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Surprise Egg #8 - Tiny Racecar

by agepbiz Jan 6, 2019
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Careful where you print this, I think it might be illegal in the US :D

Joking aside, great model!

Great model! I havn't gotten around to printing it yet, but I hope to! Is this the last one or are you going to make more?

Thanks! I hope to make many more. These are fun in-between projects

I'm printing the plane one.

OK! Thanks for answering! I'm printing it now but I'm not sure the wings will work. Still cool!

The wings on the plane don't work. I might try the bigger one.

At First I thought my wings did not work either. But I decided to "go for it" since I'd have to print another one.... well to my suprise the extra force was all that was needed. A little pop and now my wings work perfectly! just giver a little mustard! worst you can do is break it right?

Thanks for the advice! It works now but the nozzle bumped one of the wings while printing so I still need to print another.

If the wings dont work dont try the bigger one, but rather upscale the original one. The bigger one is for those who manage to print a working small one and dont want a wobbly bigger one. The bigger one has almost the same tight clearence as the small one

I'm printing the plane almost double the size. Hope it works!

Printed it. While printing the nozzle bumped the wing out of position. Also, when it was done the other wing still doesn't move. I'll try printing it again later with more stick glue on the print bed.

I got the wings working! I'll still have to reprint it because of the broken wing. Maybe I'll try getting the wings working on the smaller one.

I need to do a bit of work to get this to print with 0.1mm layers, but 0.15 works out perfect.

As always great little designs from a great mind.

These are wonderful ! I'm printing them all on a Prusa MK3 had to rotate the eggs 45 degrees so the hinge is at an angle vs along the Y axis to keep the tiny outer hinge walls from curling up. Also had to add skirt to some of vehicles as they are so tiny. Fantastic designs. Eggs open easily right off the printer.

Thats great! Why did you rotate it? Better partscooling from that angle?

It most certainly could have been the cooling, as the shroud doesn't really cover the back of the print, and that piece of the first layer being an extra small peninsula sticking out there. So with the hinge seam at an angle I had no problem. Possibly even the X-axis may help.
Also tried with a skirt, and that worked without rotating the egg as well; but I'd rather not use a skirt.

I love the egg, but how do I get it to open on the hinges? I am new to 3d printing. I'm using a Dremel 3d20 with PLA.

Make sure the First Layer Width is no more the 100%. Also make sure the bed is perfectly level and that the nozzle is not to close to the bed. that will smudge the filament and fuse the parts. Adjust Flow Rate is the printer is over extruding

thanks a lot for your job. First they are lovely to print and then a way to master my ender 3 with Cura... I've plenty of fails but finally found the way to print nice ones. I thing these are a much more difficult test than benchies (I used to print 50% and smaller benchies as challenges)
I'll share parameters for Ender 3 in makes if interested :-)

PS: maybe a suggestion, what about little trains? :-)

Waoh just watched the video and you're using an Ender 3 ! Please do you have parameters you can share?


Here is the FFF file exported from Simplify3D, not sure if this is generic code readable for other slicer, but if you open it in a texteditor your will see the parameters. But it is nothing fancy. Pretty much default printer profile. Set first layer height to 120-150%, first layer width to 100%. 3 parameters, no raft, no support, 0,1mm layer height, 0.4mm nozzle

Thanks a lot, will tell you

These are fantastic! :)
Couple of questions for you, what sort of bed plate to you have on you there? I have an Ender 3 myself with a glass plate on the bed. but I liked that almost carbon fiber plate.
Also are you using the IceSL slicer? Based on the infill design I'm just assuming.
Wishing you well, & happy Printing! keep up the fun designs & videos =D

Thanks! The bed is the tempered glass plate with special chemical coating. I bought the bed from creality3donline. I used Simplify3D with the honeycomb infill

These surprise eggs make me want to grab an empty egg carton and fill it with these eggs. Very nice model, I can't wait to print this.

Haha! Thank you

love your eggs thank you!

This is really cool. Was there a simple way in which you cut out the negative for the egg?

Thanks! No, the negative shape was modeled manually because the shape is adapted. Boolean cutters or shell modifiers wont do it

I love these egg designs. Made a couple for my son. He thinks they're great!

Thanks! I am glad your son likes them!

Me: hold my beer, I'm printing that beast!

ps. truly admire your designs.

Noooo! Don't put down that beer! Drink and print! :) Thank you for the nice words :)