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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

BeyBlade Burst Evolution

by Littlefiver Jan 6, 2019
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The boys have been playing with these beyblades for a while now. The eagle finally shattered spectacularly. I did notice it doesn't have the same ridge as the bumpy, saw v2, or fourthread. Any chance you can update it to strengthen it a bit? The sunflame looks to have a similar issue.

I Updated the Eagle to the stronger version 2, and any other stl's that I noticed are still the original version. I tried to remove the older versions, but thingivers has not been cooperating for me the last two months (on my end at least) and not all changes are showing up. So hopefully they are working for you. If so, please post a make.

I have stopped using thingivers for now, as it seems everything I upload does not save properly. A shame, really. Maybe when they fix the website, I can upload more things.

Thanks! I'll post a make asap.

The design is great... but these 3d printed ones always win in battles with official beyblades because the basic lock has deep notches for the the "performance tip" to lock into. The blade designs are fantastic and print very well... awesome job!

I admit that my lock purposely has a slight advantage over a regular Beyblade, initially. I did make the notch a little bit deeper that the original, but being a softer material (I'm using PLA), I find over time the notch wears down faster. On the other hand, my notch is not as deep as some other Burst tops that I have tried from thingiverse. Some others even have three sets of notches. The idea with my models are more for my kids to see their designs come to life and having fun.

Still, I can attest to the fact that my design doesn't always win. Even when freshly printed. Other factors to consider are the overall outer diameter, the mass of the Beyblade and the design of the outer edge.

My kids were playing against some "burst evolution" beys and the matches were pretty even. You beys are certainly more powerful than the "slingshock burst" beys my kids had originally. Fantastic design - i hope you come up with some more blade designs! Thank you!

For those that have no idea about beys - not that i'm any better - the locking mechanism that connects the "energy layer" to the "performance tip" is what enables a bey to resist bursting. The energy layers have subtle differences between them such as deeper notches, slopes, wider walls, or a high friction paint that keep the pieces from unlocking.

Thanks for posting these, including the source files! I've printed the whole set in PETG on a Prusa MK3S @ 0.2mm and everything fits perfectly with the original Hasbro discs and launchers. One mod I did was to glue the tops instead of using screws.

Please make a version 3 of Basic Top V2.f3d it looks pretty plain and i dont see teeth on it

The .f3d file is the blank editing model base, if you want to make your own beyblade in Fusion 360. You add your own "teeth" design. Whatever you want. I uploaded it at user Aravon's request. It is not meant to be printed as is.

Ok thanks for the info just have to find out how to use fusion 360 and I could make a cool beyblade thanks

Amazing work with these! I used your basic top to make a How to Train Your Dragons and Punisher inspired Beyblade for my son. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. I am glad you were able to use it to help you with your own designs.

do you pan on making turbo beys? and can you make a left rotation core

I am not familiar with the Turbo BeyBlade. Just with what my kids have. I tried to google it, but it wasn't very clear.

As for left spinning beyblades, you can mirror the current models to get the opposite rotation. I know Cura does that, so other slicers would likely have that feature too. Let me know if you have trouble with that.

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Thank you Littlefiver for sharing your works. My son like BeyBlade too, he will love it.
Would you upload the Fusion 360 step files of the basic designs too so that we can create our own and share ?

OK. I will upload Fusion 360 files.

I also made one part stronger.

By the way, you can try my combat spinner. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3050403/files. Your son might like it.

Modular Combat Spinning Top (no support needed)
by Aravon

Thank you so much ^^

wow very nice. the designs look solid. but if these are evolution then were is hole for a god chip. it shouldn't be too hard to make. now if i had the $$$ i would print these cause i really like them. anyway i hope you'll be at least moderately active cause i'd like to see more creative designs using this system you made.


I am not familiar with the God Chip...? None of my kids BeyBlade Burst Evolution have anything like that. These are compatible with all the BeyBlades that they have.

Edit: OK, I just looked this up. It seems that this "God Chip" is not regularly sold in North America. There are some specialty shop that sell it, I guess. Out of the dozen+ BeyBlade Burst Evolution tops that are in the house, only two have this hole, but it is not mentioned on the box anywhere or on any of the instructions that came with those BeyBlades. Strange... Unless I am able to acquire one of these chips, I am not planing on adding it to my design.

lol, here you can print some if you have a printer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3258957. also hasbro beys don't have detachable god chips. now the beys you could get in japan/S. Korea are much better. if you dont know they are from a company called takara tomy. the god chips on their's are removable.

God chips. (Splat and Doom)