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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Puzzle Plane

by Deemoss Dec 3, 2018
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Hello, I have problem with Below_Cookpit part. I downloaded last files. I rotated part in X direction (-4X) for the best fit the bed. My setting is: PLA Normal 0.2mm, infill 10%. I found a dead place (blank space) about 22.40mm to 24mm in Z direction in In G-CODE. Could you help me with this issue?

There was problem with Prusa Control slicer probably. I tried other slicer called CURA and G-Code is good.

Great design, it's well done !
I printed it @66% of original size, so i was able to use some little 4x2 magnets :)
I also splitted the fuselage_bottom in 2 parts, thus i printed all the parts without any support.

I found that several of the files, including Cockpit and below_cockpit, print a lot easier if you rotate -4.69 degrees on the X axis. The parts are not natively flat on the bed, requiring either a fine-tuned adjustment of the part, or in S3D you can use CTRL-L and click on a flat surface on the bottom of the part, and S3D will rotate the part to be flat with the bed.

I also found that the parts were never placed like i want to avoid the use of supports, so i used the "lay flat" option in Repetier to have them on a flat surface.

Never mind, I just realized they are supposed to be 6mm diameter.

Love this design! I'm using Slic3r for my Prusa Mk3 and the magnet holes appear to be 6x6mm when I slice the stl files. I'm pretty new to this, so any advice on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated.

Fantastic design! I printed this with a Monoprice Select Mini v2 using PLA and PLA+. The parts (where needed) and magnets were glued with Gorilla Clear Grip contact adhesive, which worked very nicely with an overnight dry time. A bit of acetone on a rag to cleanup adhesive and a few sharp corners were all that were needed I noticed that parts printed with support had magnet holes that cleaned out easily and were just the right size. When I didn't use supports (the landing gear, for example), I found the magnet holes were a bit too small and had to be reamed out to get the magnet to go in. Due to the 120 x 120 mm print build area of the Select Mini, I had to print the lower fuselage in two parts (split the model using Windows 10 3D Builder) and glue the parts together, which worked out fine. All other parts printed very nicely on the Select Mini. It occurred to me, after I put the magnets in, that it should be possible to arrange the magnets so that the left and right pieces would not hold to the incorrect side (e.g. horizontal stabilizers), with some careful planning. If I make another one, I'll try it.

I presented it it to my almost-five-year-old granddaughter yesterday, and she loves it. She has disassembled/reassembled a half-dozen times and also spent time teaching her babydoll how to do it. Thank you very much for sharing this design!

nice selection of colors,!

I really love this plane. I'm making it for my 4-year-old granddaughter whose dad is building a real KitFox in his garage. She is very excited about that build. For added safety, I've decided to also use very thin aluminum tape to cover the magnets as it doesn't interfere with the ability of the parts to stick together. I'm wondering about the two rear wheels though. There are no magnet holes for them and I'd like to know how you put this together. Do you glue the two halves of each tire together and pressure fit to the wheel housing or glue all three parts together as one.

That must complete the aviation love running through your family :))) Exactly, the parts with no magnet holes are to be glued together. They have been sliced to assist with printing.

Thank you. I actually imported your 1/2 tire x2 into Tinkercad and was able to rotate one part to align with the other and merge them together. The print was beautiful and fits on the landing gear perfectly. I found that laying them flat and printing them on a raft worked best. I did the same with the two-part engine.

Thank you so much! I had a blast making this and gluing myself to the magnets. Now my nieghbor's son is playing with it.
Please make a helicopter!!

Hi! awasome work, I'm printing it right now :) but I have a question, the file wheel_front_half_x2 where is going? is a disk and I don't manage to visualize what color have to be (following ure awasome pattern).


Hi! This part (wheel_front_half_x2) could be also called hub_front_half_x2. After printing two of those, you glue their flat faces together. Then insert and glue them inside Tyre_Front. It looks nice if the wheele/hubs' colour contrasts the tyres' blacks.

Does this help?

Ahhhhhhhhhh the inside of the front tyre! thanks men. Awesome job, already ordered the magnets.

first off all i want to say how much i like the design, great work.
i tried to print it twice, after which i noticed some problems while slicing the Horizontal_St_L and Horizontal_St_R. where some holes stay into the walls of the model.
i"m slicing with slic3r PE, also tried cura with the same result.

any advice how to avoid that?

Guys, these holes are "normal" and should not affect the model functionally. The magnets would not fit otherwise.

Hello, same problem here with Cura. These wings have holes in the walls near magnet holes even at the slicing phase...

Sorry to remind you but could you please upload the stp file?

Thanks again!

Sorry, i was checking in the Thing files...
Thanks a lot!

I added an link to the step files few days ago, under "updates"

No :) I am 99% sure I downloaded stls from your profile. Have you ever had two magnets in the wing for the engine?

So 1% chance you downloaded it from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3358547 ? :)

Duplo none-puzzle plane

No good then :( Sorry for making a mess :)

Thanks for fixing the problem ... and the thing. Grand kid loves it, but is more interested in playing with it. I make another one and glue the whole thing together.

I do not understand, I have measured holes for magnets in your stl files and they are diam. 3 and 3mm deep. So why do you recommend diam. 6 x 3mm thick magnets? I am guessing diam. 3mm and 2...3 mm thick magnets should be a solution?? Am I wrong?

For me, 6x3 magnets dropped right in. Typical hole measured as 6.07mm x 3.05mm.

same here, they dropped right in.

Honestly, I measured the holes inside of stl files and they are now diam. 3 and 3mm deep.

Have you scaled the model? Maybe you are over extruding or your printer is not calibrated..?

Nope. Please see the picture. There are diam. 3 magnets as I measured in the 3d model. No chance for diam. 6.

I see TWO magnets for mounting the engine in your picture. There is ONE magnet in the original design. Are you using somebody's modified remix?

Thanks for this incredible design!

I second this comment. Incredible design. I made it for my 4 year old and he absolutely loves it. I used pretty strong magnets and the click and hold is oddly satisfying.

He has built and taken it apart a dozen times already today.

I took a lot of time to get the magnets right and out of the 63 I had one backwards. No biggie but it does bother me so I may reprint that part.

I’m not good at 3D design but this has inspired me to learn and make other toy models with magnets. A car or truck!

Phenomenal work!!!

Anyone having trouble with the "Below Cockpit" part? There isn't any totally flat surface. I've tried the most flat surface w/o success (rear facing). My PRUSA has trouble doing tiny areas of 1 layer of support. I finally got it to print with the second most flat surface (the part that attaches to the windshield), but all the support leaves kind of an ugly print, but at least the ugly part is only visible when the plane is apart.

Does anyone have some words of wisdom?

Aside from the print difficulties, I love this little plane!

Ha, YES, I had a terrible time printing this, but I thought it was just me since no one else commented about it. I had trouble even rotating it to get it totally flat on the 3 magnet side, then it ended up suspended in the air. I have a Prusa printer so I had to dial the live Z adj like a madman right when the print stared to drop the nozzle 200 microns since nothing would stick. I see that Deemoss will be adjusting the part, so I'll check that out. I wanted to do what you mentioned, to remove the first layer, but I didn't know how. What tool did you use to do that?

Also having a problem printing this piece. Could shave off a slice in netfabb?

I fixed the part few days ago. Download it again.

Hello, I have same issue with Below_Cookpit part. I downloaded last files but i think it is with same problem part. When I rotate part in X direction (-4X) for the best fit the bed. My setting is: PLA Normal 0.2mm, infill 10%. In G CODE i found a dead place about 22.40mm to 24mm in Z direction.

Thanks for the reply. Here is the first slice I get with Slic3r. There is something hanging down in the top right and left corners that keep this from laying flat. I think what I'll do is slice off the first layer and then I'll be good.

The face with the 3 magnet sockets IS flat. Use supports under the curvy parts.

Not to beat a dead horse, but here is a 3D view of the problem area.

If I cut off the first layer, now it'll lay flat. I know I need to still add supports.

Thanks for the "thing". The grand kid will love it ... actually he already loves it, and I haven't finished printing.

Sorry, you are right. I haven't noticed the "horns" before. Will update the part and upload it immediately.

Thanks for spotting!

Thanks so much, my great grandson is going to love this!!!!

Very cool design! Tks for sharing! :)
I'll wait for the STP files also to see if 6x2mm magnets do the trick..
Cheers o/

Beautiful design!
Could you please upload the stp file?
I already have a lot of magnets from another project that are slightly bigger than yours. I would like to modify the model to fit them but with the stl files it is taking too much time.

Hi, I will add the STPs but it will take in a few days.

What design software did u use? Would you maybe also share the original files?
I'm thinking about a Remix where the Magnets are completely inside the printed parts.

Thank you very much!

I'm having trouble rotating the flat surface to the plate (wings). Does anyone have the proper x/y rotation #s? It would be nice if the models already had the flat part of the surface down instead of everyone having to play with this until it worked. Other than that, cool model!

never mind, I figured out how to easily put a face on the plate in Slic3r. Yes, I'm green. :-)

my friend the printer are not able to print on the air... pls, fix it...See the picture...the part is: Fuslage_Bottom

PLS put two more magnets on the Tyre_Rear_Half... I'll print it x 4 and add together with the magnets and not with the glue... tks


What's the difference between Enginge_A and Engine_L?

Someone have problems when slice the Horizontal_St_L or Horizontal_St_R. Some holes stays in the objects!!!

Same problem :(
but, I Found that I have problem only with right wing model. Left-one is OK, so I mirriored Left wing to right wing and tried to print it out.
And.. its working..
see attachments

unfortunately i have the same issue but with both items as well. and also with fixed one.
do you use any special settings in your slicer ?

Comments deleted.

I want to print you awesome plane for my child. Can you make version for 3x2 magnets?

I did remix the complete plane (& hollowing it for duplo), using D3xL3 magnets.
But that's not a good idea, the plane scatters apart when you say: 'Boe'
So ended up by glueing the complete base together, which ofc loses the puzzle idea.

But you could try to print this plane at 50%..

I love cartoonish looking toys and the puzzle part makes it a more interactive toy. Thanks.

Comments deleted.

Could you make an alternative design that connects with protruding pins?

Just thinking out loud: How about using captive magnets? It'd make the print a little bit trickier, but the end result would be a lot safer.

A drawback would be that the magnets won't touch anymore, thus reducing the rigidity of the magnetic connections.

Hi Pienjo, you are right about captivating the magnets but you are also right challenges of printing the model and loss of holding power due to distance. Maybe longer magnets would be easier to install (6D x 8L vs 6D x 3L)?

Comments deleted.

Out of sheer laziness because that's a lot of files to load in cura or something to check the size, does anyone know what the largest single piece in this print is? I dearly wish that thingiverse would use some magic and bake that into the thing file list.

Also this looks great, fantastic job!

The longest piece (the wing) is 10cm long.

I think the longest piece is the Fuselage Bottom. I think it is about 15 cm long. I printed it standing up, pointy side up. My print at 20% fill was about 5 1/2 hours.

55 magnets required. Lol. Glue it.

Did you miss the bit how this is a puzzle for kids? As in, meant to be put together and taken apart repeatedly?

Sorry, not sure what you mean, but let me clarify what I think you may be referring to.

Assembly: The magnets are glued in the holes provided - once. They become part of the plastic pieces - they are not coming out.

Play: You brake apart the model and put it back together as many times as you like.

Does this help?

I understood that perfectly, the comment I replied to clearly didn't get it.

Doh! Got it now :)

He definitely missed that

Did you rotate them to print? Or did you print them just like that? Seems like a lot of supports might be needed. I am new so... having a hard time rotating them onto their flat side with the angles on slic3r. lol

Every piece has at least one flat surface which if placed flat on the bed does not require supports

Thanks for sharing such a great Thing! Regarding not needing supports, I'm looking at how to print that long piece, Fuselage_Bottom, without supports. I think the only way to orient it is lengthwise up so the pointy end is up in the air. The nooks where the wings nestle in look to me like they have too much overhang for no supports. Can you comment whether this is the correct orientation and whether this piece does/doesn't need supports? It's a big piece and I'd rather not find out the hard way I should have added supports, and I hate supports, so I don't want to add them if I don't need them, LOL. Thanks!

I printed the Fuselage Bottom with the pointy end up and no supports. The nooks for the wings printed okay, not perfect. I had to do a little clean up on that overhang, but the wings fit into the nooks without any clean up.

Great, thanks for the feedback. I got 'er printing now.

Could just put some clear tape over the magnets in case they come unglued.

I love the idea but I really have some doubts about the safety of this design. Small magnets can be incredibly dangerous to kids when they are swallowed in pairs. Two strong neodium magnets can for instance create an obstruction in the digestive tract by pinching together a stretch of bowel resulting in food blokkage and ultimately bowel perforation. So if you really insist on gifting this thing to a child you better make sure to use the best glue you can find. The following document details this danger: https://www.medicaldaily.com/eating-magnets-growing-danger-what-do-if-your-child-swallows-them-video-244605


You are absolutely right, I have added a warning in the description.


Now I can sleep well again. Thanks!

I agree with this. Also neodymium magnets are not the best for good glue contact..

What is the approx. size when completed?

Hi, it's approximately 22x26x12 cm (LxWxH)

Thank you. My next door neighbor has a2yr old and his father owns a drone company. What a perfect gift.

This looks amazing! Love the style.

Very cool! Do the wheels spin? Or are they fixed/glued in place? Mostly curious.

They're not supposed to spin. However, if the inside of the wheels were not flat a bit convex and the opposing part a bit concave, they could move :) Maybe Deemoss wants to include that feature in a future iteration... ;)

Thanks for your input guys. I have considered spinning wheels but I speculated that the force of pushing the plane forward (and down) would dislocate the parts, i.e. the magnets would not hold up. I may give it a try and see if this would be the case.


I have never such cute thing in my life.. JUst wanna kiss the creator.

How much Infill is recommended? :)

I printed it with 20% infill which more than adequate.

is there a "Standard" size or name for the magnets? other htan 6x3mm?

I don't think there is. But you can find them easily https://goo.gl/HbeocH

Comments deleted.

How does the magnet mounting feels like?
When playing with the plane (flying it around etc), does everything stays connected?
Does the entire plane keeps together, while flying the plane holding 1 wing only?

Yes, the plane is rigid when holding - playing. The wing is solid when you hold even one of them. When it hits the ground though the pieces scatter.

Great puzzle.
I guess have to think on the color scheme right now...

Edit 1: ordered some magnets...
Edit 2: added some color scheme's...
I'm still interested in other nice color idea's ;)
Edit 3: remixed files a bit & all parts printed.
Edit 4: waiting for the magnets...

I fly for an Airline in Australia, and its my sons first birthday in a month.... Challenge accepted … ill try and paint one like my works plane... only have 1 extruder so cant do our logo on one piece :(

Hey! These are some great colour schemes! I love 3 my son likes 2. Can I use your png to the thing pictures?

NOTE: I changed the engine files. They are now split in half for easier printing.

Ofc, just add the png file to the thing pictures.

There are so many color combinations possible...
The bee scheme is also nice :)

It seems to be really beautiful !

How many magnets are necessary ?
There are 6mm diameter and 3mm tall, is it right ?

Hi, good question. Just counted 63 sockets but I used probably 55 magnets. You can get them cheaply in ebay or aliexpress. Yes 3mm tall, 6mm diameter.