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Ender 3 Extruder and Hotend Bullseye Duct Compatible Mounts

by vampyrex13 Jan 5, 2019
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Hello. Is it possible to mount it in stock ender 3 pro? What is cableChain_XendCoverNoRibbon_VampyreX13_Remix for - could you make a photo where i have to mount it?

Hello. Has the extruder on anyone else's Ender 3 had a little clip on it that prevented this piece from attaching?

You need to remove that part from the extruder to install this. I have an aluminum extruder (I highly recommend it), so I don't have that piece.

you have 3 version of the file "ENDER3-Chain-Holder_JTL_V3...", what is the difference? there is the +1.5 and +3mm variations but where is that difference in length? see the attached picture to confirm if i'm correct

The larger piece on the left, from top to bottom (height).

Has anyone tried using this with a Petsfang V2?

I am unaware if anyone has and I no longer have this setup to test on my printer.

hi can you tell me how the chain fixes to the frame at the bottom please, sorry but new to all this printing lark and just cant see how it fixes at the bottom,out of all the cable chains ive looked at yous looks by far the bes and exactly what i need.

thank you

I'm sorry, I'm just seeing this comment now. I'm assuming you have this resolved at this point. If not, reply back.

Comments deleted.

I enjoy your extruder chain link more than the others. But i have 3 requests where it mounts at the z rod needs to be extended the screw barley catches and if i tighten the screw more than finger tight it binds the z rod. this should go across to catch both screws and be slotted for adjustment.

My other request is i have seen the chain link with a mount for an extruder tube and am requesting that aswell just a loop to mount like in picture and the

last one please make a slot so nobody els has to cut off the stock cable clip

I don't know why you and one other person had an issue with the length, as this is what mine looks like (https://cdn.thingiverse.com/assets/3e/0c/6d/44/4b/20190308_063518.jpg). I can certainly make one that extends a little longer, but making an adjustable one will not work as there is no forward or back play without hitting the z axis lead screw. I'm not sure if I have time to make one with a guide because my Ender 3 is no longer setup in this fashion as I have since converted to remote direct drive. I highly recommend using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3052488 instead. Also, what do you mean make a slot so the stock cable clip doesn't have to be cut off. Can you post a picture of what you mean?

Ender 3 Filament Roller Guide

It was not enough for the outer screw mounting part. But I am satisfied, thank you!

Can you post a picture of what you mean?

Is it possible to attach it properly from an iPhone?

That's weird. It sits all the way in when I had it installed on my printer. Any issues from it not sitting all the way in? Also, that looks good in red.

It may be a problem with my printer. Upon outputting, I firmly settled on the build sheet, I think that the pitch was 0.1 mm and the infill was about 30%.

Here's what mine looks like from above.

Copper nuts are designed to be fine-tuned, are not they? The stepper motor on the Z axis is kept properly attached, and the Z axis is adjusted so that it is evenly spaced from the aluminum frame both above and below. Perhaps it was just a good position if you lower the position of the copper nut further.

Still it has been fixed without problems, I like it because its appearance is smart. Thank you!

I did post up a 1.5mm and 3.0mm longer version BTW.

Thank you! 3mm is just right! ! The best! !

There is no additional hardware needed to install this.

Are there any additional bolts needed to install or does this go on with stock hardware?

I have to make changes in original extruder mount? I think the original extruder cable clip is in the way

I had to make no changes to the Bullseye duct when I designed this mount, but there's always a little variances. I can try to adjust this mount for you if you post up some pics and tell me how much you need me to move the mount up or down.

Hello I had an issue where the hotend mount would not allow the bullseye to sit flush, the cable management arm for the bullseye kept hitting the chain link hole.

Can you post a picture of what you're talking about? Are you sure the mount is sitting all the way down on the rollers on back? Also, how much gap is there between the bottom of the chain mount and the roller wheel? It should be about .5 - .75mm. If it's any more than that, it may not be seated correctly. I had very little room to balance out strength vs. clearance, so it's a tight fit. Try to send a few pictures if you can and I'll see if I can adjusted for you. I have attached a couple of pictures to show you the clearances I have on my setup.

I should have gotten a picture but I had the exact same issue. I ended up cutting the cable guide enough to get it mounted. I had to cut pretty much all of it off. I will likely modify the bullseye base to print another one.