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28mm Banana Knight v2

by BigMrTong Jan 1, 2019
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This is one of the reasons why I bought a 3d printer.

Great design, I love them. Showed the printed model to my female friend and waited for the response.
"Looks very cool, but I won't play with them. you know me. I am a women. I just play with beautiful sexy characters ;-) "
So, I was wondering if you have female bananas, too? ;-)
Breasts and the peel in the middle of them would do the trick, I guess. And maybe legs with less armor.
It is just a suggestions ;-)

I love your bananas! Can you make a banana conscript? Basically a human wearing what is very obviously a banana costume who has somehow found himself enlisted.

Here you go ... will upload later after a test print. I really like it :-)

I like it, but I think it needs more. A tapered dome shaped hat with little staples or tape on the side, sharp boxy edges to the peel to make it look like painted cardboard, and A VERY nervous expression on his face... Currently he looks more like he's a banana trying to pass like a man than a man trying to pass as a banana!

i'd like it too ! would be soo awsome kinda like the Bard from the group has to go infiltrate the banana-man group !

+1 for
"A tapered dome shaped hat with little staples or tape on the side, sharp boxy edges to the peel to make it look like painted cardboard, and A VERY nervous expression on his face"

Shame you don’t like him. I’ve uploaded him here :

28mm Banana Conscript Cultist - Banana Knight Cult

I like that idea, or maybe he's a spy in camp .. lol

Wow! Over a thousand likes! Well deserved. Very cool and fun models.

Comments deleted.

Absolutely beautiful. When printing out any miniatures for D&D, we actually always put this into the slicer off to the size, so we can use it as a comparable scale.

Banana for scale.

thats funny :-) it's nice to know its become a benchmark

This is hilarious, did not know i needed this in my life :D

Dear MrBigTong,
I love the design and i'm actually gonna print it as a D&D miniature and convince my DM to let me play a awakened banana :P
I could just be blind or something, but did you post anywhere on what the specific setting we should use for the print?(like the support pattern, angle of the print, infill pattern, etc.) Honestly, i'm new to 3d printing and the Cura settings/numbers are quite intimidating.... just thought i might ask :)

I don’t have settings for filament i’m afraid, I print them in resin.

Hi BigMrTong,
Very nice design! Unfortunatly, in my slicer(s) the body is empty, making it impossible to print.
How could we improve that?
edit: also, did you use a FDM printer (like CR10 or Tornado) to print it or resin?
Thanks a lot

We need to look at our slicer and settings .. I have printed it in SLA and FDM using Cura and Chitubox and not had any issues.

Okay thank you for this answer.

The more I look at it the more I need it scaled at 600% on my desk :)

yes i'm impressed by that 600% print .. i need that too.. I just opened him in my Cura with statard FDM setting and he appears fine.

It also looked good on my slicer but during the slice previsualisation (actual layers and everything), I had parts skipping and missing...

But I will try again, thanks again for sharing!

edit: Hum, no problems after trying again... Don't understand what was going on, but now serious things can start!

Great model! Looking forward to printing it.. Where did you get the base?

Dry Earth Bases (15mm scale)

Anyone else having issues with his leg not printing attached to his body? His left knee (If you look at him from the front) it's printing detached and sideways from the knee to the foot.

I've been having problems with the model sadly. I first printed it off at normal scale; it had no issues. But I've been trying to print it at a much bigger scale for a friend. I tried a 9.7 inch (246.5mm) model twice (It was pushing the max height my printer could handle) and the peel on the left most side; when looking at it from the front, along with the shoulders did not print properly. Then I tried an 8 inch (203.2mm) model since I have had luck with that height before, but I had to stop the print because the same peel from before didn't attach to its support and the printer stops about halfway on the shoulders making them plateau.
I am using a Creality Ender 3 pro and Cura software.

Love the model! When I try to scale it up in Cura, around 250% part of the shield arm shoulder goes missing. You might not be able to help but thought I'd ask in case other people ran in to the same issue. I'm not sure if it's how the model is or if it's Cura messing up.

Not sure, I have printed him at 300% for use as a trophy

This is amazing, are you going to do other fruit knights?

I haven't, I did this specifically for the Buhurt Banana guys, its their logo of sorts (picture Attached).

Banana Knight "king" of the fruitflies?

i like this Model and the Paintjob is fantastic

Do you have maybe only the Banana (without Arms; Legs and the Base) and would you also upload it?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day

What settings did you use for printing it?

Also did you print him standing straight up or at any sort of angle? (Supports or none)?

I really love the model!

Printed with supports tilted on his back as in the picture attached. 0.05 layer, 12 Seconds on, 1 second off, First 8 layers 70 seconds

Very nice, thank you! Love the paintjobs btw!

Awesome model and paint job. Thanks!

awesome job! How did you paint it?

Painted the armour silver and gave it a Black ink wash. Yellow on the Skin, Added White to the yellow for the Nana, added cream to what was left for inside the skin. Washed the whole nana in Burnt umber ink wash, and a little pure ink in places near the stalk and for spoiling.

Wow sounds like a lot of work.
Do you remember how lobg it took you to do all that?
The result is stunning though:)

That’s just a basic table top standard tbh. About 15 to 20 mins.

I find this one more appealing.

Ap-peel-ing? Ah? See what I did there? Heheh