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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

DIY Dremel CNC - Tighter Tolerances and easier assembly

by Halloween24x7 Dec 27, 2018
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I also build it and looking your pictures, I'm interested in your low profile clamp system.
Any link where it come from ? Or upload pieces ? :)

I just started printed everything (ABS). Great mods, you handled all the parts I thought could be an issue. Now wating for all my components from China

I'm glad that I addressed your concerns. They were mine as well. I've continued to use the same methods for more projects and have been very happy with the results. Good luck with your build.

Hi. This looks really nice. What kind of resolution do you get with this? I'm wondering if it's high enough to make PCBs with it...?


Everything is in the main fusion 360 file.

what would the file be? I can not find it

It’s in the cnc_1.1_dd.f3z file.

Can I have the file for Fusion 360 of the z-axis?

Any new pictures? How you mounted limit switches.

I just uploaded some new pics. They clearly show 2/3 limit switches. The 3rd is for the x-axis, which is mounted on the back of the spindle mount. I'll see if I can get some better pics next time I have my machine out.

Can you tell what orientation you printed the spindle carriage and did you use supports? I can't really tell from your picture.

Thank You. I will try that. I printed it on its back the first time and the bearing holes are a mess.

I printed the spindle carriage on its side so that the spring holes wouldn't get support material added to them when slicing. Unfortunately, it does require support for the slits used by the z-axis rods.

A laser mount instead of the z carriage would be great if you could make that

It's on my list of things to do. I already have the laser, just no time to design and print the piece at the moment.

can you publish the fusion360 files with editable features ? :-) i need to make some remix based on your version :)

I uploaded the remaining Fusion 360 files. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Comments deleted.

hi everyone do you know where i can find fusion 360 ? what software you use for milling?

I purchased all 600mm aluminum extrusions and then just cut down the x-axis extrusions enough that they'd fit. I don't recall exactly what that came to, but probably close to 570 or 580mm. The machine is very stable at this size and cuts very well. So far, I've cut pine and poplar on the machine using Nikodem's milling speeds that he shared in his video.

Good to know, thanks

Hi, just wondering what dimensions you went with for the extrusions and if you are happy with the stability/rigidity of the CNC?

Comments deleted.

Have you cut aluminium on this? want to build this however thats what i need to cut if not will be designing my own

I have not. The Dremel isn’t the best choice for cutting metal. I’d recommend upgrading to a more powerful spindle with a 1/4 chuck. There is a Facebook group that you may join for lots more info.

Thanks for all our work, can you tell me whats been changed on the Dremel_z_axis_mount_4.1_DD.stl

I have printed the original but the holes for the bearing seem way too tight, I am hoping your remix will fix the issue for me.

I modified every bearing hole and the press fit holes for the linear rods to make everything assemble more easily and to give them more consistency. My experience with the original files was that the holes were either way too tight and I couldn't get the bearings in without some major sanding first, or the holes were simply too large and the bearings were loose. My remix design remedies that throughout.

Hi, just started printing some of the parts. For the Y rod holder, the bearing fitting seems too small. I realize you have some reliefs but they don't seem to flex much. Looking at the actual ID provided it looks like it is exactly 22mm which is the exact OD of the 608 bearings. However, I would think there still needs to be some gap (maybe an additional 0.5-1.0mm) to make these pressure fit. Were you able to get the bearings in somewhat easily or did it take a vice or hammer and wood dowel to force them in?

I used a c clamp and a couple pieces of wood as can be seen in my pics to press fit. They fit fairly easily and the hole should flex enough to allow the bearing to fit. I know it’s snug, as it needs to hold tight to avoid issues down the road.

I saw your pictures using the C clamp on the LMU bearings. The 608 bearings are a bit smaller I was concerned with either damaging the small bearings or increasing friction from compressing the bearing casing. Also, I have 608 bearings on my Z rods for my Anet printer and used a 23.5mm hole which holds them just fine and required some pressure to get them in. I will try to use a c-clamp to get them in and see how it goes. Otherwise I may try widening the hole a tad bit (just for the 608 bearings) to see if that makes getting them in easier if I run into trouble.

Sounds exactly like what I need, thanks. I'll print off some parts :)

I recommend cleaning your print bed with isopropyl alcohol and apply some glue stick to ensure proper adhesion. I use standard rafts in simplyfy3d and on my Cetus printer without any trouble most of the time using this method.

Hello! Nice job.
I would like to tell me the settings for rafts.
I fight with warping on bigger parts.
Thank you.

I'm trying to decide which CNC to build. Now that you have this one completed, are you happy with it? Would you build this one again?

I’m actually working on finishing my build today. I will say that one thing I noticed this is missing is limit switches in the install. I’m adding those to all endpoint ps to prevent the cnc from having a crash and destroying itself. Overall, it seems pretty solid but I’ll know more in a week or two after I use it.

Any updates on the CNC? Any tips for somebody who is thinking about building one?

I recommend getting good stainless steel screws. The small heads on the cheap ones tends to strip out when using them to tap the holes. Be prepared to think through some things such as how to hold down your material. I used a hole clamping system which I’ll upload when I get a chance. Also be prepared to assemble by pictures and virtually no instructions. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good cnc, but you’ll need to be patient. Also, I recommend universal gcode sender as the software on the pc. It’s very easy to setup and use. Join the Facebook group and ask questions. People are always willing to help out.

Halloween24x7 - Now that 5 months have past, I'm just curious as to if you have an update as to how the CNC machine is doing...? Thanks. :-)

Hello wombat991, I started working on making a laser engraver and the CNC at around the same time. While I made improvements and built the CNC, upon using, I realized that I needed more power. Unless you already have a dremel, I recommend getting a 1/4" spindle so that you can accomplish more in less time. While this is a great beginner and proof of concept, as well as fairly solid and reliable, Taking it a step further is, in my mind what it needs. I don't have time for that at the moment, but I certainly admire all that everyone has accomplished on this project.