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Car Vent Gravity Phone Holder

by AbdelDarwish Dec 13, 2018
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Great phone holder.
But open frame printer and ABS don't work best.
I manage to make all parts except sled. Every time failed at conection between support and actual part
So i redesign sled to print it without support.

I have a pretty thick phone (Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2) and I had to scale this up to 1.2x to fit it (1.1x might have worked). It doesn't really fit well in my 2016 Sienna. I've also had issues with the pegs on the sled snapping off. The design is ingenious but it just didn't work for me.

Super cool holder for my Volvo! Very nice and simple design. Thank you!

Very Nice Design, thank you very much. I would love to publish my changes, but you have a non derivatives licence. But if you want, i can send you my BMW-Frontplate Edition and the vertical clip mount on the backplate and the sled, so you can upload them here. In the vertical Clip Version, i had to erase your name as there was not enough space for it. But you can put it back again if you want. Write me a pm if you are interested in the files

Thank you for your comments and the offer. I have updated the permissions now so please share the files for everyone to use!

would this hold a phone on horizontal position?

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It holds some phone in the horizontal position. I can confirm it does for the Samsung Galaxy A7.

Great design and works good. I shortened the arms a bit so it would hold my small gps and installed a angled block to make it face the driver.

Nice work! Feel free to share.

Any chance this will fit a 15mm thick phone and case without modification?

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This is genus I love it, the only problem I had was the vent clip, it was a little cold the other morning so I ran my heater and the heat caused the vent clip to weaken and expand and was no longer able to hold to the vent.
If you don't mind I was going to remix the vent clip part with a hook design.
other than my heater ruining the clip everything worked perfect and it is a great design, Thanks.

Remix away! My advice is to use ABS as it can withstand much higher temperatures.

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for this. Best one I have found so far. Printed perfect as well!

Would recommend printing the sled at 100% so the little pins don't break off. Also - print the clip at 95% scale as at 100% I had to cut down the locking detent features with a knife almost completely. Almost broke the back plate putting the clip in.

Overall works great! Doesn't work with my wive's pop socket but what can you do. Thanks!

Comments deleted.

Hi, could you upload the Fusion360 file for the backplate? I'd like to adapt it to work with a holder that I currently got in my car.

Hello! It seems that (at least for me) using a rubber band would make the arms hard to go through the end, I don't know if I'm making myself clear, small phones like moto x won't be holded if I use a rubber band, no matter how large or thinn it is.
It wokrs fine without it though :D

I had similar issues at first but what I did was to use a large thin rubber band and tie a knot in it to make it shorter. After some trial and error I found a length that worked, I then cut off the excess and added a bit of glue to the end.

If this still is too much you can try cutting a thin rubber band and knotting each end around the two band posts so that way you have half the tension than simply looping it around like I did.

Hi, the credits you placed on the back plate prevent the mechanism to work making the holder useless.

That was such a stupid mistake...
l just fixed it, thanks for letting me know!

Just realized I sounded rude. Sorry but English isn't my first language. I was able to sand it and it worked like a charme

No don’t worry, it wasn’t rude! Glad it’s working

Putting your name in raised letters on the back plate isn't a great design. It makes the holder useless by interfering with the arm rotation. The assembly photos you show do not have this lettering in them, so it appears you printed a version without the lettering for your assembly and demo. Any chance you can either make them inlaid letters or remove them entirely?

That was such a stupid mistake...
l just fixed it, thanks for letting me know!

You're most welcome. I'll try out the new model and let you know. Thanks for the fast response.

The Front_Plate does not clamp hard enough to hold the whole thing together.

Did you print the orientations shown in the photo?

The photo with everything on a build plate.Yes I printed it like that.
With supports, 0.2mm layer height, BQ PLA and on a Prusa MK3

Hmmm. It must be be because of the different printer, mine worked perfectly using the Ender 3. You should try printing the front plate with a scale of 99% or 98%.

I will try this at a later date. Thank you.

Let me know how it goes!

Very cool. Well documented. Will try this ASAP.

will be printing this as a stocking-stuffer gift for my wife. she has one of those commercial universal phone mounts now with the horizontal compression mechanism - as that one is designed it's difficult to insert the phone without pressing buttons and/or dropping the phone to the floor.

Cool design, useful, and clear/concise instructions. Very nice, am impressed - will give this a go later!