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DM screen-top initiative tracker

by thelukec Dec 29, 2018
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Can you make NPC ally tokens? Something generic like a smiley face, but fitting the theme of the other tokens.

uploaded a few remixes last night,
also have a small arabic numeral version... printing as I type, will upload when I have pictures

Mixed up something last night, managed to use this to fix most of the bothersome mesh errors, and it gives me the tools to make a lot more remixes

Slick, nice work! Looks like you sorted out your base issue then- if you still need a plain one I can probably track it down but not sure when I'll have time (but it looks like you're dialed in).

Looking forward to the remixes!

Mixed up something last night, managed to use this to fix most of the bothersome mesh errors, and it gives me the tools to make a lot more remixes

Made a really nice remix of the enemy using Arabic numerals so we could have more enemies and easier to read when color filled

I ran into some mesh issues when I imported into tinkercad, was able to solve those issues but causes others, so I’m not comfortable posting this as a remix

If you can please send me a higher res/ cleaner version I can redo it so it’s of high enough quality for public consumption

Whoa, those look amazing!!! Nice work. I waffled about roman vs arabic, but liked having the numbers (as an empty space) readable from either side. Filling them with color makes them really pop, however- did you paint those? They just look so good.

  • I'm afraid I don't have a higher res version of those files! Just the basic ones that I made as I was learning, so there are some pretty obvious mesh errors... sorry about that. If I remember correctly (it's been a while) the mesh issue for the skulls was due to overlap between the skull proper and the jaw- you may actually be able to fix that using Meshmixer (I don't know how, but I've been told it deals well with overlapping face issues- maybe try something like described here?

  • I haven't done anything with the stand- it was more of an afterthought. That is an excellent idea though! Or maybe like a 'stepped' version to save space?

  • To your earlier question (I apologize for the delay)- yes, any further work I do on these will be going towards the paid version. I don't have a ton of free time unfortunately!

Do you have a blank clip by any chance?
I can sort of edit away to get one, but it would be easier if you had one

I intend to make some remixes

Have you tinkered with making the stand modular?
I would like to use 2x of the 200mm and have them click together

Have a few ideas but not sure

What do you think about doing a Gunslinger one?

The warlock one also has a bump inside of it. :) Looks like the pattern continues down.

Absolutely love these things, thanks! Two small things. First the cleric one has a small bump inside of the slit that none of the others do. Second, would you mind doing one for the Artificer?

Hey there, glad you like them! Thanks for catching that "clerical error," surprised no one mentioned it before. The updated one should be up now, let me know if there are any problems with it. Second, I'm afraid I can't make an Artificer (or Mystic)- I've made some updated versions of these for a commission which precludes me from posting any of the updated classes (although they will be up for sale soon).



any chance of the free version being expanded at all?
I know you cant post the commission files but are you prevented from working on this at all?

Hey! I noticed that you added these little stands for the prices to sit on, I was wondering how secure they were on the stand. Thanks!

Hey there, they are pretty snug! I can press the tracker onto the stand and then pick the two up together by just holding the top of the tracker. it's not rock solid, but they can serve as stand-in minis like that if you like.

These are super useful! I will be printing these up after I am done with this giant D20!

Hey thanks, really glad you like them! Happy gaming.