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by muzz64 Jan 4, 2019
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Thanks for letting me know... it is so hard to stop people from doing this. I really don't mind as long as they ask first and, if they make good money out of it, at least pay a fair royalty or tip.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

This is actually kinda dangerous. Imagine of someone trips

Love it! Thank you for sharing!

Tried printing it, had some missing filament/sagging on the underside of the mouth. Didn't use a raft or any supports the first time - trying with tree supports this time. Will report back!

Sorry to hear you're having a problem with this part of the print. That issue suggests your machine is funding the quite extreme angles a challenge and that is mist likely due to insufficient filament cooling (so tge filament stays too hot for too long in an area with minimal support fro the layer below). This is assuming you are printing with PLA. It's worth trying to increase the cooling in your slicing app.

I hope this helps

It seems my cooling settings are maxed out. Do you have any other ideas?

Your first layer appears too high, try increasing extrusion multiplier for first layer.

Or raise the bed a bit.

As for the top bit, maybe your temperature is a bit high?

Your first layer appears too high, try increasing extrusion multiplier for first layer.

Or raise the bed a bit.

As for the top bit, maybe your temperature is a bit high?

I would print thinner layers, it makes the steps easier. You can go as low as .04mm but .08mm layer height should do. It'll make cleaning up the holes easier too.

Great little print, I used it to test my new Micro Swiss printhead for my CR 10 Mini, came out beautifully !!! Takes a while to print, but all in all a great design, my wife loves it ( already full of toothpicks and on the counter), LOL !!!!

That's one cool design, congratulation!

It's a funny design, but I wouldn't like knowing that someone touched each of the toothpics when I use them. I like this better for people with OCD https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/home/distributeur-a-cures-dents-magique

Trypophobia warning for anyone who is about to slice this and then scroll through the layers... Yikes.

That being said - this is a great little make! My wife has been making paper beads - coat strips of paper with glue then roll it tight over a toothpick and let it dry. She has been stabbing the picks into a block of styrofoam, occasionally stabbing herself on a previous pick... This will be a happy surprise for her!

Now thats what everybody needs!

Love the model! I printed one and made a little stop motion video :-D

Awesome movie!!! :D
Great job Bro! :)

Great little video thanks.... appreciate the time you spent making this and then sharing it here!

Very nicely done on the video :)

Great model. I would recommend increasing the hole diameter slightly. The toothpicks fit, but tightly. Perhaps my toothpicks were too thick I don't know if there is a standard lol

Thanks for the great design my wife loved it.

One thing I like to do when printing something complex like this where tolerances are close is open the STL in TinkerCad (or your CAD of choiec) and lay a few big "hole" blocks on it so I can isolate just a couple of the toothpick holes. Then print that out and see how the fit is. That way I haven't had to print the entire thing and then find out my toothpicks are too big! Can't wait to try this one!!

Thanks for your feedback and pleased to hear you like this fun little design. To respond to your suggestion the influencing factors are that not all tooth picks are the same diameter and not all machines print the same as another... and filament volume also makes a difference with things like this. Some filament measures a true 1.75mm... others I've measures are 1.60mm or less and then a few up to around 1.85mm. That all affects the final holes created.

However, the simple solution is to either scale the model up or down to suit. Scaling up uniformly will make the holes slightly bigger etc. I hope this helps and thanks again for taking the time to comment.

Understand completely. My printer is very accurate, but at the same time I know one size would never work for everyone, not even when considering variations in toothpick diameter. And small hole diameters are toughest to get exact in a print. Perhaps you should publish the hole diameter and then people could compare with their intended toothpick's size and scale appropriately.

Thanks for the suggestion... a note on this has been added although I hope it doesn't confuse people as there is a bit of science to this because you need to allow clearance for things to fit together. Anyway, a paragraph has been added.

Much appreciated!

fine thing sir, for me B.O.W.

This is excellent! Funny and practical!

Looks more like a hedgehog than a porcupine

Appreciate the comment... but obviously it is just for fun. And, when I started designing this found that not all Porcupines are the same... there are porcupines and... porcupines.

Yet another fantastic idea supremely executed. Great work.
I don't see danger, I see an opportunity to remind people to look what they're doing, or suffer the consequences :-)

Thanks for the comment... they are fun but also sharp!

Very nice, I'd like to see one of this in a multicolor version file, so I can print it with my MMU2.

Ha ha! :D Very cute!
I wonder if this would be too dangerous for work? LOL :)

Thanks for sharing with us again bro! :)

Thanks... you've got to have fun with things like this when they come to mind. I'm sure some people won't like to use toothpicks that are exposed like this but some won't think twice about it... either way it makes a fun little model for sure!

Congradulations on another featured model bro!!! :D

Thanks... that certainly was not expected!

Well deserved! :)

Thanks again for sharing so many awesome models with us my friend! :)

how many features you have now?

Not quite sure now... as you know there have been a few. Always nice to share and have designs recognized!