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ENDER 3 PRO Belt Tensioner

by Misterguru Dec 8, 2018
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Thanks for the design! Just a quick question, I notice that your files include bushing. I also see your note about bushings being used for the stock hardware.

Is a bushing required if you replace the stock hardware with the m4x25mm bolt (i.e. m4 bolt through the tensioner body, through the bearings and then secured with the stock nut on the other side of the tensioner body with no bushing used)?

I have this installed and I put one bushing on either side of the tensioner body, but I don't like that setup and want to eliminate the bushings altogether -- I was just questioning if you included one for convenience or if it is required somewhere that I'm not seeing.


Will this be strong enough printed in PLA?

Yes, at typical office temperatures. The only problem is if you ever store it somewhere, like a hot attic in the summer, the pla will deform and possibly warp. I just print all of this stuff in petg. It doesn't usually print as pretty, but I feel it will last longer and work under harsher circumstances

Hi, does it work for a regular Ender 3? Thanks!

You might want to look into the original version for that: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2986144

This one was remixed from that version to fit an Ender 3 Pro. :)

ENDER 3 Belt tensioner

I am glad you updated this. I have the older model, if I print the new housing, can I salvage the threaded rod and thread? Or it has been totally re-designed?

Yes, just the housing!

Is there anything I need to get before printing this out and using it? Or does it use stock screws and bolts?

I noticed an issue with this print. I use Cura and the end G-Code has this line as follows.

G1 X0 Y{maximum_depth} F1000 ; Move Heat Bed to the front for easy print removal

With the stock part, I had no issues with this but with this print I notice at the end of each print the wheels under the bed would hit the printed part and the belt would skip loudly on the stepper motors as it moves to the front of the printer's max Y. .

I changed the end script to specify an actual coordinate ie. X0 Y40 as the end point, yes that fixes this issue however, will this printed part get in the way of other prints should I start my prints closer to Y0? Please advise. Perhaps you might have to change the design of this to match the dimensions of the original part? I am thinking this is an issue because Cura adds an extra 5mm to the dimension of the print area.

Cura uses the following default dimensions

X - 235 mm
Y - 235 mm
Z - 250 mm

Bengal512, the part I posted does not have any GCODE. All of that is created on your end with a slicer program.
What you edited was the output from your slicer. These files tell the slicer what the shape of the solid object is, and then your slicer program designs moves for your printer to re-create the shape.
Have a great Christmas!

I think what he's saying is this part interferes with the travel path of the rollers for the bed. As a temp fix I just modified the bed size to 210 in the Y dimension in both Cura and the firmware to keep the wheels from hitting. Just end up losing 25mm of potential build area... Just a warning to others because like he said, by default Cura pushes the bed all the way to the max Y dimension (i.e. 235 by default) at the end of each print, which will cause a binding issue..

I never saw the bed wheels hitting. The outer portion/frame was just updated!

Thank you! Can I just print the Outer frame? and re-use the thread and bolt or will I have to re-print the bolt again?

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At last a decent belt tensioner for a pro version of ender. Added my make. Stock bolt sticks out a bit and nut is a bit too small for the cut, but it works in general. Added my make. Thanks Misterguru!

Glad it helped!
I need to make one for the Y, unless the normal Ender 3 is the same. I haven't checked yet.

Just examined the area around the bearing, and that was part of it I didn't change. It was sized for M5 bolt/nut.
Updated to 4mm now. Thank you.

Did you get anywhere with that? Ours are 4040 on Y, prev are 2020, yeah? Many thanks for your work.

Comments deleted.

Yep, just finished and tested. ENDER 3 PRO X BELT Tensioner (and Tevo Tornado)

Ender 3 PRO and Tevo Tornado X Belt Tensioner all STOCK bolts and STEP files

Did you get anywhere with that? Ours are 4040 on Y, prev are 2020, yeah? Many thanks for your work.