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Bag Clip - PLA compatible

by MasterFX May 13, 2014
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it broke at first use but It is still usable.
I'll try to print an other one later.

Good job !

Great design, thank you!

Very nice! Works perfectly !

Printer : Anet A8
Software used : Repetier-Host
Layer Height : 0.2
Print speed : 45mm/s
Infill : 35%

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unfortunately is broken immediately after printing. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? The joint did not move

Printed with PLA with 0.2 Layer Height @ 40mm/s with 40% Triangle Infill

You have a 0.4 nozzle ? If not, it can't not correctly printed. (For my part, i use Repetier-Host)

Did you turn supports of in your slicer? Cura generates a small support, that blocks the joint.

Your printer might be overextruding a bit, fusing the joint.

Try this parametrized remix of the bag clip:


Using customizer, you can increase the value " Tol - Tolerance between parts" to make it work on your printer.

Good luck! :-)

Parametric Bag Clip - PLA compatible

Printed the BagClip_65, works perfect, but I would make a change to the top stick for easy closing, , on the edge I would diagonally

Downloaded and printed a single clip. Seems to work well.

Comments deleted.

I have made over 10 units of different size 2 months ago. They work like the first day. None broke.

I wish I had your skills ;)


Works perfect with PLA! Thx for the nice work!

Best clips on Thingiverse.
Easy to print, Easy to use.

Nice design! Just need one!

Just made one, really great.


I printed 125 mm and it came one solid part (wall thickness 0.8 wall line count 2). I wanted to make sure if the joint is hidden inside, when I bent it broke.

I've printed 16 of these, all of the 85mm size, and all in PETG. They're wonderful. My only complaint is that they were a little short. And then I come back and find a 125mm version. Thanks much!

Is it ridiculous to print out your own bag clips? Probably. Are these the favorite bag clips in the drawer? Yes. Will I print more? Also yes.

Thanks for the great design.

Well I had to make a comment here regarding 'Is it ridiculous to print out your own bag clips?'.

I think you have hit on something that could apply to a lot of 3D printed 'Things'. Many of the these things we all print are not really essential or in fact cost effective even. But each to their own!

I like to print things that are really useful - or aesthetically pleasing in some way. I also like to design things from scratch, things that I think I can 'improve-upon' or simply don't exist!

In this particular instance - these clips are very nicely designed and useful.

Although anyone could probably buy their cheap injection moulded equivalents, these - if made in PLA, are also bio-degradable - which is GOOD, and in-theory should last longer if used with care. Mainly thanks to the mechanical hinge rather than the typical stressed hinge of the cheap commercial varieties.

These 2 reasons alone are good enough for me.

Cost-Effective.... the 85 is 3m of Hatchbox PLA for me. $20 for 300m so this is little clip cost me only $0.20. That's the same as a 5 pack for a dollar. That's a good deal! Thanks!

Printing my first right now. Maybe adjusting the models opening angle towards a more closed position would reduce print time?

Comments deleted.

Thanks for this! What is the little slice out of the bottom part near the hook supposed to be for?

You mean this one marked in the picture?

This is just to keep the hook more flexible, because PLA is more brittle so it needs more room to flex. In principle you could remove it, but the clip would not close over the whole length.

This is great! Could we have an even longer version, 100-110mm?

I just added a 125mm version

Wow awesome! Thank you!

Comments deleted.

Good Job Thanks.

Can you pls upload a .step file?

thanks a lot

Could I ask you to create a version with an eyelet or hook? I thought it would be practical if I could hang the closed bags somewhere...

Great design. Worked perfectly for me.

the final product depends on the filament you bought I bought 5 different ones and some are more brittle than others if your pla snaps while in the machine it is rubbish pla so I got different lives from different pla filaments

I use pla filament on my dremel 3d printer and the clip works perfect .thanks for sharing

Check the Remixes... there is a parametric one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2236413

Bag clip, customizable (parametric), based on MasterFX's work
by WRonX

Tried to print the twice on a Folger Tech 2020. The joint is fused together, it does not work. How did you solve this?

If you don't scaled the model down it can be caused by overextrusion or no active filament cooling.
Lower your extrusion multiplyer a little bit. For example 0.95 instead of 1.0

Think ya got it backwards buddy. Pla is more flexible than abs

Sorry but ABS is more flexible and stronger than PLA. PLA will break when stressed. PETG would be a good one for these also.

All my PLA I have is much stiffer than ABS, but it is also much more brittle. You can bend ABS more (and with less effort) than PLA until it breaks. Try it youself with a short part of filament. PETG is more flexible than ABS maybe you mixed that up?
Of cause now there are many types of PLA mixtures which combine a little bit of everything, but these not the normal (pure) type filaments

These are great! My wife loves them (so do I). I think I've made about 6 now, and she keeps asking for more.

By far the best clip I've found on thingiverse! It actually holds onto things.

Works great with Bread Bags, plus it is faster than zip ties.

One of my most printed items! LOVE IT! It is my demo item to print when testing new filament!

Do you print with raft or anything?
Is 2 shells ok and how much infill. How long takes it on your printer? Sorry for so many questions I'll probably try it tomorrow

yeah .2mm normal size 37min, 1.5x size 1 hour 38 min 2x size 3 hour 15 min , no raft no brim, 25-30% infill, bout 50mm/s agree 2 or 3 shell ok, you know it printed good when ya have no clean up on the print, no supports needed. you can print way faster, i have even printed one in wood, abs, pla, i use Repetier with Cura Engine. i like the way the pla prints this the best, it gives more stiff clip, abs good too but different feel, as to be expected from the plastic characteristics
print in .4mm half those times aprrox at least for me

First layer doesn't stick don't know maybe I have to change some settings.

2 Sheels are OK. I used 40% infill @ 55mm/s. Then it took ~23 minutes @ 0.2mm Layer height.

Btw ich bin deutscher.... Auf der Packung im Bild steht ja Kräuter :) Without raft it seem like its doesn't want to stick to the print bed. I have pla, blue tape on print bed. Maybe I have to slow down first layer speed or change other settings?

If you're printing on blue tape without heated bed you must use a raft, else it won't stick enough because of the small area of the bag clip. I'm printing without raft directly on a heated glass plate @65°C (and some ABS Juice). Make sure you leveled your bed correctly and try to increse the raft density which could help too.

Ok i need some stuff with prints fast and is even usable. Thanks for the infos. Gonna make a gcode and print it a couple of times.

Beautiful design, Good job!

Doesn't work for me :(

Can you post an image, to see whats your problem? Which software do you use?

Click 'HowToAddAFileInThingiverse.png"

This should defo be featured come on makerbot get your act togeather !

@lowrizzle, the wonderful comments are in the made section (click made).

But also here can do no harm!

"Good for printer calibration, nice that this rotating clip is printed in one piece! They snap better than the original in the stores. Very good design! Have made many now for the whole family and friends."

I'm surprised 13 people made this but nobody has commented. It's a great design and is my current favorite calibration piece. It's pretty small but a real useful little piece.