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T-Rex Shower Head

by JMSchwartz11 May 13, 2014
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It is nice taking showers with not just water, but chunks of filament.
It is great. Try it out

You should definitely make a dragon one. Cuz dragons, you know, shoot stuff from their mouths. :)

For those who are flooding the comments with links to sites selling the model, please stop wasting your time and making us users scroll past your nonsense to get to actual related comments about printing.

To quote a user who has the right of it below:
"This is a remix off of an attribution model that allowed commercial use. So, although this design has the no commercial use modifier selected, commercial use allowed because the designer is not allowed to take away from the original license in the remix."

Please review creative commons licensing before posting. This is getting pretty ridiculous to see on every popular thing on Thingiverse.

LTD Commodities is selling a version of your shower head. I made one for my daughter about a year ago and my wife just brought me her phone to show me. She thought I was the clever one, and was disappointed when I told her it was your design. Here is the link so you can see it, and hopefully get your due: https://www.ltdcommodities.com/Clothing---Accessories/Health---Beauty/Wash--N-Roar-trade--T-Rex-Shower-Heads//prod3250142.jmp?fm=search

if you're going to have people click an affiliate link without their knowledge... at least make it work.

i wonder how many people you've duped into making you money... in fact if hadn't noticed it, you'd have STOLEN money from my intended amazon affiliate.

you dirty, dirty thief.

Limit3DitionShop On Betsy.

Is this you as they are selling your model

Haven't laughed so hard in ages!

If you didn't license out your files, someone's using it to make money. http://www.whatonearthcatalog.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?action=DETAIL&ITEM=CV7642 maybe not loads of money, per se, but they're selling your work, at least.

I'm interested how so many people are printing with no supports. The shower head has holes which would be floating in air if you printed with no support ...

It's simply bridging it. The first layer of the shower exit plane always lays done with issues, but it corrects itself while printing.

Yep, it sure is. This is a remix off of an attribution model that allowed commercial use. So, although this design has the no commercial use modifier selected, commercial use allowed because the designer is not allowed to take away from the original license in the remix.

That is BS. If you remix someones design you are obligated to select a license of no greater permissibility or else you enable others to violate the original creators sharing license.

Hi, I got about 80% complete, then got this error and it stopped:

09:26:02.844 : Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 689175

Any idea what this means? Using Repetier Host and Slic3r

my slicer had an error slicing this

Awesome design! BTW, a few people are selling this on Etsy.

This printed perfectly and looks and fits great. Unfortunately, it uses way too much water. I wish there was a way to get it so that this conserves water better. A short shower will completely empty our hot water heater. We had to switch back to our energy efficient but boring shower head as this was too much a strain on our system :(


Very cool and fun, stellar idea!! I have just started an online business and would like to use your T-Rex Shower Head as an example of some of the cool 3D printable designs people are making, and I'll be including a link going to the model here on thingiverse where people could download it. If you want to check out the company, it's www.brightenideas.com.

Just let me know if you are cool with that.

Best Regards,


How much filament will it take

I have a favor to ask. can you split this into two pieces. head with shower and bottom jaw. also make it max 125mm tall. I could squish it down but that will ruin the threads I suspect. ie just chop off some of the back side of the skull so it can fit in a 10x10x12.5 print volume. otherwise width fits fine and with a separate bottom jaw I can just do it in 2 prints.

if it was 3 parts I could simply move the top head down 8mm and print it with the shower head (they would merge if I made them overlap into one part) then move the jaw down 8mm and print it.

maybe you should buy a bigger printer :)

Sure easy to say although... that is exactly what i did

Got a maker select so i can make this now!

Congrats! Your model has been featured as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans URL addresses)

How well would/does this hold up when printed in PLA? Being that is has a lower melting point and all, of course it's not like we are running melting hot water in the shower or anything ;-)

that is like the coolest shower head I have ever seen

I want to print this so badly but can't edit the STL into parts for my printer. Anyway you can break this up into the nozzle, and the head into halves or quarters?

use netfabb basic to cut stl in all pieces u need

Do you have to print at 103% for ABS to account for shrinkage?

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

I can not get replicatorG to generate g code I continually run into the "unknown error" issue

Now someone needs to come up with a pair of dinosaur claws for the faucet handles.

I dont have a pic yet but this shower is as mean as it looks! water pressure is perfect

I dont have a pic yet but this shower is as mean as it looks! water pressure is perfect

Seeing now that slic3r has a modifier feature where you can "box off" the spout and print that dense, then print the rest at low fill.

Comments deleted.

I don't have a 3D printer..... my nephews would LOVE this. can someone just make it for me and sell it? lol

How much would you pay?

This begs for a remix, where the shower nozzle is separate from the skull so they can be printed separately and at different fills, and using different spray patterns, and assembled afterwards. I guess I will look at it.

Totally. Thought of this when I made my first shower head. The you'd have a whole world of shower heads for every occasion!

The recommendation to print at 50% fill to be water tight is a bit misleading since I believe it is the number of perimeters you use that would affect that more. And the advice to use a raft, a temporary base layer that removes easily, is not a good idea for something this tall since the leverage from printing the higher layers breaks it easily, better to be glued to the glass with solid bottom layers.

Interchangeable skulls are an idea as well, I have heard some interest in a Dilophosaurus version.

I want a zenomorph head! where the shower head itself is the smaller "inside" mouth!!!!!

Thank you for the model. My neighbor's kids are going to love it!!

I want to buy one of these. Who sells these? I have searched like crazy!!!

Contact the owner of the high pressure shower heads website at http://www.best-shower-head.com - He once told me he was working on one.

I'll sell you one

Not supposed to do commercial on this site but you might find a local nerd on makexyz dot com. I am seeing this at about 133 cm3 at 50% fill and 10 hour job at .3 slice. That is probably going to be at least a $50 part. I have to make one for my niece now since she saw it on reddit. You might also consider breaking down and buying a printrbot simple metal since it looks like this thing will fit on that, maybe have some friends chip in.

Important thing to note that this thing and both things it is derived from allow commercial use with attribution. So if you think you can sell a dozen or so of these that would go a long way towards paying off the cost of a printer. My niece will not be paying me and my brother will probably make me come visit and install it myself.

What kind of print time did you have?

Slicing and Dicing now.

Just wanted to know how long to expect.


My makerbot is not completely calibrated. It only prints reliably at default settings, which is 10% to 15% fill. Anybody print one that works with no leaks at this low fill ratio? Thanks!

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Did you print with supports? The teeth are completely overhung.

Mine turned out pretty good on a rep 2... The back of the teeth warp a little bit from the overhang but they still look good

I did not, but it seemed to work pretty well as long as you print it with the flat side on the build plate. The teeth were not perfect, but I found them to be good enough. Maybe it has to do with your layer resolution? What's your setup and settings?

This is great I'm printing it now! been going overnight, only 4 hours left!

How can you purchase one?

I'll sell you one

I'd like one with a bit more spread.
Scratch that. If I wanted a dinosaur skeleton staring at me while I showered I'd want one with a bit more spread. But I don't need a face in my shower, even if it's just a skull head.

As for the spread, I agree, and it will be added in a future version when I have more time.
As for you other comment, I guess we all can't enjoy the fun things in life...

This is amazing! Well done.

This should buy me at least a few days of easy bath times! You have done a great thing for the cleanliness of children everywhere.

this needs to be done with an alien head!!!!

Fantastic! Now, to convince the wife we need one of these in the bathroom

You don't ask...just do. Lol.

and enjoy the screaming. oh heck yes!