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CNC 3018 Pro Engraving Machine Collection

by SkyTakes Dec 17, 2018
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Hi Thiwar - i have just put endstops on my new 3018 pro and im facing the exact same issue, did you manage to resolve it?

Hi Thiwar - i have just put endstops on my new 3018 pro and im facing the exact same issue, did you manage to resolve it?

How did you assembled the Y_End_Stop_A and Y_End_Stop_B? If Softlimit is and homing true, Z-stop isnt working. If hardlimit is true Z-Stop is working. Do you know, why my z endstop isnt working when softlimit is true?

I have the CNC 3018 PRO with CNC CAMTOOL V3.3 and grbl 1.1f. My endstops are parallel because my hardware offers only one pin. It should work like yours.

I only have an iMac....interested in getting a 3018 cnc ..but cannot find info on controller software to use as a router and laser. Any tips where to start looking?

If you don't mind picking up a raspberry pi CNC.js works really well. https://cnc.js.org/docs/rpi-setup-guide/

Could be helpful if you had a list of how many of each specific part you printed. I haven't assembled my kit yet but plan to use your parts and don't know how many of each, etc.

Also potentially a note in there to check which board the kit came with. I grabbed the Sainsmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-Pro on Amazon and it came with a CAMTOOL CNC v3.3 board (which I see someone has remixed the case to provide for) - but had already sliced and just about hit print on this one before a friend told me his just-finished one didn't line up.

Overall - thanks a ton for the work here! Can't wait to use this machine along with your parts to make the most of it!

Yes I got bit. Printed everything and the box doesn’t fit because I have the 3.3 board. Which remix did you use? Need to print another box...

This one has the holes lined up for i/o on the board we have.

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router PRO - Electronics Enclosure

While I did print a remix, you can use what you have. First cut some holes for the wire locations you need. Second, there are perforated sides on the board. You can remove those two parts and it'll fit into this box. You have to remove them to fit the remix as well. I'll link that in a second reply should you want to print another.

Once you get you hands on you CNC you will understand how many parts are needed and where they fit. Anyways based on the STL names.

BedClamp(A,B,C,D) - these 4 parts form 1 clamp, normally you will need 4 clamps to hold a part
Bed_Clamp_E - is for Printed Circuit Board only (optional)
CableGuides(A,B) - Almost the same, only the opening for inserting the cables is different, I used 7
(2 B and 5 A) to be used on the frame (optional)
Cable_Guides_C - To be used with double side tape. I used 5 (optional)
Electronics_Box and Electronics_Box_Cover - Self explanatory :-) - x1
End_Stop_Rail_Nut - x4 - one for each end stop (2 for X and 2 for Y Axis)
Handle_Knob - x2 - one for each Motor Handle
X_Motor_Hande - x1
Y_Motor_Hande - x1
Z-Motor_Cable_Guide - x1
Z_End_Stops - x2
X_End_Stop_Switch_Hold_A - x1
X_End_Stop_Switch_Hold_B - x1
Y_End_Stop_A - x1
Y_End_Stop_B - x1
Y_End_Stop_Switch_Hold_A - x1
Y_End_Stop_Switch_Hold_B - x1

For the electronic model. I have a Woodpecker 3.2 GRBL I bought mine from Aliexpress some time ago.

Good luck!!

Hi, you should definitely specify this board version thing in the description. My "Camtool CNC v3.3" can't even get in the box (also from Sainsmart, the Genmitsu 3018 pro) and I see that the holes will not match anyway. And I even already remixed and printed a cover for a 80mm fan. Could've save so much time on this...

EDIT: I actually had two blank 5mm bars on top and bottom of the board, ready to be snapped off by hand, which I did. The board can now enter the box, but the bottom attachment holes and USB are off. I'm gonna go for a savage cut, I don't want to print it again, but please spare some time to other v3.3 owners and add the info in the description. The print list could be added too. Thanks for the collection anyway.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, I've consider you suggestion and updated the description.
If you, by any chance, ever design a box for your board please consider sharing here for others also. There are many boards around, I also downloaded a box when I got my hand on my CNC that did not fit my board. I used a soldering iron to adapt it till I made mine.

Any good community like Discords/FacebookGroups for the CNC 3018?

Thanks, appreciate the link and the files!

Looking forward to getting all these bells and whistles on my CNC! Do you know the dimensions on the larger limit switches you used?

One picture is better than a thousand words... so 6 pictures should help (i hope) LOL
They are all the same size, only the on I used as a emergency stop is bigger, but this one is only double side taped to the side of the CNC.
There are 2 versions of each photo, on in millimeters and the other in inches.

EDIT: Actually i used 3 sizes as alfredone78 pointed below. These are the X and Y axis switches, for the Z switch I used a small / micro switch. Please see the posts below to alfredone78.

Awesome!! Thank you!

Please, could you write here which endstops did you use? Could you post here the link in order to buy them? Thank you in advance!

Hi, unfortunately I bought these the old way... I bought from a local hardware store.
I've attached 2 photos from one of them with all the markings, I couldn't find any identification.
I'll post above some pictures with the dimensions.

EDIT: These are the ones used for the X and Y axis. For the Z axis see the post below.

So you used 2 kind of end-stops? Small and big size? You posted 6 pictures with all dimensions in another comment (in mm and in inches), but I don't understand if theese dimensions are of the small or of the big size end-stops...

I am sorry, but I am very confused...

My mistake, you are right. Long day yesterday...

Actually I used 3 sizes of switches.

  • A Big (huge) as an emergency stop - just because It was the only switch I had at that time. It's just taped to the side of the frame any button will do.
  • A Medium (the Big one) for the X and Y axis, 4 switches in total, mounted to the rails via the 3d printed parts. These are the ones I've send the sizes on the other posts pictures.
  • A Small (the actually micro), for the Z axis only. Any small/micro switch will do, they are bolted to the motor mount and the 3d part are the limit blocks only.
    I've attached some pictures of the small (micro) switches used on the Z axis here, a picture of the Big one (the emergency switch) for reference only and a picture of the complete Z axis.
    Hope this help, any problem please call me again.

I'm still confused...! I'm sorry!

Please, could you send other images with all measurents, called in this way?




I think that only in this way all will be really clear!

Thank you in advance!

Ok, here we go!

The Huge switch - just forget about it :-) There is no 3d part on the collection for it. You can use any kind of momentary switch for it. You even don't need to have it mounted to the CNC. As it's called, when an emergency occurs (something brake, gets loose, etc) during a job, you press this button / switch and the CNC stops. It's almost the same as unplugging from the wall. So any button or switch you can reach quickly will do.

The rest are attached here.

Once again, only the X and Y switches have parts on the collection. The Z switches are bolted to the CNC so any small switch that fits will do fine.

Good luck ;-)

I noticed at the very top left you have a limit switch just above the screw that sticks above the gantry is this a dead stop switch? If so how is the wiring done. This is a great collection for the 3018 will be receiving mine on Monday thanks.

Actually, that's my emergency stop switch. I only had a limit switch in hand, so I used it :-) LOL

Could you show the wiring for the switches and the fan? I've ordered some switches and will be adding a Noctua fan to mine but I'm simply not sure where the pin connections is supposed to be. Any help on this front would be great. Thanks.

Hi, the switches wiring can be seen on this link https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/5912573/22929087/89c715ce-f2c2-11e6-9ffc-6f078f510d74.jpg. The Fan I got from a 12 pin (if I remember right) I'm traveling so I can't take a picture to show you, but just search for a 12v output somewhere, put a switch in one of the wires and the fan.
Good luck!

Thank you so much. It's really appreciated.

Thanx for the collection.

I must be missing something, but how are you attachimg to the rails (the nut section).

Hi Mike,
Cloud you elaborate a little more? I didn't understand the question, sorry.
Do you mean the part holders? The switches?
If it's the part holder, I'm not using the stock nuts, I'm using 4mm nuts and bolts.

Thanx for the response,

How do you attach the x-end stop, y-end stop and y-end stop hold to the cnc 3018? a 4mm nut won't hold the Y-end stop?
Got the clamps figured out. Now need to get 4mm x 30mm full thread bolts.

Hi Mike!
I didn't upload that part... I completely missed that when I uploaded the collection. I'm very sorry!!.
I've updated the collection with the missing part (it's the last item, End Stop Rail Nut ), it's similar to that 4mm we talked about but recessed and for a 3mm nut and bolt. I've took apart my Y End Stop and made some pictures. I've used 2 x 3mm bolts and nuts to hold the switch to the mount and a smaller 3mm bolt and nut to hold the mount to the rail. You have to bolt the mount to the rail first and then, with a lot of patience, screw the switch to the mount as the nuts will need some fishing.
Once again sorry for the missing part and thanks a lot for bringing that up!!

Thanx.... We were missing something..

Nice work! How did you attach the X and Y Motor handles to the threaded rods?

I've installed them a little out off the side plates, not flush, then it was a matter of "screwing" the handles to the rods. You can do this by gaining 1/4 inch of space between the motor and the rod with the coupler screws. 1/4 is not much but is enough as the handles are a tight fit.
I've attached 2 photos (sorry for the bad lighting) I removed the X handle so you can see how much the rod passes the panel and the other pointing the coupler where I got the space needed.
I hope this helps. ;-)

Awesome, thanks for the help buddy - Works great!

Comments deleted.

vous avez utilisé quoi comme vis pour les truc qui bloque le support que l'on grave car la taille des trous son bien plus petit que les vis d'origine

I don't know if google translator did it right but if I understood correctly...
These parts are not to be used with the screws that came with the router. I've used 4mm screws and nuts with these parts. I've made it tight so you may need to heat the nut to press fit on the part, but once done it doesn't come loose. I did this because I use the router mainly for PCB manufacturing and I needed something more delicate than the original screws.

je vais regardé ça. merci de votre réponse