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Ender 3 PLA temp tower easy

by dowmace Jan 3, 2019
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wow the gcode file is messed up. Jerk at 30. Trying to destroy the printer?
A temp tower has nothing to do with crazy modified jerk and acceleration values. Just leave these settings alone when release gcodes to public. Let the firmware control it.

Added a raft for better adhesion (Mine kept popping off around the 210C layer). Re-sliced to make sure temperature changes at appropriate layers. Also if you need add temperature changes back into the tower you just find the layer # you want to switch temps at and then go to Extensions > Post Processing > Modify G-Code and choose a "ChangeAtZ" script for every temperature change at the appropriate layer. This applies only to Cura 4.3, I'm not 100% on how it works in Slic3r or Simplify3D.

Hehehehe lol, Noooobs, its soo cool ! some hair spray will do the trick or just clean your bead lol.......

Holy fast movement jerks batman, never seen my printer jerk so hard, also never had this bad of layer shifts either. But temp tower works very well other than that.

Here is my gcode for this. I configured the temp to change before each layer.

My Ender3 Pro is printing all of this at 200 degrees. I looked at the G-code and cannot find any temperature changes in it. Using Cura to slice it. Any help appreciated.
very NOOB.

You have to use the gcode file.
The stl version has to be sliced in Cura and change need to be added in the gcode to change temp :

I'm scared to print these horizontal bars. Are you meant to try this test without supports enabled in order to see how temp. affects it?

Yes, that is the idea.

thank you for your efforts! what are the retraction settings used here? I'm using this to troubleshoot stringing issues

I had the same question, looked through the gcode and found the following values:

retraction_amount = 5[mm]
retraction_speed = 55[mm/s]

My tower kept falling over, or maybe knocked over, I didn’t watch it happen and I’m not sure why it did. Any one else experience this?

Yes, I suspect due to the very low bed temperature in this file. Sadly, I can't edit the gcode file to increase it, as I think this is a great tower.

I also wanted to view the GCODE because it printed very nicely on my Ender 3 Pro using Hatchbox Silk Silver. I use CURA. In the "Manage Profiles" you can "Import " profiles and if you select a .GCODE file it will create a new profile with Dowmace's settings. Thankyou Dowmace for this Temperature Tower. I hope this helps all who asked for the settings.

I tried this as well and it says that my current machine settings (creality_base) do not match the fdmprinter profile in the gcode so it does not import. Can you eventually export your profile and post it here? I'm interested.

Do you have a profile setting for this?

This is what I pulled from the file.

The gcode is a bit frustrating , I had to manually intervene with the ender3 control button and up the bed temp to 60 degrees and up the fan speed to 100% also not designed for glass beds which we are forced to use when the hot bed warps on ender 3.

Same problem here.

If you use ABL (BL touch etc) open up the gcode file in a text editor and add G29 ; after the G28.

does this file change the temp automatically ? I don't see any change on my display that indicates a temp change, ender 3 pro

It should change temp automatically, how are you running the file, over usb, sd, octoprint?

any way you can post your cura profile? the gcode prints very well!

I also like to see your settings, mind to share?

Seriously, I don't know what kind of black magic there is on thatr gcode, but ir came out better than anything I've ever printed

Yes Please!!!!!! I've had a terrible stringing problem lately but what ever this g code is, its pretty much not existent!

What other settings are there in the Gcode ? speed layer height etc? :)

.2mm layer height, 60mm/s

would this work using the in-built cura engine inside repetier host?? thank you

I don't use repetier, however there should be no reason to run this through a slicer, the included gcode can be sent straight to the machine.