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Tube Collar Locks Dust Filter Plate

by coberdas May 8, 2014
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Once I watched your videos I was able to figure out how to put it together. I've got an older (~2016) FlashForge Creator Pro, and I did have to drill out the nuts as you suggested, in my case to 1/4." I had to do a minor bit of filing on the lock washers, they seem to be about 2% too small for the tubing on my particular printer. That could also be shrikage on the ABS I used. I also found that if I turned off supports and instead ran the extruder fan I got good threads. It would fit even smoother had I taken the time to print .1mm layers, but I'm not that patient. Works great! Thank you.

Will this fit on a 2016 QIDI Tech-1?

Thanks; I used this for a year or so on my 2015 Flashforge Creator Pro and then modified it (with a hacksaw) for a single extruder. Great design; I never had any trouble with it.


Lightweight Dual to Single Extruder Conversion with Active Cooler for CTC / Flashforge

Very nice! A work of art.

So the two tube locks are for …
starts up unit converter
… 6.35 mm and 5.56 mm.
Has anybody a 6 mm version? Or a way to change the size? The design in a format that, say, FreeCAD, can open and edit?

I need a version that has the 2 mounting holes 3mm closer to the strain relief tower in the center.
i made one and drilled these holes by lining up the factory tube guide and the printed tube guide on the feed tubes and clamping them together. then using the factory tube guide as a drilling jig for a metric 3mm bit and drilled up from the bottom through the printed bracket.
however the fillet at the base of the tower will get deformed and crack if i tighten down the bolts.

1 part with 4 holes inside 2 oval or figure eight shaped beds down the center would go along way to making this be a universal part,
Please help myself and others that might have the same problem with using this excellent design on their printer.

Is it possible to get a remix for the QiDi/FlashForge Creator Pro/Powerspec 3DPro?
i have the same alignment issue as the QiDi on my PowerSpec 3DPro with Carl Raffle Alu-Carriages and the 3-in-One Alu-Extruder from Devils in the details, and a friends FFCP (Pre 2016)

the placement of the holes seems identical to the qidi slightly forward and wider when this is screwed down. I t appears to be 4 mm -Y and 2mm -/+ X

I printed this out to use with the CTC 3D printer Dual Extruder I bought off eBay. However the holes don't line up with the original wood top plate, also the cut out's at the back where the connectors are for the stepper motors are out of allignement. Looks like i will have to design my own.

Do not attempt to use this design as it is on a QIDI printer. The dimensions on the base plate are not correct for use with a QIDI. The location of the filament feeds vs the two screw mounting holes is wrong. This misalignment can cause the filament feed to jam. To see a picture showing this issue check here: http://i.imgur.com/j4YJj2p.jpg

In the pix I've overlaid the stock QIDI mounting plate with the printed copy of this design, and I've aligned the two screw mounting holes. You can clearly see the offset in the filament feed holes.

Printed these out at 0.1 w/ 80% using MG ABS on my QIDI at 230C/110C. The prints looked beautiful, but obviously something went amiss. The caps required a great deal of convincing to fit onto their base. I downloaded and printed everything out again. Same story. On a hunch I sanded the threads inside the caps and outside on the threads of the mating fittings on the base. Finally got them to fit. Still really stiff, but workable. I printed the caps one at a time on rafts. The base was printed flat on the glass buildplate. Any idea what may have gone wrong?

Thank you, this is a great design !
Just one suggestion, though : the fan cables going on the front are at risk when you screw the caps all the way to the bottom.
What about adding a small guide for the fan cables ? For instance between the two holes for the tightening nuts ?
Could be something like a "O", but open at the top, so one can insert the cables in it.

I mutilated your design for my own twisted purposes over at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1406769, if anyone is interested.

Cable Guide for EM Fantasy / CTC / Flashforge / Rep X2

These items print great and it fits right on my Monoprice Dual Extruder machine with one caveat, the tubing does not fit thru the nuts. Once I drilled the nuts with a 1/4" bit, I was able to get the ferrules over the tubing, although they were tight.

Overall great design and thank you for posting!

This is really great, thanks. I printed the base in ABS partly as a test as I'm working on the best way to get my ABS prints to stay down, and it did warp a bit as it was lifting the Kapton tape up off the bed. It's perfectly usable though. I printed the screw caps and collars in ABS too, all in one go, and they came out perfect and screw on nicely. Once I sort out adhesion I'll print another.

I also have a new CTC with no rear guides so I need to find something (I'm not keen on the linked one, for me it's too close to the machine not the centre of the spool).

Comments deleted.

Great concept! I like how you threaded the original design! That's the one I chose to use with your caps, and ferules. Here's my dilemma though. My CTC didn't come with any of the guides, or holders on the back of the case. What are you using to hook the tubes into the rear of the machine? In the original design file, the creator has included a 'holder' but it requires the M6 Push-In connectors. Do you have a solution for your style of setup?

Thanks In Advance!

Thanks this is awesome I just printed one with screw on caps and wire holder. It works awesome! It fit perfect.

where did you get the transparent tubes ?

At Menards in the plumbing section 1/4 inch tubing.

I just printed one in PLA, I didn't follow the instructions and print the caps separately but it turned out flawlessly! This is way better than the stock one, and I love the integration of the cable strain relief