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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Hypercube 300 Dual-Z Remix

by hashtagdavi Dec 18, 2018
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Is there a cable chain that anyone has tried and had good luck with? I'm trying to tidy mine up and want to have a chain before I do my new wiring.

hey i was wondering if the heated bed can run off of single phase power, rather than the 3 phase wire that it came with, thanks

I am guessing I got the wrong anti backlash nuts with my kit or do you need to scale up the mount for them?

Hi there.

Yeah I think you got the wrong parts there for sure. I would contact Zyltech, they are fantastic about getting the right stuff out to you quickly!

I have the hypercube 300 kit coming in a few days, just wondering if you had any tips on enclosing it, such as dxf files for cutouts to attach to the sides, or a specific material you would recommend!

Hi !

This sounds like an awesome addition to the printer!

I don't have any files or design work done currently, yet ;-) , for making an enclosure for the printer.

However it is on my radar and is something I do want to do in future for it.

For a material to use for the enclosure panels, I have been recommended by others to try Dibond. Its apparently a great material for an enclosure and it is said to be inexpensive option for getting panels made.


I would recommend to go take a look at the Railcore 2 300 ZLT , and its new enclosure design with the new top as well. it was just made available for purchase on the ProjectR3d website and the Railcore Labs website as well.

There are a few posts on it as well on Facebook, in the " Railcore builders & owners group"

its a fantastic implementation for an enclosure made on an extrusion frame style core xy.

If i was to start work on an enclosure for the Hypercube 300 Dual Z today, i would make it like the Railcore enclosure design 1,000,000 %

Uhm, so how is this remix different to the Dual-Z HEVO build? Apart from the build size.


In short form, this design was created by Zyltech Engineering LLC, to bring the benefits of the upgraded Dual Z design of the HEV, to the original Hypercube design as well.

Allowing for the benefits of a Multi Z axis setup on the original 2020 extrusion design !

Hello. I just got this exact Zyltech kit and have all printed parts. I cannot figure out how to assemble the bed frame. Could I possibly get more pics from yours?

Hello ! Of course. The following is a link to my rough draft or resources for the build. I will shortly be releasing a full PDF build guide and full cad and version 2.

No major changes , just additions to what exists already in the build for V2. So no worries

I. This link you find my personal Google photos album . 1800+ photos I took throughout the build!

Please don't hesitate to message me here or on Facebook as well, happy to help out !

Also the Zyltech Hypercube group is a great resource.

How much work would it be to get dual extruders with this kit?


From Zyltech.com , The Hypercube 300 Dual-Z DIY Full Kit w) 12v premium heat bed is $479 before shipping & tax. They also sell the same hotends in the kit on the site, for I believe about $18 or something around that. All together that would be $497 and then just shipping & tax to your location.

You actually will also need an additional Nema17 as well as an additional Stepper Driver for it too, for the E1 you want to add.
I forgot to mention them , as I have spares, didn't think to add the cost !

You'll need a bit less then 1 KG of Filament to print all the parts as well. Recommend you print the parts with PETG for strength and overall better temperature resistance too.

For a dual Extruder setup. You'll also need to get a mount to print to hold the dual Extruder to the carriage. As this part kit doesn't include something like that .


If you are referring to the Parking Extruders Concept, you need to purchase a set of magnets as well. I will update and add a link to the right ones on the listing.

Also, I am currently in the process of updating the system overall to a new V2.0 that I am close to completing . I have had a few set backs but have finally sourced new parts needed to finish. I will be including a Tool Changer upgrade with V2.0 as well. This is why I stopped working on the Parking Extruders Concept.

Thanks for the response. I ordered the ZYLtech's Full DIY Hypercube Evolution 400x400x500 3D Printer Kit yesterday. I ordered an additional hotend, extruder and controller so I should be good there. I am still trying to find the right mount to support dual extruders since the kit doesn't have the stl's.

I have blue petg printing right now for everything else :)

Just logged in to say I ordered the zyltech kit that referred me here and look forward to building!

Hi there, Thank you for letting me know! It's great to hear from you and am pleased to know your looking forward to building! It's a really great experience & I cannot recommend it enough! Especially with ZYLtech. They really truly are a fantastic open source company supporting people like us and making projects like this possible!

Hey; also don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback! Happy to help out and I welcome any and all thoughts about this printed parts kit. Will be kept an open source project and resource for the Zyltech Hypercube community, always!

  • David aka hashtagdavi

PS. you can reach me and other awesome very helpful people that have built the kit too, in the Facebook Zyltech Hypercube / EVO users group.

Or send me a PM on Facebook messenger!

Pss. There is a discord server too in the works. Will add a link to the listing here once I figure it out ( new to discord)

How many rolls of filament are needed to print out the parts.

Hi you'll need about a full 1 KG to print the parts. It's actually a bit less but in case of print errors make sure to have a full KG of the color you want to print them in just in case.

Any good sites for learning more about the software end of things. Not worried about putting it together pretty mechanical on that end.

Thanks, wanted to be sure before I ordered and didn't have enough.

Of course anytime!

For software. You'll want to go to marlin website. That's the best resource for the firmware for setting up and understading. Best source for letting is always the source from which it came.

The marlin site as well includes lots of additional info that tells you actually exactly how to setup and what to do.

I also recommend

Tom Sanladerer
Chris basement

For videos and guide on setup for software. All three have more than a few that describe, show, and details steps on how to setup marlin and the hardware with it. To get ya up and running well.

Also please don't hesitate to reach out to me here or on Facebook anytime.

I am working on a proper full complete build instructions for the machine. Shod be done soon, taking me longer then I wanted. It will be a PDF of complete instructions for build and setup of the Hypercube Remix. With a full CAD to simulate a digital build of the machine, alongside the instructions!

Coming soon!

But there are many already available resources for doing so, just instructions that are the same but from different people etc.

So check out the places I listed above. Also Facebook Hypercube group and core XY builders groups are amazing on there! Lots of helpful peopl and you can search the groups for previous posts. I found not of my answers that way when I needed help. And many on there that are very happy to help out if ya post your questions.

Lastly. Again don't hesitate to contact me anytime. I happy to help and have done this all before so I know how to troubleshoot and aid others no problem!

My name is David Wille, and my profile cover photo is the printer.

Are you using the brass inserts in your build?

Nope. There are a few places for recessed nuts and a couple spots on the carriage where you push a couple nuts in square holes for the Z sensor mount.

No brass inserts though, don't need to do any of the heat and press stuff.

The holes for mounting the Raspberry Pi are too large...they should be sized for M2.5 hardware, not M3:


I've remixed the bracket and spacers accordingly:


Hi thank you for taking the time to inform me.

I mounted my pi 3 without issue, using the spacers and the pi plate printed parts as is.

Not sure what is going on for you, but I will take a closer look and see your remix part too to try and understand.

PS. M3 hardware is actually physically 2.5mm , it's just labeled as m3. Same goes for all the metric sized hardware.

Are you also making parts for the 400x400x500 model? That is the one I'm interested in!

That's the HEVO.

See Hypercube Evolution by Scott_3D. Those are the parts your after.

Though I do plan to as a future project, will be making the Parking Extruders compatible with the HEVO, soon as I complete the design for the Hypercube Remix.