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Karambit (CS:GO Knife)

by Herman_Lundgren May 8, 2014
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If you blade wont print use this model https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:334812

Karambit CS:GO Knife (Repaired/Slic3r friendly)
by Psych0o

Has anyone tried making a sheath to go with? Like maybe the blade section up to triangle part of the handle, enlarge it then copy the blade and turn it into a hole inside the sheath?

Print came out great! Now for some paint.

When i put the full file into the slicer it only shows the handle. No Blade

Only the handle got printed, blade is missing.

Just to add 2 cents, you can buy a real Karambit for like $5 :P

It only printed the handle and not the blade.

Comments deleted.

how many percent I need the infill ?

Still can't see the blade on cura. Any solution? Thanks

So, I downloaded this, but I don't have a blade.

Do I print this in Inches?

Comments deleted.

I think the blade should be smaller because a karambit is meant to be a stealth weapon

Actually the blade is perfect, this isn't something Herman made himself, this knife is meant to cut deep.

Does license imply that remixes are not allowed? ('no derivatives')?

Taken straight from the CC website: NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

Link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/

I printed the full knife but there was no blade. There was support under where the blade should have been.

I made a friend one. He got himself suspended from school.

10/10 would get friend suspended again.

Thanks for the laugh! :D

HAHAHAHA I died reading this, I made one for my friend as well, except he kept it on the low when i gave it to him at school!

I made one for my friend and he gave me 10 dollars. Money well spent

Can you use modeling glue or glue that doesn't expand??

Mine printed ok, it's at 75% scale due to having a flashforge finder. Had no issues with the print

I have the exact same printer. you can print it perfectly at 100% if you rotate it diagonally.

The blade prints OK (single part with supports). The Cura complained about some errors but they were fixed automatically.

can you help it didnt print the blade

I'm in the dental lab industry and thus I "3D print" in reverse. I mill Zirconia from 98mm pucks. I had to shrink this down to 35% the original to also account for shrinkage when the zirconia is sintered. So my final result is going to be tiny, but it will be strong as steel and rust proof. My plan is to keep it as a fishing knife. :)

GARBAGE FILE! Don't Bother!


Is it the size to handle

i cant understand why u dont delete this thing. its broken and u dont notice that in the thing details.

the B side of the knife is broken, i had to mirror the A side to get both sides done.


maybe this one is fine: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:334812

Karambit CS:GO Knife (Repaired/Slic3r friendly)
by Psych0o

your the real MVP! thanks for the link!

Hello, Im also new to the 3Dprinters i found something out but i need to have the coordonates from the knife can somebody please send those?
thnx alrd.

what exacly do you mean?

I am totally new to this so i have no idea what could be wrong but when I put the half knife design into slicer it doesn't seem to bring up the entire thing there are gaps in the bottom of the handle where the loop is, any idea what could be wrong?

my printer size is 120 mm by 120 mm, so i cant print this. Right now it is split in half. can you further split each half into blade and handle so i can fit it in my printer? thanks!

Hiya, this maybe a weird question, but I plan to print this tomorrow, but as I do not own a 3D-printer, I am going to use a public one. I'd like to know how much this weighs if you print it in 2 halves... I have to pay per gram of PLA printing so that's why I'd like to know... thanks in advance!

where is the blade ??? haha only got the handle

i got the same thing, handle no blade but supports for it...

What slicer software are you guys using? It might thing that the blade is to thin to print and so it is being omitted.

I am using cura on a robo 3d r1 plus, but I've already printed another version

yes, files it seems are broken :) try some REMIX

I've printed the two halves and glued them together, and it looks pretty good. However, despite using super glue and pressing both pieces firmly together, there are a few thin gaps along the join. Any ideas how to make good these minor imperfections?

Either smooth both halves before pressing them together or use something to fill in the gaps. You could smooth them out with a very fine grit belt on a belt sander. You could also use XTC-3D to fill in the gaps.

quick question could you make it so the blade and handle are separate i ask because i have single print head and i want to this in carbon fiber and wood please and thank you

You could try opening the model in Autodesk 123D, viewing from the bottom in orthographic, and then drawing a line where the blade and handle connect. Then you use the line to complete a shape that encompasses the blade. Extrude the shape and then subtract.

Comments deleted.

This doesn't scale very well otherwise good

dude this is so cool u must have a pretty good imageination for have the idea of 3d printing knife i loooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice design!
However, I run a Printrbot Simple Metal (15cm3) and I got two words.
Too. Big.

Should I scale it down?

I do 60% for both at the same time and 70% for one at a time (same printer)

Just got a new Lulzbot Taz 5!
Should be able to run at 100% now.

Comments deleted.

did you print it with support or without ?

two parts without. Otherwise with support

Tried to print it with supports but the blade wouldn't get printed.. ?? Going to try it in two pieces today.

Hello, you think I should print it with 2 parts or 1? Which one will come out better?

Depends if you want it to be symmetrical or have a sharp edge. But I recommend to print in 2 parts, it's easier and you save material. You just need some plastic glue.

Okay, Herman Thanks a lot!

Hello, i'm REALLY new to this kind of stuff, i'd like to ask some stuff if you dont mind :)

Can you tell me what dimensions and scale the knife is in? (x,y,z)
What material did you print it on/suggest?
What website do you recommend me print this at? (i'm thinking shapeways)
Should i print it in halves or just in one piece? If so, how do i print the 2 halves in the site you suggest (if you know obviously) and how do i glue them together?
On the material you printed, does it feel like glass or sturdy plastic? Basically, if it falls on the floor, will it break completely?
Sorry for the amount of questions, i'm really new to this printing stuff and i haven't found that many sources online to reply to my questions :p
Thanks in advance :)


Scale: 20x20x3(cm) ish

I recommend you to print it in one piece if you want to use Shapeways. I know they can handle these details. You can also choose material there. I printed my knife on blue scotch tape with PLA plastic which is very sturdy!

It's really nice to see people be interested in 3D - printing!

Hi, i just loaded with cura the complete file (not the separated one) and with support material and i don't know why but when choose layer by layer view the blade doesn't appear but the support material for the blade yes and i don't know why is it; it would be perfect if anyone knows why is this happening

I just tried the one you posted before and in Cura is working ok so i will se if this one prints ok :)

what are the dimensions you printed the knife in

In what program was made this wonderful knife?

what settings are you using to make the knife? I used 100% infill and the circle for your index finger filled in. I can't seem to make it work out.

Karambit CS:GO Knife (Repaired/Slic3r friendly)
by Psych0o

i only recently made an account, so im still learning how this works. what software do i need to download the 3d files themselves, please help. ps the karambit looks awesome.

any 3D-printing program that supports STL-files

If I were to print this in Bronze fill, or brass fill, would it become a functional knife?

if its made of metal just use a grinder/contact wheel or a file to complete the bevel and then a sharpening stone to hone the edge. but

if its made of metal just use a grinder/contact wheel or a file to complete the bevel and then a sharpening stone to hone the edge. but if its just flat printed it'll puncture because of the point but likely won't cut.

if its made of metal just use a grinder/contact wheel or a file to complete the bevel and then a sharpening stone to hone the edge. but

I have no idea sense I've never tried it. But I think you should try it. ;)

I currently do not own a 3d printer, but am going to be buying one in the future. I love this model by the way, could you make a CT symbol, I think that would look cool.

Did you make this or some how import it from the game. I want to make more cs:go weapons and was wondering if i could import it from the game.

Hello I don't own a 3D Printer At The Moment but I am thinking of investing in one and I was just wondering if I would be able to print this on a Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer?? And also what is a good 3D printing program I have Creo Parametric but I'm not sure if that deals with 3D printing.

Im printing it right now on the Da Vinci Pro. Just watch the XYZware program and make sure it slices the item right before printing... I had to reload it and make it re-slice a couple times because it would do odd things like make the little round part solid instead of hollow... the printer is okay, just wish I could use different software. I printed the first half already and have just started on the other half. I did find after the fact that I could have printed both at the same time as I was able to manipulate the angles to fit them both on the heated bed... live and learn.

Creo is only the CAD Program. You'll aditionally need an slicer. It's a program that prepairs your model for 3d Printing.
I use Creo myself and it works great to construct models to 3d print but it doesn't prepare it for the Printer.

I do have a Davinci 1.0 printer and I can confirm, it does in-fact work.

You can print this just fine on a Da Vinci 1.0 printer which has a printing volume of 20x20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inch) just fine. I've never heard of Creo Parametric before. I'm using Ultimaker's "Cura" and it's a open source software for 3D-printers that uses GCode.

Made it one piece. The surface quality on the raft side was horrendous. Any insights on how to improve that surface? Used ABS.

Print slow speed and thinner layerhight. Or just print it in 2 peaces. :)

Do I have to use supports and rafts? Or would it print just fine without them?

If you are printing the hole peace at once I recommend you to print with support. If you are printing the knife in two peaces you do not need any sort of support but you could use rafts to minimize any chances of warping, but it's not necessary because you still have to glue the peaces together.

Comments deleted.

What size is this knife, im looking to print it but im afraid that my bed is too small. Nice work, looks really good!

The size i'm using is here the maximum size i can get on my printer (Ultimaker Original) which is 200 x 200 mm when printed diagonally. Thank you for the compliment, i'm glad you liked it :)

Hey man good work here! Can i use it commercially?

I think it's a good idea NOT to sell and advertise this model because the knife is so similar to the original and it originally comes from a game. And I don't think Valve's Copyrights will approve this.

Sorry :S

Hello, you can send me a knife in Russia, and if so, how much it will cost?

i printed this at a super high quality, 100% infill, 0.06 layer height, and it turn out beautifully. buuuuuut the blade didn't print, like at all. the support for the blade did, but not the blade itself. super strange. but now i have a super nice handle hahahha

Hmm that's weird. Try to print one of Remixes of this knifes, they have no open faces and should be 100% printer safe. I didn't know about this problem because my printer can't see it :S

What kind of printer do you have did you have to sand at all?

I have a Ultimaker Original. and you don't have to sand it, but if you want the blade to be sharp you may use some sandpaper

Do you remember the infill percentage you used? I've tried printing this now and it literally falls apart. I don't think I have the infill high enough for the pieces to hold together under much strain

Around 50%. but if you are going to play around with it i recommend you to go for full infill.

What size did you print this with? Mine end up in Cura as "2.28m 18gram". Doesn't sound right.

Do you print the two parts seperatly? Or do you lay one layer on top of the other?

I recommend to print the to parts seperatly.

Hey man! Just got two new printers in our school and i'm going to print this bad boy. But since i'm new to this could you explain why printing two half's is better than one whole piece? Does it take any longer or shorter time due to which of the two ways you print it with? And last but not least, is there anything crucial I need to know before making this? So there's isn't any failiures or anything.

Thank you until further notice!

The best way is to print in two parts for saving plastic. Otherwise you have to print with support and will take more time to print. After you have printed out both pieces you need to glue them together. If your printer doesn't have a heated bed should you look out for warping at the tip of the knife! You can solve this by printing with the "brim" tool (brim adds a single layer around you object so it get more stuck on the building plate).

Kind regards

What is the best way to put the two half's together?

I used ordinary super glue! It worked fine for me. I was thinking about heating them together, but i don't have the right tools :S

Hello i am thinking about buying a 3d printer, wich one is the best one to start with ?

My first and only printer i have is a Ultimaker 1 (aka. Ultimaker original). It's a very cheap printer for such a good value. You can buy a assembled or unassembled. But if you don't the woody look you can always buy ultimaker 2 or the popular Makerbot replicator.

Feel free to ask any more questions :)

ok thanks and one last question what plastic did you youse abs or somthing else ?

I used PLA white plastic (at 210C).

Thanks , and how long dose it take to print ?

It depends what quality you want. The sample above was printed in med-high quality and had a print time around 3h (1h 30m per half). But I think low quality will just take over an hour and high quality around 5 hours.

Thanks a lot! I'll try it out!

Made one. Looks really cool. One thing to notice, the halved knife .stl's are really messed up. They have missing faces an whatnot - Slic3r 1.1.0RC and 1.0.1 did not want to slice it properly. What I did was took the original, repaired and sliced it by myself.

Wierd. You can send me your files (the sliced parts) so i can replace them if you want to. Thanks for the help!

Which settings did you use for best quality? :)

You will get best quality if you print it in 2 parts. The sides will get symmetrical. If you print something this big i think 0.1 layer height should be enough (the knife i have in the picture). i also recommend to print with a brim so it doesn't warp.

Thanks, and should I keep the rest of the settings as default, like resolution, raft/supports, infill, temperature and speed.. Kinda new to this so I need all help I can get, dont want to fail and do it over and over! :)

when you look back throughout history... the Karambit was one hell of a knife!!

I like this. I'll be printing this tomorrow. I'll upload a make. : )

Grate to hear! Looking forward to your make :)

Your awesome dude, getting my 3D Printer on Tuesday and cant wait to print this. Karambit is my favorite knife on CSGO.

Thank you man! Great to hear that you are getting a 3D printer.
Stay Awesome!