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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CR10S PRO Fang Fan Duct

by OneBadMarine Jan 7, 2019
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this uses stock hardware?

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

Uses stock fans. The stock cover screws may work, but socket head cap screws are recommended, as the stock screws tend to round out, due to the shallow socket of the button heads.

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

Assuming stock fans, any guidance on how much fan to use once this is installed? I've printed this and hope to install this weekend. Currently, I'm having great success with the stock duct and 60% fan starting at layer 5 for PLA. Just curious if anyone has any recommendations / experience up or down from that.

in my testing I achieved 70° overhang with no defects at 100% fan speed. With pla I've never chosen less than 100%, but I'm sure with testing you could operate in the 40 to 50% range on parts with less overhang or bridging needs

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

Up and running, first basic print turned out great. Moving on to some other longer prints. Two things on the install

  1. I'm running a BLTouch and could have used another mm in width on the back plate mounting holes / slots. Right now, with the stock hotend, I've got 6.5mm gap on the right of the heat block, and 7.5mm on the left. Additionally, the left fang just barely touches the BLTouch cylinder. Nothing to write home about, everything seems to be working as designed.

  2. The lower right hole for the part fan didn't seem to be quite deep enough, that was the only one I had problems getting to bite and go in. Drilled it out a tad for depth and all was good.

Thanks again for this design. Really like how open it is WRT to the fans. FYI - for anyone else, I printed this in PLA

thanks. I was at 100% originally, but was having some major stringing. dropping to 60% was night and day improvement. I'll try it out hopefully this weekend

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

What's the best orientation for printing this? "as is" or with the hot-end fan mount flat on the bed? Secondly I've got a BLTouch mounted, this looks like it will stay clear of that, but was wondering if anyone as any experience.

it has been optimized to drop in , in the proper orientation to print no support or support to bed only.

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

I printed fan duct v7 last weekend with Cyclone Petg.
Unfortunately the left side warped after an 8 hours print. It now blows air far behind the nozzle. I really like the design. Would ABS make it work?

yes, but also focusing on centering heat block between the fangs. i run 2 of them one CR10S pro and a CR10S pro max using pla.

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

I have an remodeled duct giving more clearance around heat block being printed and fit tested, will post it once i know its ok.

I printed what's available now. Fits great. One fix is needed. The bottom right hole on the front fan is too shallow. I took a small drill bit and deepened it a bit and the screw now goes in great.


I originally printed version 3 and have now printed the latest version 6. I found the latest version much easier to print due to the extra support you made for the parts fan so thank you for that. However, I've found that both versions put the fan ducts too close to the nozzle on my stock hotend and they end up melting. I printed with Das Filament PetG and subsequent PetG prints have deformed the duct openings. There is very little space between the stock probe and the hotend so it may be difficult to fix this and keep the same orientation for the duct. Just thinking out loud, would it be possible to put the fan ducts and parts fan on the right side of the hotend and the other fan at the front? Totally understand if you don't want to make this change or simply don't have the time.

I am attempting to do a remake, learning from this version. I will put it here. to be honest i was hoping someone would make a better mouse trap, but alas here we go ....=)

I have looked at other mods and did try the unofficial bullseye mod by ValleyBot. Unfortunately I had issues printing their probe holder. The other ducts I've seen require you to change the parts fan and I'd prefer to keep the hotend fans stock, i.e. I don't want to start messing with the wiring. I can replace if needed, I just don't want to at this point.

I've never created a 3D model yet, so I'm going to start watching Fusion 360 tutorials on Youtube. But that means I'm still a long way away from being able to model my own duct or remix someone else's.

I appreciate the time and effort designers put in to produce their models and share with us.

I designed a probe holder that puts the probe tight to the Bullseye - but honestly after installing it last night, I am taking it back off - the probe is fine but the wiring harness would need more modification to really make it all work.

I will post my holder a little later today, but I plan to install this duct anyway - so not sure how well my probe holder works in practice :)


by Unteins

Hey everyone, don't give feedback to others here that pla is a bad idea to print fan ducts in because of it's low melting point. The creator is very sensitive apparently and for some reason thinks it's a personal attack and critiquing his work. Just spare his feelings and don't try to help others understand the importance of using the right filament for the job.

StrangerLefty, why the leave ignorant comments crying about something just because of a disagreement? Have you printed this to see if it works, or are you just thinking it doesnt work and trying to convince others based on a thought?
Hmmm, seems so bro.. try it, it works.. I have a couple of acquaintances that use this and its printed in PLA.. go figure right.. it actually works.

No i just don't care for people to say it will not work in pla when it can and does. Especially someone who never even printed it....

I own the cr-10s pro with its original hotend but the measures do not come back! in the part under the sides of the block of heat where the nozzle is screwed.

I printed with PETg (Amazon Basics Filament). But it seems to get melted next to the hotend-heatblock. Maybe you could make an updated version with a bit more distance to that block?

If it has all metal hit end, this will not help. If they offer a lined throat set up. Withba few dimensions we can make it happen.

Anyone know or try this with the new MicroSwiss hot end. I have one on the way but want to make sure it will fit with the fan duct.

OK, so let me understand...It looks like you swapped-out the positions of nozzle fan and the filament cooling fan with this new cooling plenum. Is that correct?

Hello mate great design, will this work with PLA ?

I haven't printed it yet but I can almost guarantee it won't work with pla. You'll need a higher melting point filament such as abs or even better polycarbonate.

that doesn't look like the stock hot end, would it still fit for stock?

This is the stock hot for the CR10S Pro with a MK10 hot end. If you have a standard CR10, with the MK8, this will not work for you.

Sorry if I'm being dense here but I have a CR10s Pro...all stock. Will this work with a straight stock cr10s pro hot end? Thanks for your time.

glad I saw this. I was warming up to print right now. I have a stock Pro so I have the regular hotend, until I get around to installing the micro swiss I got at least.

can you post your PETG profile used to print this? Im having some trouble

Added petg profile here for convenience. If it still is giving you issues. See my hot end fix for the CR10S pro here.... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3203831

Original Creality hot end ptfe fix/ Tevo Tornado

@cowasaur Luke has his profiles posted in the files section of the CR-10S group on facebook.

For someone who will be doing light printing projects...would you think this mod would be overkill? I am new to printing so my main fear (right now) is clogging. I plan on printing your filament mods. What is your opinion of the Micro Swiss Direct Swap Hot End Kit for CR10 Series for the Pro? Is the Pro hotend and this part compatible? Micro Swiss product sounds excellent, but I also saw the Pro version has been updated. Then again you made this modification because there must of still been a heat issue. What is your recommendation? Thanks!

I designed this because the stock configuration had two design flaws. First being the hot end fan discharge was forced down onto the part, creating issue with abs, and occasionally with first layers. Second is the flaw of any single sided fan duct. The dark side of the moon effect. You only get cooling from one side, causing issues if overhangs do not face fans...
I think it is worthy of the time for the better overhang finishes alone.....but i am biased....

What orientation do you print this I am having trouble printing because of the over hangs