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Ender 3 PRO and Tevo Tornado X Belt Tensioner all STOCK bolts and STEP files

by Misterguru Dec 28, 2018
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Yeah, the stock piece looks like its not straight, down a little... I will try to tweak it for you this weekend.

My ender 3 pro also needs the tweak to lower the hole (like IgorDe), I purchased it early July via Amazon.

Additionally, my bolt head is wider than the 12.5mm size this design is for. Mine measures at 13.75mm. Others have had this issue and a remix was already done for the "tensioner slider" by StreelyDan. Maybe that change could be included here, or reference the issue in your readme so folks can check the size before printing.

Ah the joys of printer upgrades...the next person's unit will be a slightly different due to manufacturer tweaks and substitutions.

Thanks a lot.

Comments deleted.

I've print it and try to install.
This device has mistake.
The pulley should be about 2 mm lower in assembled state (see holes on the original plate).
So belt should be in the centre of channel as far from edges as possible.

Do you have a pic of yours? It must be a manufacturing difference. My Ender 3 Pro was purchased in November 2018.
If you can get a closeup photo with a ruler or something for reference, we can probably tweak it. Mine has been running without issue for 9 months.

Thanks for quick answer.
My Ender 3 pro is one week ago.
As you can see - pulley is shifted down. The belt in the middle of widest part of channel.

Hi, Iv printed this as well as the Z tensioner and both have come out great. I seems to have an issue with the X one though. My belt is rubbing on the metal. If I move the belt to the middle of the bearing it just works its self back to the edge after one full length travel of the X axis. See attached photo.

While typing this I managed to resolve the problem but thought I would post anyway incase anyone else has the same issue. I just slightly moved the belt where is connects to the hotted mount to be more inline with the channel rather than push as far in the slot on the mount as possible

Struggling to print this bit - warps upwards, then gets detached from the bed with a knock from the nozzle. Printed fine previously without supports but had to bin it due to layer shift. Any ideas?

Hey, I have exactly the same issue. Just towards the end it is knocked off the table in the same place. Have you found the solution to this?

Same advice as no more warping issues. Maybe turn down the bed temperature a little or put a brim on it with 10 or 20 layers. That's just a material and bed and temp issue. I have one material that does that. It's supposed to be pla but it's probably random mix. Good luck!

Sorry to hear about that. Those are material and printer issues. There's nothing in the design that would cause lifting, warpage etc

What is the difference between the different files? I know the 1mm and 2mm make sense . I printed this and nothing fits. I know my printer is dialed in (a8) as pritnedf my petsfang for my tornado with out any issues

Petsfang is designed to print on printers that aren't calibrated, so has more tolerance. Try the Horizontal Expansion setting? I still had to file down the threads on mine to make it fit together.

Will this be ok (Strong enough) to print in PLA?

I don't see any mention of supports anywhere... Should I assume I won't need supports then? Any advise please

Definitely no support for the threaded parts:they are terrible to clean off. You may find it works better with light support on the part I called "tensioner". Print an extra of the middle threaded part as soon as you get it installed. If your material fails and you have a crack in it one day... you will be stranded. I learned the hard way!

Printed it last night and no supports were needed. Just a little cleanup on the threads inside the knob and at the tip of the slider piece. Everything else looks great and all pieces fit well. Thanks for the feedback and the design! I printed with PLA+ and have yet to have any parts crack, but I'm going to print out a second set or 2, just in case... Now hopefully I can figure out how to install it on my Tornado!

Good deal! I'm glad to see so many people getting some use out of it.

Thank you for this design.

Could you consider flipping the knob so the flat side is on the bed? I lost a two PLA prints to failed adhesion. Then I printed the file with a raft. It did print but the nubs on the rounded side were very rough. I flipped the knob so the flat side was on the bed, then printed with no raft. Shaved 10 minutes off the previous 30 minute print and the nubs on the rounded side looked a little better.

Sure, you mean just flipped 180? I usually do that in the slicer (Cura, S3D) but ran this one through Microsoft 3D Buillder.

Printed in PLA, the 'screw' and the 'knob' can be reasonably cleaned up to work, but it's insanely hard to shove the 'screw' into the 'body'! already sanded down both parts, not sure what else could be done.

Sorry for late reply. I was in a motorcycle wreck and didn't see any posts for a while. My normal slicer setting is -0.12mm Horizontal expansion. That gives most accurate/consistent measurements on MY Tevo Tornado and Ender 3 Pro. Hope it helps!

sorry im new to all this I have tried printing the knob and tensioner many times with many settings but cant seem to get them to thread together. Ive never used horizontal expanion so im not sure how or if im using it properly. Do i set it to negative values for both parts if they r to tight or go pos on one and neg on the other

Sorry it seems your "Thing Files" got quite bloated and there aren't much documentation.

Should I print the "Universal_2mm_shorter..." for the Ender 3 Pro? Or one of the 3 named "Ender 3 Pro..."?

I use the original one, but it is tight on the Ender. The one that is -1mm or -2mm should work fine - I printed a -2 and placed it on the Tornado.
The Center pieces are interchangeable... one is just hollow. And the last update "Universal..." is the -2mm version. Actually I need to tighten the screw hole just a little on that one for myself - too much margin on the right side of it, but it's operational!

They haven't broken (except one centerpiece that I CRANKED too tight). IF ANYTHING IS GOING TO BREAK, IT'S THE CENTERPIECE. So print 2 of them so you don't get stuck one day.

good idea! But requere increase hole on body & may be increase infile see try_insert.jpg, better use 100% infile at upper part of slider, see trt_eject_after.jpg
knob & slider - no problems
printed with PLA filament, using 40% infile

Odd issue...in my Simplify3D, the open center slider does not render after slicing. The skirt is in the preview, but that's it. Any thoughts? All the other files slice fine for me...

You are right! The STL came from Fusion 360 and works in Cura, but I tried in S3D and it broke! So... threw it into Microsoft 3D Builder and it repaired...
Now it works!
new version attached and will upload to replace in the main files! Thanks.

Thank you! It is printing as I type. :)

I've been unsuccessful in getting these to print. The knob goes on about half way and jams. I've printed the parts multiple times with all sorts of settings and the same thing happens :/

I have the Horizontal Expansion set to -.06mm (under Shell) in Cura. You can increase to 101% in the direction of the diameter in your slicer.

will it work on the normal Ender 3? the X axis should be the same. correct?

and which one of the 3 external cage i have to print?

I assumed there were lots of options for normal Ender 3. The tornado and Pro both have this eight millimeter bolt.
I don't have a standard Ender 3 to compare. Let me know if you try!

I am glad you found something to work! There is a 1mm and 2mm shorter version of the body.
Your photo looks like you removed the belt from the carriage. Please leave that on, put the bearing in the loop and roll it in from the top.

What set of parts is best for the Ender 3 Pro? 2mm shorter with the open slider?

The largest one fits perfectly on both of mine. The -1mm and -2mm versions are for those with shorter belts. But if you do not disconnect the belt from the carriage , you should be able to roll the bearing in from the top even if the belt is snug
If in doubt print the -2 mm. It will work, just a little less meat on the bone on the back side where it contacts the frame.

I printed the -2mm version just in case, I knew I could tighten it to compensate. However the issue for me now is the belt is tracking towards the front of the extrusion and rubbing on the rails for the first couple inches on the right side near the tensioner. This wasn't a problem with the stock tensioner. I have tried making minor adjustments of twisting your part trying to make the belt center on the idler and within the extrusions but I am still getting friction.

In your picture the pulley is perfectly in place the belt is just riding to the front for some reason. It almost has to be that the belt is not flat or? The new file is really a Band-Aid to shove the pulley over more and up. But it looks like the pulley is right and the plastic part is centered on the beam.

Comments deleted.

In the photo, the part looks dead-center of the rail. And I have a stock one here that looks like yours, tracking front slightly. I can raise that bearing hole 1mm and move it away from the front ~0.4mm. It is just so close with the short belt. If we moved it out another 10mm or had a smaller pulley to get it inside the rail like the motor end, no problem.
Here is one I changed for your setup. Hope it works!

Thanks for the quick re-design! I'll get it printing and report back.

Sorry if the picture wasn't lit well enough though, here is where I was saying its off-center.

Doesn't fit to Ender 3 Pro - belt is too short while trying to install :( damn and I just printed 2 sets :(

Comments deleted.

I tried everything but it can not fit - I installed other one.

Which did you end up installing?

This one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3068872

But it has no "side" screw fixation for X axis.

Ender 3 tensioner - uses stock bearings and screw
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