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LED Light Bar Prusa i3 MK2/MK3

by SethBon Dec 29, 2018
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Great design!
But I assume, this will not fit the full bear upgrade :(

Are there any print files for the U channels? I have plenty of LED light strips and plenty of wire, so if I could print the U channels I could make these for no additional cost..... I could probably design them, but if someone already had something that would be better for me. Thanks!

Any pictures of how to wire 12v for mk2?

I only have a MK3, so I don't have a good way to provide any pictures. The wiring of the LED strip and power switch is exactly the same as if you were using a 24V strip. The only difference is how to connect it to the printer for power. It looks like the MK2 board doesn't have those screw terminals like the MK3, so you would need to find a place to tie in to 12V from the power supply. That or use a separate 12V power adapter.

Wired directly to the psu works. Could you make a version of the right piece tbat has the wire exit and the switch hole to allow us 12V peons to wire straight down rather than having to cross aroubd the front of the top of the frame as I had to in the attahced photo.

Also would be great to male small holes where it sits on z axis to allow zip ties for stability. I keep knocking mine off.

LED Light Bar Prusa i3 MK3 MMU - Left Mount loopthrough + Switch adaptor
by MB3Y

I bought the 2x electronic kit and this has improved my printing experience massively! I used to check layer height with a flashlight. This has completely fixed that! Super happy customer here! Thanks for your time designing and shipping electronics kits here!

I designed a couple clips to secure the light bars in place since they just sit on top of the frame, and can be easily knocked off if you have a clumsy moment. I printed these in PETG, and made sure they don't interfere at all with the X or Z axis range of motion.

These clips worked great! I was having problems with the glue I had holding and this solves that problem. Also looks better than the zipties I was using until I printed these. :)

Very Nice! Thanks

Do you have a link to the 24V switch part? The link here is for 12V.

I don't know why that Ebay listing only says 12V. The switches are rated for much higher voltages. The part number is KCD11 if you want to look it up. I also added an Amazon link as the Ebay one takes a long time to ship from China.

I'm having an incredibly hard time getting the wire that came with the kit through the channel. The smaller wire trick didn't work out for me.

Yeah, it can be a bit difficult. I'm probably going to work on updating the model to try to make it easier at some time. The best way I have found is to feed the thin wire in the power switch opening and out the small opening. Some thin tweezers or a needle is helpful to coax it out of the small opening. If you can't get that to work, try some thread with a small weight tied to the end. Then use that to pull through the small wire.

Finally put it together. Is it normal for the u-channels to both get very, very hot while the light's on?

It looks like you got the 12 volt kit. Do you have a MK2 or MK3 printer? The MK3 has a 24V power supply and the LEDs will get very hot if you power them with 24V.

I bought the 24v kit...

Did you send me the 12V kit?

Shit, I did select the 12V kit. I could have sworn I bought the 24V one. I knew I needed the 24V one.

Send me a message on Etsy and we can work something out.

Do you know if this works with the MMU2S? It takes up a fair amount of real-estate in the rear of the machine, I'm concerned the dual-light wouldn't fit. As I do timelapses for my instagram (@ky3_actual), the bidirectional flood would be ideal for lighting to reduce shadows, so any direction you can point me would be of great help.

I don't have one, but based off of pictures it will probably interfere. There is 85mm between the back of the frame and the rear light (see attached image). I've been thinking of making a version compatible with the MMU2. If you would be willing to send me a top and side view image along with some dimensions, that would be very helpful.

Gotcha covered, boss. I have no idea why the side view turned out so small... Hate my phone sometimes. Anything else?

Uploaded a new version that should work with the MMU. Let me know how it works out.

I'm going to DM you in a second, please hold.

MMU/2 version is a perfect fit. It's tight to get on, but nothing is in the way after assembly. Primo design, and the lights you chose are beautifully bright. My first timelapse with it will be going up here, so keep an eye out for it. It's a ~6 hour print, so it won't be up right now (I'm just preheating). I'll actually be using my MMU Bypass, so this is a two-fold test of your design, not that I suspect it won't work.

Again, amazing work. Thank you for designing this by my request.

Before anybody asks; I bought the kit with my own money, no refund was asked for or provided (Nor would one be accepted), and this review is entirely my opinion. But seriously, it's fly. Print it. Or buy it, it's honestly worth it.

MMU Bypass for MK3 Frame
by Ky3


would you mind having a look on this site please and tell me which profile you think would fit best as there is a 16x9.3 or 8x17


i understand you have put a link for the profiles you used but i don't need 4 spare so would rather try and buy one length is possible.


I agree! This build is far too expensive for only 1-2 light bars. It looks much better than the other cheaper options but having to buy most of this stuff in bulk is costly -_-
Have you found where to buy LED's as well? Enough just for this project rather than a whole spool.

I used these LEDs ($8.50) - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073QNMS5J. I didn't find the u-channel in a smaller quantity, but decided to use them for another project.

Looking at those, I think the 17x8 option will fit the best. The profile looks nearly identical to the one I used. It may even be the same product.

Do you mind telling me what brand of filament you used for this and was it pla?


It's AmazonBasics black PLA

thank you for taking the time to look.

Any chance you would be willing to share the CAD files? I'd like to update this to fit my Mk2.5 with MMU2. Nice work. By the way, it looks like it will fit a stock Mk2/2.5.

good to see someone look for port it to mmu2
i have test to mod but fusion 360 it's difficult for me. is you make it can you send the stl?

Yeah, no problem. Here are the Fusion 360 files. Let me know how it comes out.

looks super slick but i will keep what i have for now as the connector wire that came with my leds won't fit through the channels.
super clean look! great mod!

This is nice! I may remix this to be/have a Webcam mount for our logitech c270's

Did you ever do this?

No, we moved our printers to a ahelbi g unit so it was easier to just mount them to the rack.

That's a great idea! I posted the CAD files in another comment if you want to work with them.