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Maker Faire Robot Action Figure (Single file)

by LeFabShop May 14, 2014
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Thanks , I made this without any issues at all ,
although it took 7.45 hours on my flash forge
Finder .

I have problems with the elbow arm. it starts on the air, this generate a mess of material.
there is any tip for this?

thanks a lot!

Thanks that did work! Mine came perfect at 80% flow, i think i'm gonna leave it default, it's giving such a nice finish.

thanks for the model. i print small one. but as we see at the attached photo it's so bad. but all joints are working nicely. what is the reason of this?
ender 3 pro
esun pla+
220Degree nozzle
65Degree heatbed
0,20 layer height

How do you make it stand without breaking?

Thank you

I printed 2 times with 90% flow, both times the left leg stick and broken when trying to move it. Change to 80% flow, everything is fine, all parts move smoothly, and the surface also looks nice, thanks for the guys comments here, helps a lot.

moi je l'ais imprimer mais les jambes ne ce sont jamais décollé et a force elles ce sont cassé
j'ai redimensionné le gros model en plus petit peut-être cela vien de la ???

How do you make joints move fluently on 65 pc without braking it

Is it possible to get the stp file for this so I can play around with it on Solidworks? Not sure if/how to do this.

do i need to change print settings at all?

Fantastic model. I printed several of the 65pc models and they worked great. Decided to do a high-quality time-lapse of the big one and twice had a failure at the arm joint; keeps falling off. Anyone else encounter this and have a fix?

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Question- The arms do not print correctly. The beginning and end print but the joint piece at the hand always break off during the print. I have a Prusa i3 mk2, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Try the using the version I fixed...

Maker Faire Robot - Fixed
by philggg

used flashforge inventor I with default settings and PLA. no support structures, works perfectly with 65% version

Do u need to scale the 65% up to 100% before printing or can u print the 65% also good?

Do you print with supports

i did not and it came out great

What exactly is the difference between to two models?

Just printed this after rebuilding my delta printer with an E3Dv6 and a DIY geared extruder using eSun PLA+. I ran at 80mm/s, .2mm layer, supports, 30% infill, heated bed, and the printer took 1 hr, 45 m.
It came out perfectly, all joints broke loose with minimal effort. Wow. My first attempt at this several months ago was 9 attempts and no perfect successes. What a difference a well dialed-in machine can make!
FWIW, my printer is a Folgertech Kossel 2020, sliced and printed with Simplify3D.
Wow, I made another of the 65pc on a scratch-built reprap Cartesian printer: .3mm layer, 30mm/s speed, 30% infill, no supports, no geared extruder, eSun PLA+ filament on a heated bed. This took 2h, 31m. Again, popped it off the bed and all of the joints pulled free in seconds. I am having a lucky day.

Way to go. This is a nice print to dial in your machine and slicer.

Printed this lil guy the other day on my Original Prusa MKS using makergeeks PETG and it took just over 6 hours and my son loves him. all joints worked great, slight issues behind the arms and some stringing(all prob due to my settings,temp,retraction etc). I'm going to fine tune my printer more and give it another go. I might try PLA for giggles..

Comments deleted.

65pc model printed perfect without any additional scaling on my Ultimaker 2+ at .15 layer height. Printed at 35mm/s and took about 5 hours. All joints work great although some are almost too loose.

i just printed it but im sure my settings were off arms broke free perfectly.. i got da maker select v2 and ive always had calibration problems its like every time i print i gotta re calibrate and i see a lot of warping but imma try ur settings see what its like u use infill or just hollow it out?

Just printed this guy at 120%. Came out pretty well, all the joints work after a tiny bit of effort. I'm using an Anet A8 and cura 2.4. Not saying it was a perfect print, did have some overhang issues on one arm, but nothing deal breaking. In the end it was enough to put a smile on my face. Printed this and the elephant at the same time and it took about 6.5 hours.

trying that afterwards... u use pla or abs?

Took me 8 hours to print but came out with all the joints working. You should fix the over hang of the arms because every one I've seen printed have a problem with that steep angle. Otherwise great!

Cool i hope it works when it is done printing

Wouldn't get your hopes up. What printer are you using? When i used a makerbot replicator 2 only the arm and head joints worked. The foot has 3 joints only 2 joints worked on one of my foots and on the other 1 barley moved and then it snapped off. So don't get your hopes high. It will be a disapointment. When you ask how to fix it they don't respond.

Printed with XYZ DaVinci Mini w at 110% scale factor: legs were not movable.
Printed at 120% scale factor: alle joints are movable :)
I printed it with no supports and 0.2 mm layers.

Comments deleted.

I need help i contacted these people and ask them how can i fix it and they didn't answer. I printed the 65 one and then all the joints worked except the leg ones i tried to free them but instead both of them snapped. How can i fix it so that all the joints move properly?

They were a design shop and Makerbot distributors in Paris. They are out of business now which is why do not answer.

Quite possibly my most challenging print ever! It's not saying a lot, but I've made tens of parts and had better luck with all of them. The only joint to give me trouble is the hip joint, but I'm 5 prints in and have yet to make one that works.

The first one I used supports and thought it came out better, odds are I just need to tune my pretty filament as well as the clear stuff. Still, the hips could be more forgiving, everything else works great!

How did you come up with this cool tiny awesome robot?Will you please anser?

It's modelled after the Maker Faire mascot

I am new to 3D printing. I printed this robot, but unfortunately, I can't move his joints. I made him at .3 mm resolution and he is a little less than 2.5 inches tall. Is there a trick to getting the joints to move? Do I need to make the robot at higher resolution or print a larger version to make the joints work?

Make sure to calibrate your printer first. Both extrusion width and size. You can find several guides on the web. Il once that is done try 0.2 and a different slicer if those things don't work.

I am new to 3D printing. I printed this robot, but unfortunately, I can't move his joints. I made him at .3 mm resolution and he is a little less than 2.5 inches tall. Is there a trick to getting the joints to move? Do I need to make the robot at higher resolution or print a larger version to make the joints work?

Comments deleted.

Just wanted to post back. After getting everything set, my Mini Kossel using Cura or Slic3r print it perfect each time. 1 hour 58 minutes. 0.2 layers, 0.5 mm wall (2 perimeters, 4 top and bottom layers, with a brim external perimeter first) no supports all joints work great. Thanks. Your work helped me learn a great deal.

does it require supports?

I pressed aided thinking that they need to support the arm, and now will not play it.Are you taking notes on some information.

when it came out arms work head works but not the feet the feet broke

Make sure you clean the joints with a too like a awl.
See the rest of my below post.

Try the make magazine negative tolerance test. If your printer can get 3 of th 5 pegs out you should be able get the legs. When freeing the legs don't try to move them in the vertically first. Wiggle them horizontal to loosen any adhesions.

it looks cool ill see how it turns out!!!!

Does this require support structure?

Printed it on my CTC with 0.15mm Resolution, 2 Shells and 20% Infill. In my opinion, support is useful in some places. All joints move properly, the legs are even a bit too loose for the Robot to stand on its own. A good bed adhesion is essential.
BTW: is there a Weapon or something to print for the left arm ?

I haven't seen anything for the hand. I wondered the same. My joints are loose as well once moving but I am able to get him to stand if I'm careful.

This was a great print thank you. I learned an enormous amount about my printer and my slicer.
Printer Kossel Mini
Tried printing 3 times using Slic3r no go. First time using Cura perfect 0.15 layer 3 shells 50mm/s.
Went back and adjust Silc3r setting. The keys were a fixed wall 0.42, .2 layer 3 horizontal 3 vertical shells, 50mm/s, brim 4 mm with support. Finally, external perimeters first. Then just used a tool like an awl to clean up around the joints all worked perfectly. Thanks again!

Anyone best settings for K8400 vertex printer of Velleman ?
Uses repetier host 1.0.6 and curaengine slicer

Try using Make Magazine's negative tolerance test. If you can get the 0.4 and 0.3 pins out it should print moving joints. Also print there bridge test. If you don't have severe droop on the first 2 you should be good. There is an edited version of this robot somewhere that has larger tolerance in the joints. Good luck,

What are the best settings for a vertex K8400 printer?

I have several prints but moving parts Will not move and brake off while Trying to make them Lose.

I have found that the model will not break if printed with at least 80% infill.

I printed this wonderful robot and found a few things:


  • The neck of the head should be a bit larger in diameter - mine broke during my cleanup of the trusses.


  • I had no issues on my PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer (based on the Force Forge Dreamer) at 100%.
  • After very carefully removing all of the supports and trusses from the internal workings - all the joints were perfect (except head).

This was just a fun print - long but fun.

I've printed a few on my Up Mini with standard settings and it always comes out fine. All joints work.

also broke the robots' left leg off

Ok, finally I got it printed after 3 tries. The first two were at 100% scale, and all the parts fused together and nothing worked. I upscaled it by 20% (1.2x) and now I have moving joints. However the joints are too lose. I would suggest maybe upscaling it by 10% or even 6%.

Overall this is not a perfect design, there are problems with it. The worst of all is the fact that the legs are offset to the front of the model and it cannot stand up on its own two legs (falls forward). I wouldn't print another one unless I fix a few things and improve this design quite a bit.

Printed on customized HICTOP Prusa in two colours PLA at 200C. and 0.2mm layer height. Requires support touching the bed only.


I have tried to print this two times and all the parts are stuck together and will not move. Any tips or tricks on making this work thanks.

Makerbot replecator mini
15% infill
250 degrees Celsius

I tried twice, legs broken :(
Is the head supposed to move too?
Only the arms move properly.

Would it be possible to scale it down or would it not work if you did that?

I just Printed Him on my ZYZ Davinci Jr Machine
Came out Perfect

But-----I can not move his parts yet---Tried moving head real slow --but it Broke off---I can Reattach with a Bolt Though
Is there a Chemical trick to put it in to remove the fine materials so I can get him to move or any other trick besides trying to use a X-acto Knife ??
He Printed Great
I put him in the Refrig for now to see if I can Shrink some of the parts----Have not Tried Yet ??

I am Having fun with this Thing ( 3D Printer )

apparently the 65pc version is not manifold, is that ok?

The 65pc needed repairing but when I do that the mid riff is shifting back in the 3D print by 2-3mm. I'm using Slic3r and repaired the file using netfabb basic. Any ideas?

I reprinted it with 80 %flow rate in cura. It came off the build plate and all parts moved.

So for anyone having problems. Try to lower the flow rate.

Print on my prusa z605 but everything is fused together. The spacing betweem the parts is just way to tight.
Is there a way to make the spacing bigger

When I printed this, 1 leg stuck to the body. Any suggestions?

what did you print it in abs or pla

I think I figured it out. The key to getting these prints to work is printing external perimeters first.

I have a solidoodle 4, I have been using excelfil pla on cura at 201 degrees celsius but most of the parts would not move until i double sized it and added raft. Is there a way to print it normal sized with different settings.

Hello I really hope someone can help me with this queston I have been really wanting to make this but never can!

I have a lulzbot mini and am printing in HIPS with nozzle temp 240 and bed temp 100. Every single time I try to print he is attached together and can't move. Is it the heated bed?

I also printed LeFab's elephant and the same thing always happens! Someone please help I would really like to print this.

i have a lulzbot mini too and try to lower the temp.to maybe 235-230 it help with other print to for pal and abs

try printing external perimeters first.

These models inherently have some small connections between the joints that must be cut or broken in order for the model to move freely. Even if you printed with no supports, there are areas where some nominal fusion has occurred.

You need to clean out all support material and gently, carefully set the limbs and joints free. Good luck!

i hate that you can't make it any smaller

Why can't you? Just scale it in Slic3r, or whatever you use to slice

well I mean if you do the pieces will be to close

I LOVE this design! :-)
One of my favorite! Better than the elephant! I saw this one first in the 2014 Makezine review of 3D printers.

I made with blue PLA on a Printrbot Metal Simple. 10% fill, regular settings, no supports.
The head and arms took a tug to free up. The legs took some pressure to free up. I can't get it to stand up straight, but I'll keep on trying.

isnt this exactly make magazines makey?

This one is a fully articulated version. The other one is completely static.

is the leg joint supposed to curl up a little in the beginning?

Have added the image of this as the avatar for the new robots group http://www.thingiverse.com/groups/robots
Hope that's cool with you, if not I'll remove it. Would be great to have it added to the group as a thing too!

I've printed the Robot_Maker_Faire_65pc.stl four times on a MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation using different colors of PLA filament. My printer settings were: standard resolution (i.e., 10% infill, 2 shell, 0.20 mm layer height) and rafts on but supports off. All four printed beautifully--the number of movable joints is really incredible--however, for two of the prints, the leg joints (at the hip) were fused. I tried to delicately free them but to no avail (I broke the legs right off). Note: I also had fused arms on a few prints but I was able to successfully free these. In reading other comments below, this appears to be a common problem. I'll keep experimenting and post again if I improve my process.

does this even work on a Makerbot printer?

Yes, it does. I just printed the smaller size one last night. I have the Replicator 2X. Standard setting, 50% infill, 1 shell, with support, no raft. The small one took about 3-1/2 hours with those settings. Came out perfectly. I think I'll print the larger size this weekend. I'll be posting "I made it" pics soon. Note: I did one shell but if I did it again I'd use two, at least for the 2X. I did notice a few small holes in the surface finish which is most likely due to using one shell.

Does anyone use supports for the eye holes and arms?

Making a 65pct right now,using no supports and its looking great.
Printing on a Printerbot Simple Metal.

Just wondering what settings you used on your Simple Metal. Were you using PLA or ABS? Did you use Cura or other software.

I made a 65pct with almost no issues. Slightly fused hip joint that I ended up snapping because I pushed too hard sldo. All other articulations worked well. Printed on Xyz Di' Vinci 1.0

Every time I have tried to print this on my Da Vinci I am unable to free any of the joints.
Did you use the Xyz printing software?
What settings did you use?

Low shells
50% and 70%

No rafts
With supports

I made a 65pct with almost no issues. Slightly fused hip joint that I ended up snapping because I pushed too hard. All other articulations worked well. Printed on MakerFarm 10" i3v

I just made 65pct and it work fantastic, so no problems in design.
Printed on Zortrax M200.

I printed the 65pct which turned out beautifully but no joints work. Then printed the 150pct at 75% with same result, no moving joints. I am using a Makerfarm 10" with 3mm PLA filament in the .4mm hexagonal head. Any suggestions to get moving parts?

I have a 8'' Makerfarm Prusa i3v and used to have that same problem, not being able to make stuff with moving parts. Recently I switched slicers. Cura to Slic3r. Now I can print things with joints.

You could try reducing the hotend temperature and or reducing the extrusion multiplier by a tiny amount. You could try 0.985 (Extrusion multiplier) with a temperature reduction of 5 degrees (C).

Let me know how you go. Maybe post some pictures. :)

has anyone been able to print the 65% out succesfully? I'm having quite a bit of trouble printing it, wondering if i should scale it up to 100% legs are fused, and the hand sockets have not been built properly.
Anyone able to offer some light?

Great¡¡¡ I printed the bot with my Prusa i3, but it didn't move. Changed the Filament-Flow parameter to 90
% in Cura, and it worked perfect¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ all the moves¡¡¡

I like that you put the print time on there, every post should have an estimated print time

built the 150c and scaled 25% from original with 3D up plus2. Perfect!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

printed the 65pct at 110% from makerware on my flashforge.
Perfect :-) Definitely no issue with the stl file.

11 articulated joints and hinges. This is some seriously impressive design. How the head, arms and wrists print so loose I can't work out.

Just brilliant :-)

There is something wrong with the 65pc file. I've printed two on my Makerbot Fifth Generation machine and both of them broke in the same place. The right leg is so jammed up that when you move it it just breaks. Any chance of a new file with better joints?

I Scaled the 150 down to make a 100% version prior to printing.
I thought I would give it a shot without reviewing model and looking for clearance issues.
The left Leg spacing was too tight and fused. The upper Right leg connected to the body was fine.
The unsupervised build ended at around 50% (Setting were standard build without rafts or supports on a Rep. 2X Abs. 5% fill)
Unfinished parts will be used to help me understand and develop my own multiple part single print build.

Looking back, I probably should of sized up the 65% to 100% - If the 65% prints correctly, so should the sized up version at 100%
My bad. I just wish I was able to complete this build, but I can't determine when it finished.
Looks like a rebuild if I want to own one. (probably not for this object)

how did you make it move by printing it in one piece

Built 3 of these, with 65c 100% 120% 130%, all of which have movable head and arms.
But the leg joints are all jammed up and all of them are glued sitting.
Hopefully there will be a leg-joint-loosened version, of else I might need to get a better printer

I second this!

Print cooler, fan ON. If it's still wrong, make sure the diameter of your filament is what you expected (if you thought it's 2.85 and it's actually 3.0, you will extrude more than necessary and small gaps always fail then) and configure it accordingly in your slicer.

what do the 150 pc and the 65 pc mean?

Percent. Not sure what happened to the 100pc, but I assume existed at some point.

These are great, I've made 5 of them now and own none! Everyone who sees one wants to adopt it!

could you suggest me the parameters to use to print it in the right way?
Thank you!!!

Do you have some suggestion on the settings to put into slic3r? I have 0.5 nozzle and 1.75 filament.
Best regards!!

Did you have found the right settings?

Mes respects pour ce design très très intelligent... Le résultat est encore plus satisfaisant que la clé à molette ou le roulement à bille d'une pièce. Vraiment génial merci!

Can i ask how long it takes to print - i know the text notes 2hrs, makerware on standard says 12...?

0.2mm, 50mm/s took me a little more than 2hours.

Going slowly in 0.20, it took 6 hours for me.
When I first tried, I managed it in 3, in 0.30.

Using replicator 2 5th gen, its showing to take 36 hours? Settings at .20mm and 90mm/s. Why so long? Any help?
I chose the 65pc file

Almost managed to print one successfully : one leg ( the right one ) broke up, look like it got welded to the body, somehow. Well, now it's glued standing up.
And I think about everything that could go wrong to print it did : First try was a completely welded mess ( except for the left arm ).
Then I recalibrated my printer ( printrbot simple maker's edition ) and I kept bumping parts mid print. Even when printing on a raft.
Then I had the extruder stepper overheat one hour into the print.
So I learned how to triple check my calibrations, how to tune down the power going to the steppers, set up a fairly slow acceleration, and I reminded myself to use some threadlock on the hobbler.
( Not perfect yet, I still have some parts where the filament look like it's missing. Not enough extruding, I guess... )
I used a 4mm brim, with 0.20 layer height.
I think by scaling up a little bit ( 120% maybe ), it could have worked....

I love the orange look of your filament. What brand is it?

Makerbot's Pumpkin Orange.

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Currently having a devil of a time getting the leg and head joints to move without breaking anything... Will keep trying to tweak my settings

I printed one and all joints except the left arm can not move. I use a da vinci Duo 2.0 with ABS, 0.2mm layer. What should I do? I printed the 65pc, smaller one. What should I do? Any suggestion?

Is support material necessary?

Anyone having luck printing this in ABS? When the wrist joints start I get warping on the edges and the nozzle can move the upper arm around, very ugly. I scored the base layer with a razor and got all 11 joints moving, but the arms are hideous.

I can not get this to print. The tollerances are just too close. Did you scale down the model when uploading it? It looks like the one you uploaded is smaller than the ones you show printed.

I love the model and it printed well - thanks so much for contributing it! The head stem did break while removing it from the plate. I was able to wire it back in so that it mostly stays on the body - but if you're ever revising, enlarging the diameter of that stem might be a good idea.

<updated. thanks="">

Excellent, thank you! The 10-year-old girl who requested this loved the first one; if I get any more orders from her friends I'll try out the new one (and be more careful getting it off the plate) as well. Again, a brilliant design.

I take good note

Hello? Have sent you 3-4 emails over past few weeks asking for your Paris office address and received no replies. Visiting in the fall and would to come by the shop.

We are near Bastille. You can send an e-mail to design@lefabshop.fr. I don't think we received your last mails. In june, we'll be moving a lot because of Maker Faire and Futur en Seine, but you'll be welcome.

Thanks, will do. I sent two messages thru this web site and two to the address on your web site. Looking forward to my visit in September!

I'd love to see the source files!

Disecting this in the editor... damn, son. How'd you come up with the head joint up through the body like that so it would print flat to the base? And the controlled enclosed failures are brilliant. This is work of art.

I would love to make this, but is there any way to split the pieces up to print indivuidal pieces and assemble after printing? the designs that you print all at once really never turns out bc the parts stick together and destroy it.

Designing for print-at-once makes seperating the parts impossible without redesigning entirely.
I'd say you need to fine tune your filament diameter setting. Chances are you're putting out too much plastic causing close parts to fuse.

What is the best way to test that you have the printer tuned correctly so the parts will not fuse? Is there a simple print I can do to tune this?

I made /thing:27436 a while ago to test this.

Filament diameter tester
by cymon