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Low-Poly Bulbasaur

by FLOWALISTIK May 11, 2014
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will adjusting the size still work with no supports?

Yes, Supports are needed if there is too large of an overhang but that angle does not change as the size goes up.
The only time scaling up can can affect supports is if there is bridging. If this becomes too large, the bridge may fail.

Very good results, good design dude! :)

I am planning to create this but 3 inches tall instead lol

Want to make this BULBASAUR look even cooler ?!? Check out this sweet remote controlled LED light for this 3D print!


Going to try this in ninjaflex

This is so cool, thank you for sharing your design! Do you mind if I make and sell a few of your designs in my etsy shop? I did not see any notes about your thoughts on selling items printed from your designs.

"Low-Poly Bulbasaur by FLOWALISTIK is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license."
-The left side of page

Basically, No.

Oh my, I totally didn't see the license section! I definitely didn't mean to offend. I'm new to Thingiverse so I'm still learning.


Just printed this on a Tiko. Turned out better than I expected. Will definitely be "collecting them all"... sorry.

Thanks for this model. I'm using this in a filament test. I will link back to this page when I'm done writing up the test results.

Also I'm printing these to put in 3d printed pokeballs I drop off at random pokestops in the city i live in. Thanks for sharing !

Really nice design, I am about to print it and put near poke gym near my house for Pokemon GO players :D btw I think I know why there are sometimes problems whit file, the normals of polygons are flipped, whole file is "inside out".

Really love your low poly designs. I printed the pikachu one and it came out perfectly! This one though is giving me trouble with the raft (mine works best with a raft). It seems that the faces are all inside out (they show up a different color in my software). Is there any way you could try and upload a "fixed" one?

Realy cool, building one now!

Hey, I would like to ask how you actually make something like this? I am trying and trying on making low poly figures and animals but they look waay to bad to even compare with your models... could you make a video and put it on youtube or something? Thank you, please reply!

Can you do an Eevee low-poly model, please? :)

could you add some internal support under the eyes in case someone (me) wants to print them hollow in 300%? :D

I shared the design under a creative-common license, so feel free to modify it and share your version.

Yep, really sad, but they are not the first ones to sell my designs. Unfortunately I got used to it a long time ago.

Mind if I sell this to a few people at card store?

Nice model, did a Time-Lapse of it. Feel free to watch https://youtu.be/j2ck18ZDWdM

What design software did you use?

Se volete farli stampare direttamente da noi scegliendo materiali e colori:

This file worked awesome for us! Check out some the slicer settings that were used for this print (and the rest of the low poly pokemon). https://pinshape.com/prints/80-low-poly-pokemon

There is something wrong with the .stl file. I printed it out and it was all support material. When I ran the .stl through Netfabb's .stl repairer the print came out fine.

With the release of 4 new colors of the Z-ULTRAT filament by Zortrax, we bring you a quick look at the possibility 3D printing has in the toy industry. This is where imagination meets reality. With a 3D printer in your home, you can literally catch 'em all.

Check out our video on the great work done by Flowalistik's low poly Pokemon below.


Can't wait to... "literally" get our hands on more of your work!!!

Low-Poly Bulbasaur

I really want to print this out on my sd card but my printer will not read the files it just goes back to menu can anyone help me. (My printer is a smartrap)

Comments deleted.

Pokemon is the best. This was my starter.

It's definitely the most popular starter (at least in thingiverse!)

I printed at 0.2mm, 3 shells, 5% infill with PLA on a Rep 2 and it turned out great! Didn't take too long either. Also, a lot of the employees here at MakerBot are printing armies of your pokemon models. Keep 'em coming!

Nice. Printed two with miniFactory 3. Size 0.8, had issues with the jaw and feet.
The other one, larger, had issues only with the jaw part. Perhaps adding a support structure would fix this?

Before trying to print it with support material I will tell you my secret to make my prints look not-so-bad: PRINT THE MODEL VERY SLOW! After trying with two cooling fans or at night with an opened window, I realised the best way to avoid hanging problems (jaw and feet) was to reduce the speed. It may take 4 hours to print, but the result will be very different. I hope this help, it's the only trick that actually worked in my printer.

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

What brand/color filament are you using on this print? It's a very attractive green.

I use Nuclear Green 3mm PLA. I guess you can buy it everywhere, but I bought it from a spanish store.

hey man, awesome model! was wondering if it is possible to have a hole in the tip of the bulb, i was thinking of using it as a penholder for a tablet. i dont have the knowhow to do it myself yet :) and i think it would be a better finished product than if i drilled a hole in the end

Yeah, I could try. Just tell me the diameter of the pen and I will try it!

sorry for the delay, my printer had a fault so ive been tracking that down, the diameter is 11.2mm (the new wacom pen+eraser). however if you wanted to you could just make the hole in the tip where the divot is, and then i can figure out the scaling needed to print so it doesn't distort the model

I know I haven't designes it, but I'm really busy. In the moment I get some spare time I will make it and send it to you!

I turned this Bulbasaur into a pen holder for you. I had to scale the model up by 65% to make the 11.2mm hole match the size of the divot in the top of the bulb. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:344063http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Low-Poly Bulbasaur Pen Holder

damn you guys are awesome! many many thanks

These are so cool! What are you using to design them with?

I'm actually using 3DS Max, as it's the program I know how to use. It shouldn't be difficult to make them with other programs!

Can you describe your process a little? Did you just build up the models from scratch with an image as reference, or did you start from a high-detail 3d model and reduce it down?

I designed it from scratch, but I also recommend to play Pokemon Stadium, it will give you some references on how Bulbasaur's anatomy is (yep, it sounds pretty serious for a made up animal).

I think these things are super awesome, since i can print them and they look great even from my low res printer. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I'm going to design more low-poly Pokemon, so be prepared to use lots of plastic!