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Customizable Parts Box

by Mutsuki May 11, 2014
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi, what machine are you using to cut this? I am looking to get into some laser cutting, but I don't know anything about the machines out there. Hope you might be able to help.

Hey, do you have the ability to save this work of art as a dxf file? I've tried a few converters but can't get anywhere with it.

Thanks in advance :)

Nice work ! I finished mine today. I enlarged it too (i used 5mm plywood).

Bless you. This was a most useful build. I had to enlarge it a bit cos I was using 4.7mm mdf. But that was easily done. Parts fit like a dream.
I have cut 4 so far, with all types of combinations of drawers. Using it to sort my lego collections. I especially like the shape of the drawer handle and the fact that one doesnt need to cut and past a separate part for it.
Thanks again

How large of a sheet of plywood is required? I'm viewing the file in Adobe Reader and it doesn't display the sizes. Thanks.

I see there is a hidden problem to use the stopper and the division-pieces at the same time :)
By the way, where did you get the template for the screw form?

Maybe a stopper was too big.

I made it.
If it's good, please use it.

icon for me
by Mutsuki

Thank You this is great work

A really great parts box, but when I cut it with my lasercutter, the dimensions are wrong! It seems that the parts have only 1/5 of the
dimensions they should have.
For example: The parts box size LL is 51.178 x 33.123 x 8.157 mm!
What have I done wrong? Since my lasercutter only works with Corel Draw I converted the ai-file to a svg-file and then to a cdr-file. But I think that should not be the reason for the wrong dimensions.
Any ideas/suggestions?

Hi, seems like a great parts shelf/rack system, but how do i customize it?

The size of the drawers in each row is what is customizable, I believe. You can add more or less of each drawer size.

So part of the problem with that is, for example, those of us here in the US don't have access (or at least easy access) to 4mm plywood. 1/4" is pretty cheap and readily available, but even if I cut this out of 1/4" there's no way it could work because all the parts would require extensive work to get to fit... being able to customize the material thickness would be key to allowing others to make this.

DasWookie, I have two tips for you. 1. 4mm (also known as .157 inch) plywood is available at any Home Depot, even though they dont have it on their website. I live in California and have bought 4mm plywood from home depot multiple times.

  1. Open this file in Adobe Illustrator. Bring up the ruler (command r). If the file is in inches, leave it, if its in millimeters, go to document setup, and change it to inches. Calculate what percentage increase it takes to go from .157 inches to .25. Then select everything, and use the scale tool to increase it by the calculated percent. I know this method works as I accidentally bought 5mm once and scaled it up to 5mm. Best of luck!

Maybe there in CA, but not in TX... our at least not in our one here. Yes I can try scaling... I'd rather not, but yeah it's a possibility that should work. I wish I could find, or create, a parametric variation where you could specify the case AND drawers, asking with material thickness, number and size of cutouts and fingers, number and width of drawers, et all. The two box making sites online have the basics to start from, but it outputs the completed box case, abs don't have support fur adding the shelving and drawers... I suppose I need to sit down with OpenSCAD and see if I can figure it out for myself. My laser cutter doesn't show up until late October... so I've got almost six weeks to figure it out. Sigh.

I believe you can convert 2d objects into 3d objects in sketchup, although I dont know how to do this. Also, I woul scale this dow to 3mm material as it is extremely easy to do in Adobe Illustrator. All you would have to do is hold shift and move the whole selected stuff -25%. Also any Home Depot sells 3mm MDF without a doubt and is much easier to find than 4 or 5 mm. There is a tool in Adobe Illustrator where you can lock the dimensions of the selected items and then change them. Unfortuneatly I have only used this tool once(I think it was for this same project) and I don't remember how to find it. I do know that if you can find it, you click the chain-like symbol and then if you edit one dimension, say from 10 to 7.5mm it will also move the other dimension to 75% of the original one. Hope you figure it out!

Hey! thanks a lot for your share, I'm working in a lab with my friends and It was really useful to organise electronic stuff.

Thank you for using :) It is due to improve better.