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Hero Plus ver6 OEM & MicroSwiss w/ BLTouch or EZABL

by mediaman Dec 28, 2018
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First of all I love the design of this fan assembly. Unfortunately, it really only performs about as well as the stock assembly if not a tad bit worse for me. I tried reprinting it multiple time just in case it was an issue with the print, but that did not yield any real results.The stock Ender 3 fan just can't produce the pressure needed to drive air through the ducts. I get almost no air coming out of the left side, which I was able to confirm by placing tape over the right tide port. Still is a great looking assembly that provides an excellent view of the hotend while printing.

Sorry, didn't look at which of the Hero systems you were commenting on before I replied. The stock 4010 fan is not the greatest. This design was a remix from Kelokera's original Hero Me cooling system. This design has not had any meaningful changes in 6 months. He quickly mover to creating the Hero Me, and since October of 2018 I have been refining the Hero Me Gen2 which is much better and infinitely more effective (and popular). You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182917

Hero Me Gen2 - OEM & 5015 Fans - Ender 3, CR-10
Comments deleted.

has this been confirmed as of yet to fit the Creality Ender 5? I just ordered my micro swiss hotend and want to upgrade my cooling.


No, this was designed long before the Ender 5 was around. I have not yet had time to update this for the belt slot mounts on the Ender 5.

Ender 5 compatible?

No, this was designed long before the Ender 5 was around. I have not yet had time to update this for the belt slot mounts on the Ender 5.

Doesn’t appear so currently, will need to modify clearances on the left side for the belt.

I printed this and attempted to install on Ender 3 but I couldn't get it to work, trying to slide it down from the top ends up binding, I actually broke one of the cooling nozzles.

I noticed older Ender 3 have kapton tape around the heat block, but mine has a silicon sock. Do you know if there are difference between the nozzles?

I figured out what I was doing wrong, the nut for the lower wheel on the extruder carriage was blocking me and was what broke the vent on the left side. It was a bit tricky to get past that but I got it.

I look forward to how this helps my prints.

Just printed this mod and it doesn't work on de CR-20 Pro with the Microswiss that is used same as the CR-10s & Pro the cooling blower sits too high and the BLTouch sits too high even 4u30 of printing for nothing :(

Will this work on the Ender 5? If I'm not mistaken it's pretty much a Ender 3 pro with a new frame. Thanks.

No, this was designed long before the Ender 5 was around. I have not yet had time to update this for the belt slot mounts on the Ender 5.

Correct air exhaust holes!
So glad that you made it!
Have you checked it on Ender 3? No air comes to nozzle from radiator?
Thank you!

Yes this works on an Ender 3. I don't understand your question, what do you mean by: No air comes to nozzle from radiator?

It is important to decrease amount of air that comes to nozzle from radiator on cold end. When you print using ABS - it is very good to have no air flows near nozzle.
I that you directed hot air to sides - it is correct way. But how much air goes to down - that is the question.

If you look at the 3D view of the part you will see the added holes to the each side of the mount so that the heat sync air flows out to the left and right and not down to the part. Given the fins on the heat sync, the fastest exit for the air is out the sides and not down. In the attached image you can see that the air from the fan is well channeled at the the heat-sync.

This is really nice. I've been using the Hero Me for about 3 months and like that, but the parts cooling air ductwork is a little thicker and makes viewing the nozzle difficult. Plus that separate air channel wouldn't stay up and sagged on the right. I LIKE the one-piece design.

I had a little difficulty mounting it (couldn't get to slide on from the top of from the bottom with my Micro Swiss hot end) finally sanded down the part that goes over the mounting bracket on the Ender 3 -- just a bit, and then it went on by starting it on the left side of the Micro Swiss and then pushing it over the right mount.

Works with E3D V6?

Nope this one does not. It is for OEM and Micro Swiss only. For an E3D V6 you want the Hero Me Gen2 for E3D V6 here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3291101

Hero Me E3D V6 Cooling - CR-10, Ender 3, & clones

Hi. First of all, thank you very much for sharing your work. I have a concern. For the Hero Me Gen2 you recommend printing with a layer height of .12 mm, but for Hero Plus ver6 you recommend a layer height of .2mm. This is correct? Or should it also be printed with .12?

I have printed all of my hot-end cooling systems at anywhere from .1mm all the way up to .24mm. The sizes of .12mm, .16mm, and .2mm all work equally well for me. If you have the patience, you should get a stronger part from a .12mm print.

Thank you! And tell me, currently, which design has better performance, which is your favorite? (Plus or Gen2)

The Hero Me Gen2 has the most engineering done to it. The most options from me and from other makers. It is getting the most attention of my time and is the most downloaded and printed. I do have a fondness for the simplicity of the Hero Plus V6. I will be honest it has been quite some time since I have had a print off between the two cooling systems. They have both had a lot of upgrades (albeit more for the Hero Me) since I last compared them. I will be making versions of the Hero Me for other models/brands of printers, I won't be doing that for the Hero Plus.

Thanks for your time!

Does this reuse all stock bolts or are new bolts required ?

This uses all stock original parts and screws. Only if you are going to use the BLTouch version will you need an M3 10-12mm screw and nut to mount the BLtouch adjustable mount. Most quality BLTouch units come with the screws and nuts to mount the BLTouch sensor to the mount.

Thank you for your reply. I've had my ender 3 pro for a week now. It's working very well, but I like tinkering on it. Wanted to upgrade the ducting, but don't have any M3s on hand that many of the other designs require.

EZABL sensor is 18mm in diameter, right?!

Any plans for a 12mm version?

A remix of the EZABL sensor mount was just made by someone for a 12mm sensor. You can find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3479120

12 mm inductive Prox Adapter For Hero v2.

I have adapter rings for the 12mm sensor. They are posted on one or two of the other Hero Me Gen2 builds. I have attached the STL file here for you. You will want to print two of them, one top, one bottom. I will add the file to this make.

Can I use existing fans, or do I need to buy additional fans?

This Hero Plus ver6 uses the current OEM fans found on your Ender 2/3/Pro or Creality CR-10/S/S4/S5 printer.

Are you suppose to print this is a solid piece? Or is there a way to print this in chunks? I looking specifically at the blower piece, and it seems to count to the mount upper piece. Or better yet is there a video how to print this? I am new and tried to print this part a few times, but failed with too much supports every time.

The Hero Plus ver6 is one piece. It is designed to be printed with the back flat on the build surface, using supports only from the build plate. My settings for supports are shown in an image here on the make at the bottom of the details page.

Comments deleted.

Yes, it can be impossible for some parts. Print the Base with the back side (that connects to the X gantry mount) down on the build plate. This will give you the best results, strongest parts, and use the least amount of supports (but you DO NEED SUPPORTS). For support set "Touching Build Plate" only. You do not want supports inside the fan ducts or base.

Thank your so much for the remix, appreciated.