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Rod and Tube Cutter for Dremel

by GreaseMonkey88 Dec 30, 2018
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Hey !
Thanks for this awesome design.
Does it work with this Dremel?
Thanks !

What a great fixture. Also fits drill I got from ALDI. Cuts trough carbon fibre like butter. I had to improvise & use 10mm wooden dowels as I did not have 10mm rod. Thanks to the designer for a great job.

This is just what I'm looking for! I would like to request one addition: Some type of spring to force the "saw" in the up position like a mitre saw.. This way I wont have to lift it up and will force a push down to cut..

Brilliant design!!! Can't wait to try it out. Thanks ;-)

Just printed the guide and tested with a Black & Decker RTX and it seems to fit! Might need a little spacer to get the power switch in the right orientation though.

Any chance you could upload a .step file for the flexible shaft guide? I'd like to use it with a different diameter axle.

Done. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the design! Could you please share the source file included .step file is an assembly.

I can export it as iges file, if that helps you.

Great project I made one, unfortunately in most cases it is useless. You cannot cut longer segments due to it simply collide with the dremel. Also dont print with PLA as it will melt when cutting.

Thank you for this great design.
I just couldn't understand how long pipe can we cut? Because, according to picture, only about 20cm later, pipe will hit the dremel body. Am I right?

You can rotate the piece of work while cutting, but correct, the length is restricted by the shell of the Dremel. You could use the Dremel extension, which is thinner. I think then there is no restriction. I made this thing to cut things very clean, but it might necessary to use a different method to cut the piece of work in a raw length, before making a clean cut with this tool.

great design. like it much!
please find attached a printable 10mm bolt (9.85mm) diameter. maybe requires to be sanded slightly depending on your printers tolerance.
in my case it fits great.
print it simply layed flat on the printing bed.

Thanks Kone

this is an amazing design ! thanks loads for sharing !

please would you be able to show a link for the type of clamps you use for this to clamp to the table and same clamp if different to clamp tot he rod please please ?

thanks loads again!

45 degrees would be handy

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Comments deleted.

Any chance you'll post the source files? I'd like to make some modifications for a slightly odd-shaped clamp and maybe some additional guiding features to facilitate precision cut lengths.

Check the available files now... ;-)

Not quite source, but good enough - thank you!

Am I missing something or can you only use this to cut very short lengths of a rod? When you bring the lever down the Dremel is stopped by the rod on the other side.

You are right. Unfortunately that is due to the design of the Dremel. I tried to stretch it as far as it still works, but the limitations are the design of the Dremels' housing.
Like tread001 says, maybe it is possible to use it with the flex shaft.

I ran into the same problem. I am going to try to use my dremel's flex-shaft Attachment attachment (Model 225) to get around that limitation. But for that, I have to redesign the Guide.stl to have the smaller thread of the attachment. If I ever get it working I will post the remix of if somebody else wants to do it, go for it. Would appreciate it.

If you tell me, what kind of thread the flex shaft has, I can add another guide part with the correct thread.

That would be so awesome if you could do that. I am not sure what thread it is but I can just measure what is there. These are the measurements with my caliper:
The outer dimension of the thread : 12mm
Threaded area length is 5.7 mm with 5 threads within that length
Length from thread start to tip of tool is about 23mm

I added a picture. Hope this helps. If you need any more measurements, please let me know.

GreaseMonkey88, I just did a test print for a thread that would work with the dremel attachment. I used Fusion 360 and used 1/2-20 as the thread. Hope that helps.

Oh, hard to say. Maybe you could search some more around Google or so. I would at least also need the threading slope.
I found the thread in the guide part also by searching a little on Google...

Do you need more info on the thread than the 1/2-20 info? Thanks so much for your willingness to work with me on that. I really appreciate it.

Ok, I changed the thread to 1/2-20 and adapted the shape of the part to fit the Dremel flex tool. I hope it fits, since this is pretty much just guesstimate of the distance between the guide and the cutting disc with the Dremel flex tool. And unfortunately you now have to print the part with support, but should be easy to remove.

I edited the guide part for the 3/8" hinge, not the 10mm.

I just tried the FlexTool guide that you created and it looks like the threaded end of the guide is offset from the slot that it is supposed to rest in. Unfortunately I do not have my printed parts in front of me,s so I took a screen shot of your picture and have circled where the flex shaft guide interferes. If I am not making sense I can send you a picture when I get home. I would also suggest adding the FlexTool guide to the files section so it is easier to find.

I really appreciate the awesome work you have done here!

I think I fixed the problem. You are right, there was a collision between the two parts, when using the flex guide. I changed the base part by extending the round profile where the guide rests in. Should work now.

I, the husband of tread001 (who actually did the 1/2-20 for her :), just modified your original and the new thread worked great for our attachment. We like your new modification as well and will try that - we now have multiple versions to swap in and out. One issue we still ran into was the location of the cut-off disc. I may have solved that as well by making the slot in your base just 3/4" of in inch wide which should assist in variation of length for others. Downside may be support for what is being cut. We are printing it now and will give you feedback.

Hi, thanks for the design; really nice

I produced a modified version of the "Guide" to work with my hobby drill which has an M18 x 1.5 mm thread on the nose. Once it's finished printing I'll add it as a remix.

One thing I noticed was the pivot hole in the Guide" is plugged at the bottom. It only printed as a single layer so will be easy to remove but a tweak to the design would be great.

Thanks for the feedback!
I changed something at the guide part, but did not see, that somehow the part got closed on one end. I just corrected it.

Thanks for the design!

I have been looking for this exact thing to cut arrows. But 10 mm is hard to find in the local hardware store in the U.S.. Any change on getting a version with a 3/8" hinge rod? Well, while I'm asking for things, how about a v-block that matches to hold up the other end of the arrow?
Great looking work.

I just added a version for a 3/8" axle. I hope the tolerances work.

About the v-block: How should it look like? I can't really imagine what you mean.

Thanks, I was just thinking how short sighted I was, I can print a 10mm pin to go in there. For the V-block, take the part where the tube is sitting in your main picture. Draw a square around it and delete everything outside the square. Like this, but cut from your base and simpler: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:611746

by lonnieh

You mean the notch in the bottom? See the attached image...

No, take the part circled and make a separate part. That will give you another part to put under the end of a long tube.

Ok, I think I understand. You want a separate support base v-block-shaped to place under the object you are cutting, so it does not bend.

Yes, thanks for sticking with me on this. You do beautiful work, really nice looking parts.

Comments deleted.

Nice! Even has the clamp cut out. When I get the arrow cutoff saw jig put together I'll send you a picture. I am printing the first 2 parts now.

Great! Looking forward to see this tool in action! Have fun!

Comments deleted.

What is the maximum tube diameter that this will cut?

Good question, the Dremel cutting disc has a diameter of 38mm, the diameter of the mount for the disc is 12mm.

(38-12) / 2 = 13

I think you will be able to cut a diameter of 12mm. If you cut only half a way through and then turn the rod/tube and cut again, you might be able to cut even thicker...