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Yet Another Dice Tower

by BouncyMonkey Dec 4, 2018
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I may be thick or have missed it but how many separate step pieces are used in this construction? Getting ready to print soon.

Hi Greenion
Don't worry I have days like that too. I never specified a number of steps because it depends on how tall you want to make it. Each step is 5mm high. If I remember rightly, my tower required 20 steps to make best use of the bottle I had available.
Happy printing.

Thanks BouncyMonkey! I'm of the same opinion concerning the stairs and love your solution. I'm about half finished printing on my new and first 3D printer I received from my wife for Christmas, a Monoprice Select Mini. One suggestion for those if us still stuck on the Imperial system. Could you post a version with 1/4" holes in addition to the 6 mm? 1/4" dowels are much easier and cheaper for me. I know they're very close in size but for right now I'll have to sand down a 1/4" dowel to 6 mm to fit the holes. Still an outstanding build!

Hi KristusApollo
As requested here is the link to the brand-new Imperial Version of this Dice Tower designed around 1/4 inch dowel.

Yet Another Dice Tower – Imperial Version

You, kind sir, are an officer and a gentleman! Much appreciated for those of us still under Imperial Rule!

Hi KristusApollo

Welcome to the club. May many miles (or kilometres) of filament pass through your new printer producing cool stuff.

Hmmm. Maybe I will produce a modified version - but as I'm away from my workhorse machine on holiday at the moment that will have to wait a week. I would recommend not sanding down your dowel just yet (that sounds like a lot of hard work) but as I oversize the holes a little bit you may get away with pushing the 1/4inch dowel through without any dowel diameter adjustment. Alternatively, if you have used a double wall setting on your slicer, which I think is pretty much the default for most slicers, you will find you have enough extra "meat" on the hole walls to run a 1/4inch drill bit through the stair holes, top, and bottom end sockets.

Happy printing, and I'll take up your suggestion when I get back home.

Thanks for the fast response! No worries on the delay, definitely no rush and I'll try a 1/4" dowel before sanding and let you know the results as soon as I snag one. Thanks again.

Just bouncing around looking for at things. Love how you changed it up from the original, while keeping the idea. IF I can't find the right bottle, OR I don't want to play with scaling although it seems easy enough. And I work at a grocery store so I can just check out all the bottles. I May add just a scroll work piece that slides over the bottom and under the Top about a cm wide with a grove on each side of it. So you can just cut any old plastic bottle straight up and down and insert into it. This would hide the seam. The bad news is that kind of ruins the design a bit.

Hi Kevintwilson
That sounds like a reasonable solution to me. I'm sure with a bit of creative painting it would fit with the original design as if it were meant to be that way. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Just thought anyone printing this should know that that the holes in the stair sections are 6mm, not 4 as stated in the description.

Thanks Bubble_Guy
Good catch. Most of my models make use of M4 rod and 4mm dowels so I entirely failed to spot my error. I'll fix it in the description.

Finally a dice tower I can print on my pathetic 12x12x12 build plate! Great idea to make the stairs separate.

Hi Vez
12x12x12 sounds perfectly useful to me. I have always shied away from designing large things because of the risk of print failure. A modular approach gets around that and gives you all the fun of assembling a kitset model!

I haven't had any luck finding a 1.5L smart water bottle at any of my Target's or local grocery store. Where did you find yours?

Also, i really like your redesign. That center piece looks nice and solid!

You can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond if you’ve got one. Also Amazon.

Hi Bonobot
Er .... well, I just scored it when I was staying with my parents for the weekend. It was going into the recycling and when I saw it I thought - "Hmmm that's about what I need to finish my Dice Tower". So I'm afraid I didn't take much note of what it was originally. I presume it was just a standard 1.5L PET soft drink bottle of the type you would pick up from any supermarket.
If you look carefully at the photos you will see that I had to cut the bottle anyway because the diameter was a touch too large. In hindsight, I would have used any 1.5 or 2L plastic bottle and cut a sheet from it to suit the circumference and height I wanted rather than try to find an exact diameter bottle. The original design and printing was done before I had a bottle in-hand and so there was a risk I would not find a bottle that fit perfectly. I used the same diameter that GrooveDachschund did.
So long story short - I wasn't too exacting with my selection of plastic bottle. GrooveDachschund got his from Wallmart (which we don't have here in NZ) and has some good details about how to make it all shiny and nice - things which I admit I didn't do.
I was pretty pleased with the centrepiece. It has a nice solid lock to it. I found FreeCAD to be excellent for designing that part.

Thanks for the reply. I might have to end up just finding something big enough to cut a sheet out of too. All the stores around me say they have them in stock when i go there no one can find them. I'm thinking they phased them out recently here in the US.

I've been using Fusion 360 and have really enjoyed it for mechanical designs. Less so for more 'artistic' type things. I'll check out FreeCAD!

FreeCAD is great for mechanical things, but when it came to the more artistic bits I handed the model over to blender to add the embellishments. It produces really good quality STLs. I found the learning curve to be pretty steep but their website has some excellent tutorials to get you started. Beyond that I pulled out my old fashion tech drawing texts to tried to reproduce the drawing exercises in 3D. That process worked a treat.

I'm not familiar with Fusion 360 so I'm not sure how the two workflows would compare. From what i have observed, the FreeCAD workflow is similar to Solidworks but uses some of its own special features to help design of certain types of projects.

Hi GrooveDachschund
Thanks. I couldn't have done it without your brilliant model as a starting point.