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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Descent 2nd Edition - Complete collection storage solution

by atl3d_nd Feb 3, 2019
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It's definitely the best possible solution for storage of the whole collection! As I can see the space is prepared for the cards in sleeves - is it also prepared for the Heroes card that are in sleeves as well ( in QuestBox )? I cannot verify it on the pictures.

Hey tr0lczyk!
My hero cards are not sleeved, but my class cards are. I'm going to release a new update on the Quest/Character Box soon anyway to provide better support for the new classes of Lost Legends

Thank you for responding so quickly! I was already going to print it tomorrow but now I’m looking forward to the update :D How will you improve it? Do you think that if sleeves themselves are size 102x127mm they’re will be Ok to be stored in QuestBox v2? Aren’t they too big?

Hey! Currently, I doubt they will fit as it would increase the thickness of each card (and of the entire stack). If you can send me the measure (width/length/height) of the entire stack, I'll try to see if I can fit it in.

Hello !
It fit in the original box ?

Thank you for the quick reply. Do you have a similar pdf for the rest of the boxes/inserts? Thanks! I should be posting a make in the next day or 2

Not yet, I need to find some time to create them

Is there something available that shows where components go. I’ve printed out the main box and can’t figure out what some of the cards are from the pictures. Great work.

Hi, and thanks!
I've just added Main_box_chart.pdf so that you can see what goes where ;)

Thank you for making these models! But, I don't see how to fit main body front and back together. That tight square shaped cut seems nigh impossible to print in a way that they can slip together. Thankfully, I think if I just cut off the square part of part of Main Body front that is supposed to go inside Main Body back and glue the two together, I think I can salvage the prints.

Update, I jammed a putty knife into the bottom of the U-square and managed to knock out enough material to jam the two pieces together without cutting the U off. :D

I love this! Question completely unrelated to the print, how did you create the custom pockets for the map tiles and what did you use? Currently I have all of my map tiles sorted by numbers in groups of ten in hanging folders in a file box, not the greatest solution. Now I need to figure out a way to print the boxes for this so I can get to work storing my game!

Thank you! The custom pockets for the map tiles binder are created using standard A4 plastic pockets, a cutter and a soldering iron to create each tile cell :)

Another question regarding the drawers, do the miniatures stay in place on the foamcore? If so how did you manage that?

I have glued a magnetic sheet bed to each drawer and added magnets under each miniature ;)
Magnetic sheet: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00FL0G5OE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00
Magnets: https://www.amazon.fr/Magnet-Expert-aimants-criculaires-n%C3%A9odyme/dp/B007JTKHR6/ref=pd_nav_hcs_rp_2/259-5031028-5907300

But I think on the long run I'm going to replace the magnetic bed with some very thin metal sheets in order to have a more robust solution ;)

I did something very similar with my mansions of madness monsters and a sheet of galvanized steel. With the magents, did you remove material so it sits inside, or just glued to the base? Sorry for all the questions just looking for inspiration, having so many games is a hassle to store conveniently.

I drilled some holes in the bases and then glued the magnets . Just out of curiosity, do you have pictures (or a URL) of your storage solution for MoM? I may buy the game in the future, and it's good inspiration as well ;)

Would you be willing to post some pictures of the tile sheets either her or on board game geek in the Descent: 2nd Edition forums? Just bought some dividers and I am noticing I won't be able to get them in numerical order on the sheets due to sizes.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition Complete Storage
by travitz

Hello !
Nice design ! I Love it ! Can someone tell me the total quantity of filament to do it ?

Hi! It takes roughly 2kg of filament, so 2 or 3 spools of 1kg should be more than enough ;)

Hi alt3d_nd.

Wow what a fanstasic job, you have done here.

How many MonsterBox_Screws do I need to print?


Yours sincirly


The MonsterBox_Screws are only useful if you want to use foamboards to create a storage solution for monsters, like I did. In that case, you'll need 2 rails and 8 "screws" per drawer in your box.


Thanks for fast reply :-)

Under "ThingDetail" you wrote:

"............. if you like my work, feel free to tip me,........"

If I deside to print this massive print, I would show my gratitude by tipping you, but how?
(Pretty new to in this 3D printing universe)


I'm pretty new myself to be honest ^^. I think you can to go on my profile and click "Tip designer", but I'm not sure ^^'

Hi, firstly, good work, must have taken you quite some work to get to this state.

Unfortunately, I am limited to a 200 x 200 build plate (from memory) so would need to print the box that is split in 2, but I hate supports, I've never managed to get them off a print cleanly no matter the settings/software I use.

So I'm wondering if I can tweak the parts to print without supports. To this end I'm thinking of replacing the two cylinders for joining with some kind of dove tail joint (similar to those used in this box https://3dgeeks.2b.work/pages/view-thing.html?id=385782).

I'm not experienced in 3d design, just made a couple of things in tinkercad, is there a reason for the cylinders you used? And what is the think of the "U" shaped extrusion? Is it for additional joining strength?

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Hi Dexter! Thanks for the feedback. The current design has been made that way to offer the best balance between ergonomy, strength and storage space, so I can't really use dovetail joints as they require a lot of space, which is why I went with the extrusion of those two cylinders and the U shape: it offers the best balance between strength and space at the cost of making the part a bit harder to print.
The U shape itself is extruded that way to prevent cards from the artifacts deck getting stuck between the two parts of the box, in case the two parts are not joined perfectly. In order to print the hollowed U shape, it's better to put very few supports and only on the horizontal part of the U, and rely on bridging. Also, I find that Simplify3D creates better support structures than Cura, and are easier to remove.

I might see if there is a demo of Simplyfy3D I can try out...

Your reasons for design make sense, I wouldn't have even thought about the card falling down the gap.

Depending on how I get on with supports/Simplyfy3D, I might still try to remix those main body parts to make them support-less, I'll let you know how I get on.

I was having a little play in TinkerCad and wondered if something like this would work, it would mean no supports if my printer can do the small bridging at the top of the hollow for the dovetail (not shown in the attached) and the extruded dovetail should prevent a card from slipping down the gap.

Let me know what you think, I'm still new to 3D design (hence using TinkerCad...it's easy...ish!) and so not sure if I should make the hollows a fraction bigger to make them join together easier after printing, but then I wouldn't know how much bigger. Guess it comes down to experience and trial and error. But any pointers would be appreciated. Cheers.

That could work :) . In terms of tolerance ("the hollows"), it really depends on the precision of your 3D printer. For large parts like these, I'm guessing 0.5mm could do the trick, but as you said, it really comes down to experience and trial and error.

Couple things - first - WOW. Exactly what I'm looking for.

Second - I'm going to order new filament to tackle this job - any idea how much in total this needs?

Third - I have a CNC and a large (4'x8') laser cutter - once I get everything here sorted out, I'll tackle an enclosure for it and pass whatever I come up with your way, gladly.

I'm glad you like it!
In terms of filament, I think you should be able to print everything with 2kg of PLA (as long as you don't print with supports).
If you try to design an enclosure, I'll gadly help. You'll probably need to use a rather thick wood though, as the boxes+tiles+miniatures are quite heavy, so I don't know if a laser cutter will be enough.

Laser can cut 1/4" plywood just fine, and if it's really that heavy, 1/8"+1/4" laminated together for more joint strength should handle it. I'll know better in a couple weeks when I've had a chance to print these big pieces. We only have the core game and 3 expansions, but no plans to stop collecting the rest, having room for everything will be amazing. I'll pull your STL's into Rhino3d tonight and start some tinkering with an enclosure.

EDIT: I didn't mention it before, but using a binder to store the tiles is absolutely friggen brilliant. Since I'm laying out a wood box for everything to nest in, I'm going to integrate the unit trays in as wood in my layout, nothing against foamcore, but a few minutes in CAD vs more than a few minutes measuring and cutting foamcore - I'll always opt for the CAD and let a robot do the work for me. Pretty sure my approach will yield the wooden trays optional (room for the foamcore solution, or some optional pieces to convert to wood/etc). I have a couple other ideas I'll play with a bit, once I have something a bit more than some ideas and random lines in cad - I'll PM you my progress when there's any worth sharing.

A rough height for the miniature storage area would be appreciated, but I can fake it for now.

Just so you know, I'm going to update one of the boxes at some point in the near future (the "Quest and classes" box) as FFG announced a new extension with 10 additional classes. So wait a bit before printing that box ;) .
Regarding the foamcore box for units, it was always meant as a temporary solution and I want to replace it with a "proper" wood based storage. I think each "drawer" containing the units has a surface of 355x285mm (on the top of my head), two of these have a height of 7cm (for the small units) and the two others have a height of 9cm (Heroes+lieutenants and large units). I would add a few extra millimeters to that measure though, just for safety ;)

EDIT: Since I had some free time today, I updated the "Quest and classes" box (QuestBox_Box_v2) to support "Lost legends" and its 10 additional classes ;)

Excellent, It will still be a couple weeks before I can even start, have a lot of stuff in the queue ahead of this. I'm going to start fiddling with the upper section of the box this weekend now that I've got some time again.