue but something not to leave exposed long term. I did the recommended 2% increase that I saw in the comments and it slipped on perfectly.

Printed in pla+ in black. (I think black looks best for printer add on, but that's just me) but I added some SD storage on the side. Remixed your design. Very, very snug, but was able to get it on, and I think it looks GREAT. (As long as I don't need to remove it, I think I will be okay..) I uploaded the file, and I think I gave you credit correctly. Thanks for the design to start from!

Thank you for you comment. I'm glad that you found the design useful. As I have said before, I received one of the early units that was shipped when this model was released. I designed to fit the one I have and got lucky and it was a perfect fit on the first try. A few others have talked about it being tight. I don't know if that could be some variation in the construction of the printer, a difference in the plastic (I used TonerPlastic's PLA) or maybe just a difference in the print settings, but it fit mine perfectly as designed. This was only a first draft, but it fit, so I never modified it further. I am happy to see others build off of my basic design.

Doesnt work for me at all. Its way too tight and it was designed to have zero tolerance in play, which is in itself not a good design choice.

I'm sorry that you had issues. With a part of this size, even a slight difference in the shrinkage of the material can make a big difference in the fit of the part. It was designed to fit my Ender-5 as I received it. (I received one of the first shipments when they debuted.) So any modifications in the manufacturing process of the metal plate on the control panel would also effect the fit.

I used TonerPlastics PLA and it fits mine perfectly. It just need the lightest touch and it slides into place without force and with no real play or slop once it is on. If you would be willing to try it again, you should be able to measure the part you printed and the width of the metal and adjust the size by scaling it a few percent before you print.

Again, sorry for your trouble, but this was designed to fit the printer I have. I can't guarantee results due to variations in the plastic, printing temperature and the manufacturing tolerances of your specific printer.

It printed great but I have the same problem as someone below. It keeps snagging on the ribbon cable. Any suggestions?

Printed in PLA for my Ender-5 Pro. Printed perfectly and fit like a charm. Excellent tolerances.

Printed perfectly and the fit is excellent. Thank you!

it does not fit to ender 5 i had to open the gaps with dremel tool and still it was hard to fit

Depending on the material you are using and the temperature your are printing at, you might have to print at 101-103% size to allow for shrinkage. This was designed to be a snug fit, so even a little would make a big difference.

Is it better to print it standing up?

Im already 3 hours into so Im gonna wait and see what happens. lol Thanks for responding

Yes. It should be standing up. No supports required.

The upside to printing this flat was being able to print multi colors.

This isn't fitting for me - it's too shallow and snags on the cable for the display. Gonna try printing it with a little bit of upscale.

Thanks Kilroy01! This was my first print and it was perfect.

Nice design printed with PLA on a glass bed and it fits perfectly 1st time no issues whatsoever. Thanks nice addition to protect the PCB

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. My print is being warped and getting loose for the third time! I did not experience this with my other prints. After printing for like 20 minutes it's being warped in every corner and eventually the print comes loose which fucks up everything.

I'm printing with an Ender 5 stock + glass bed.

  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 25% infill
  • 60mms speed
  • 7.5mm retraction
  • 75mms retraction speed
  • 210 nozzle temp
  • 65 bed temp

The print is being done vertical (so you don't have any overhang). I also leveled the bed before each print.

I've also tried with 200 nozzle temp and 60 bed temp. Same result.

I haven't printed with a glass bed on the Ender-5. I always use the magnetic build plate that came with it or a piece of polycarb with blue painters tape on it if I need more adhesion. Are you using glue stick on the glass? Hairspray?

works and prints well

This fit perfectly. Thank you.

It fits like a glove and looks great, thank you! Always felt weird leaving the control box open like that.

Nice design! As some users on FB also recommended it for Ender3 I tried it. Unfortunately it doesn't fit as the mounting of the display is different. Just as information for other users.

nice! i have an idea to make this even better, can i remix it?

Feel free. I would be glad to see any improvements.

Print time 6-8 hours?

About 6 hrs on mine at 0.2mm layers.

See, I'm dumb. I printed mine vertically and I'm about 80% done almost 9 hours in.

Thank you very much.
That's what I wanted to know.

and that is why i want more than one printer lol

Yep I just ordered this printer on weekend, currently have a mp select mini v2 so looking forward to having 2 printers and one that has a much larger print bed then what I have (120x120x120 only)

I have two ;-)