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CUBETRIX IDEX ( DIY Sigma BCN3D Style 3D printer )

by Nelujones Dec 19, 2018
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Can i ask if this can be sliced with CURA,like BCN?

I have lots of 3030 like walker_cz below. Can you mod the parts to fit 3030 or share your design files?

It took me two months to assemble a CUBETRIX IDEX according to your list and tutorial. Automatic leveling, single-head printing and mixed printing can be used normally. I tried mirror mode many times and still couldn't work properly. Some minor questions still need to be consulted. Thank you very much for this open source. I like it very much.

Hi. You have to provide me some videos or photos in order to help you. I do not know what problems do encounter.

First of all the way you do it it’s not a mirror mode. To learn to print in all modes posible is so simple just put in YouTube what you need and you will se a lot of tutorials. And second on what I see in your video is that you have to modifie the Marlin firmware ( the printing bed configuration ) that’s beacouse you have other Leight than the original ones

How to set up to print in mirror mode

I want to print in this mode, but I don't know how to set it up in simplify 3D.CUBETRIX_IDEX.fff

Hello, I imported CUBETRIX_IDEX.fff into Simplify 3D. I don't know how to set the mirror mode. Can you teach me how to set it? Thank you very much.

I am trying to build it using 3030 extrusion (for me it is cheaper and better accessible). Is it possible to have source CAD files?
It is no problem to use STL but it is a quite complicated and not as easy as source files.
Thank you

Comments deleted.

Very cool job! I'am workong on that and will post pictures and credits for your design. Do you have the stl file for the rumba case with 60mm fan?

Link for heated bed in the BOM goes to the wrong item on Aliexpress (RFID kit). If you can find the heated build plate, please post the link. Thanks.

Hi, thank you for such a great project. I would like to build one myself but with the "Video tutorials build log" playlist incomplete, may I ask for the CAD file?

Great project you have here. I was going through the parts and didn't want to dig too deep. I noticed you did not specify the length of the y-axis rods, is there a recommended length? I didn't see overall dimensions of the frame (I could have missed it) so I wasn't sure what to order. I saw your video where you cut them to length. Also, the magnetic bed linked in the BOM shows 310x310mm for the build plate. Do you have an updated link for your 330x330?

Hy. The Y axis rods?? I did not use rods there are linear guides listed on the BOM if you referred to the y axis aluminum extrusions you have the dimensions of the structure on my first video. I will update the magnetic bed link .

Sorry, I was using your nomenclature. The Y-axis shafts. After seeing the dimensions I see that 300mm long shafts will work. Thanks for pointing that video out.

Welcome. Yes it will be ok 300mm.

Where did you connect the two component fans, I have a newer version of the Rumba + board. I can not find the setting in the firmware?

You have fan1 and fan2

Ok, that would be fine, I'm just building your Cubetrix Idex in a modified form, will post pictures later.

I have a question, how is the board connected (for example, the component fan), wiring diagram?

Hi. good to pointing that out. I just add a picture for connections.

When printing with both hotends in dual color mode the printable are is only 160x330x250?

Yes when prints each hotend in his own area the printable size on X axis it’s half of the entire build plate.

Alrigh so if I was using one hotend just for supports and the other hotend for the rest of the model the build area would be cut in halve

No. When you print one object: one hotend for support and the other for the rest you have the entire bed plate.

How many motors does it use? Im thinking about the mks gen L but I think it only suports 3 axis motors + 2 extruder motors

It needs 6 motors. So... mks gen will not be a good solución.

Can you tell me some dimensions please? The extrusion for the x-axis is shorter than the extrusion on the backside. Can you tell me the difference please? I want to rebuild it but with other dimensions. Thanks:)

The x axis have 465mm 20x20 aluminium extrusion.

Thanks. And the extrusion at the top back?

Hello there Nelujones,
Very nice project and thanks for sharing it :)
I'm making an idex machine myself,a cartesian one not a corexy tho
and having much trouble to understand how to use two sensors for autobed levelling and you are the only idex project that uses two abl's one for each carriage.
I wanna use two inductive sensors but i have trouble figuring out how am i gonna setup the second one on the software side.
could you please explain?
Best Regards

Hi and thanks. Yes the actual project have 2 BL but for now just one it’s working, beacouse when i intenta to use both the readings are inexistent or erroneous. The X2 it’s print with X1 BL readings and the z offsets configurated in the Simplify3D. When I will get it done I will announce you.

Ah i see,
I've tried to take a look at BCN3D sigma marlin on github and check if i can determine what they've changed to get a second sensor to work.
But i couldn't figure out nothing :P
Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for willing to let me know when you accomplish :)
Best regards

BCN3D have a script sequence in marlin ( down at the base code ) and basically acts like it was a single probe. This sequence say that if you want to get the left side forward and left back side z hight need to use x1 switch limit and when you need to get right side forward and right back side z hight need to use x2 switch limit. After that sequence it’s starting to print some lines and after that lines that you will select the good ones( perfect z hight ) it will safe the z offsets on the eprom. Basically not having to do a G29 before each print. But I am not given up I will still try.

Is it possible to use a Duet 2 WiFi instead of the Rumbo? This looks like a solid project.

Yes of course I was planning to do this project with a duet 2. An fortunately don’t have so much money.

Awesome, if I get around to building one of these with a Duet, I will let you know. I'm still working on another project, but I have been liking the IDEX design, until the tool head changing becomes a thing.

Ok. I will be here if you need anything.

Dear Nelujones. thank you for your project. I really enjoyed it. earlier you wrote in comments about missing files. firmware and files for S3D. the same connection scheme. could you give download links. if possible. thank you in advance.

Hi again Dimitri i just upload the files.

Hi. Can you post something like .step file? Wanna make it for reprap

Sorry only stl files.

I will take your XY design to adapt the Dual Carriage construction to one of my HYPERCUBE EVOLUTION printers. The frame is 3030, so I will have to adapt certain parts and I will keep the original Bed-construction, just change the CoreXY to a Cartesian. Thanks for your efforts so far, of course I will give credit to your design. Esti cumva din Romania?

As long as you give credit it will be ok. Da sunt din Romania cu resedinta in Spania.

Comments deleted.

I greet, I take off my hat, a damn good project, the question is - I didn’t find the end stop on the X Y axis.

I did not see the photo, and also stl is not found

you have the stl under names X1 and X2 and you will see some hols were is going to be the screws for the endstops. X1 having 1 endstop and X2 with 2 endstops.

Hi thanks. All the endstops are situated on the Y axis 1 piece on left and 2 pieces on right side.

Thanks for the great design. I was wondering what sort of deflection are you getting on bed carriage? Any wobble under load?

I was wondering the same when I was designing the 3D printer. The bed carriage the way it’s designed and reinforced with the 20x20 aluminium offers you a very good stiffness and doesn’t alow deflection or trembling when it’s printing. I would say that it’s like any other 3d printer with the same position of the bed or even I could state that is more reliable then other comercial 3d printer.

Hello , People like you make this world a beautiful place to live in and make us believe in open source technology, thank you
one doubt , can you share the firmware you used , that will be a great help

Nice work but it triggers me that you finished your project just a few weeks bevor mines. I'm working quite a long time on my own idex system, but now I can use some of your parts. Thank you:)

It’s ok welcome. just remember to give credit for the parts you use.

maybe you can upload the step files from the whole printer?

Oh, you misunderstood me. I mean for my own project to test it. If I will upload that I definitely mark you with a remix. Sorry for my bad english^^

Hi, Apologies for probably stupid question but all the BOM links on the Alipress site are in Spanish naturally but not understanding Spanish when I go to the English global site some of the parts do not correlate. I am not asking for the BOM to be converted just is there an easy procedure on the Alipress website to make this easier and make sure I order the correct parts ? I am based in the UK and I have never ordered from Alipress before so I am not particularly used to their website. thanks

It’s not a stupid question at all in fact you have 100% right on this. I do not realized that fact , I will do a BOM list with English links but you need to let me some days in order to recompile the links. I will upload the BOM in the next days.

Wow that was a quick response, many thanks, I am really keen on having a go at this but obviously want to get this right. Its more understanding the quantity amounts on the websites. Also there is not a length specified for the Y axis 8mm rod, I must admit I have not read all the documentation so may be there - I was wanting to analyse costs and availability before going any further. Many thanks again. Best Boothy

I am truly trying to answer Has quick has I can to questions. The rod has no length beacouse you will have to cut it when you will mount the rod to the main frame. I will upload the rest of the video tutorials and you will see. Has you already know it’s 29/12 it’s time for spending with family that is way I will need some time to put all together.

Thanks again, There is no rush, family definitely first at this time of year. I would not want to proceed until I have looked at all the info anyway. Best and a Happy New Year from Boothy

Greetings for you also.

Have you published the full assembly model file(s)?

Also, where is the S3D profiles and firmware?

Going to start printing all the parts soon - is there a quantity list for all the stl files?

Thanks - great design!!!

I will upload the firmware and s3d file very soon and continuing to upload video tutorials on YouTube. Do not worry it will beee all completely done.

This is awesome!

I feel like scraping another unfinished hevo and build this one instead!

Thanks. It will help you a lot having pieces from an tevo.

Very nice project. And all from aliexpress.
Any idea what the approx total sum of materials is in $ or € ?

Thanks. I have learn from my other projects of mine that is more practical to buy all from one place. This project cost me between 450-500 euros in my country Spain. I believe that depends on country, currency or having free shiping or not.