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Gloomhaven: Doors

by rbross Dec 16, 2018
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Anyone know the count of total doors you would ever need at one time? Trying to print them all!

I just arrived at the same question, and a friend counted for me:

6x Doors - Single - Edge/Edge
2x Doors - Single - Corner/Corner
4x Doors - Double - Edge/Edge
2x Doors - Double - Corner/Corner
8x Doors - Black Shadow
4x Doors - White Shadow

Just curious. Is there a specific reason one of the doors is 3 hexes and the other is only 1? Other than that these are fantastic. I printed a set up and they look great.

When I looked at the constraints: (1) want to have a door frame and (2) want stock models to fit in doorway, I didn't see a way to make it work without the design extending past the single hex. So, in the situation where the sides were flat, it made sense to extend to the hexes on either side, and in the situation where it comes to the points, to use the "wings" like in the other walls.

There are some situations where this design isn't ideal, and in retrospect I sort of wish I had done a full hex on one side for aesthetics. But that's the rationale.

Hi Rob,

I'm having trouble with both "Flat Door A Bottom" files. The 3MF file won't load at all. I can load the STL in 3D Builder, but it says the object is invalidly defined, then hangs when trying to repair it. I've downloaded both files three times, and get the same issues each time.

Will you please check if they are OK at your end?




That's really weird. I can confirm that the 3MF won't load -- I have no idea what happened there, because I guarantee that I (somehow) had the 3MF before the STL. Anyway, I've deleted that one.

The STL loads and processes fine in S3D and Slic3r for me. And of course I printed about a dozen of these.

Anyway, I'll take the STL and shove it through the 3D tools for cleanup, and I'll re-upload a new 3MF. Will update the thing when I've gotten that done. Maybe that will help you.

Thanks Rob,

Greatly appreciated.


Try the new "repaired" 3MF version. I think it's cleaner.

That did the trick - the scale is huge (might be me, though), but I can now load it in S3D (and downscaling was easy...).


That's really strange; it is the same size as the STL here? I can't say I understand what is up. Glad you got it loaded, though.

Next silly Q: what print settings do you use? :)


Well, I'm printing with 0.1mm layers, 2 perimeters, and about 20% infill. But really they're the same as printing OpenForge stuff, if you've done any of that. Shouldn't need supports.

One more Q: what speed? I’m using a Delta, and my base speed for most prints is 40mm. I get spaghetti halfway through the prints at this speed... :( This is for the door model.

You're printing the door upside down, I assume. Is it coming off your build plate? I added a brim 1 layer thick and then shaved that off when done, so I had no problems and printed at normal speeds (40mm/sec seems totally reasonable).


It prints fine, up to the end of the side notches, then turns to spaghetti after that. Have no idea why. I haven’t watched it yet, but will today...


Really strange. Anything look unusual in a preview?

Nope. It all looks fine. I had no problem printing your walls. I think it might just be a case of either too much speed, or insufficient infill. Will be trying another print soon. Just finished rebuilding the hotend, so perhaps it needs to be dialed in more, though I have printed a decent 20mm calibration cube, and benchy. I’m positive the issue is with my printer, and not this particular file. I probably just need to slow it down once it hits the narrower, smaller layers, after the connectors. I’ll try that first.

Figured it out... I was printing them individually. Once I loaded twelve doors on the bed at once, each had plenty of time to cool, and allow each new layer to bond... Knew the problem was at my end. Doh! :)

Glad you worked it out!

If you could, please do a double door, there might be a scenario or 2 where it is necessary ;)

Yeah, this is something on the list. No ETA at this time, will have to just use blank squares and cardboard for the time being! Or one of the other door designs floating around, I guess.

Awesome idea!
Crazy suggestion, placing the slots in the stone.
That way when you "open" the door the pillars won't be "in the way".

Ah, so the frame comes off with the door? Interesting. Maybe I'll do that if/when I do a two-door version. I've already printed all these for two sets...makes me want to move on to something new :)...

I second this request! Frame with the door + a stone door option to use in the same base. I love your Gloomhaven walls and this approach to doors, but it would be sweet to have the stone option too.

Thanks for all your work!

Awesome idea!
Crazy suggestion, placing the slots in the stone.
That way when you "open" the door the pillars won't be "in the way".

Nice doors. Thanks for share!

This is great. I've been getting sick of the doors sticking around after they are open. Again, great solution! Now I have to print the rest of you wall system.

Heh, glad to get you on board!

Added a print list with qtys similar to Hirst on the walls tab of this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_tKrd-Yiwu26YJ-85kV6ZKr6QLRrzHeUG5d6o1W4UkM/edit#gid=422271197

Nice! Looks like a good set.

I'd suggest printing 2-3 span-filled-1-plus also (they're in the corner set); they are one-hex point-style walls with "wings" on both sides. We found that having these filled versions for the -1 and -1-plus make for nicer aesthetics, and the double-wing situation comes up pretty often.

Thanks for the tip!