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Bag Clip with Screw Cap

by Minkix Nov 25, 2018
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Typically, for a bag clip to work well, I would fold the bag a couple of times, then clip, so the air wouldn't leak out. For this design, due to the hole, the bag couldn't be folded first. So it doesn't actually create a good seal.

Anyone else have this problem? or am I putting it on the bag wrong?

Thank you guys for all the comments and the awesome makes!
I would have never thought to reach that many people since this is my first upload. :)

what about food safe ?

You can buy food safe PLA if that is needed. Just wash once in a while, or between bags to remove any bean oils that might build up, wouldn't be much though.

I stretched the arm out to as much as my e3 would hold (220mm) with XYZ maker, but had to make a little clip to slide up to the cap part to hold it tight. Used ABS. Hinge worked fine.
Very nice design Minkix. Thanks.

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Hey everyone! This was actually one of my first prints...

Now printing live: https://youtu.be/WoAtMa5k_zk

Love to print in 3D - it is awesome!

Why is it, that many of the smartest designs here at least appear to be of Italian origin? (-:

Would it be possible to get cad files, fusion 360 or whatever this has been modeled with?

I would remix this for a sugar bag, that is way smaller than coffee bean bag.

Yes, I second the request for the actual file. I would like to be able to increase the neck length of the insert as well as the clamp arms. Or maybe you can set it up as a customizable so one can change the parameters for the parts but not interfere with the overall fit.

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woops sorry, seems like you are from Germany! :)

What does being from Germany got to do with anything? You think he wouldn't understand your post?

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*>What does being from Germany got to do with anything?
I have ran across several beautiful designs and the creators have been from italy. Italy also has a long tradition of industrial design. I saw his profile and saw he is from Germany.

*>You think he wouldn't understand your post?
No, that would probably make me into degenerate internet shitposter :)

If it works this is one of the smartest things i have seen for a while, congrats

I tried to print the cap2 two times, but something went wrong at same position, so I tried to print cap1, and it was succesfull. The parts I printed fits perfectly, the stuff fullfills the exceptations, and I very like the design, so thanks for sharing it :) I will make more of them :)

So, cap1 doesnt open on CURA. Soemthing go wrong

This works great I made 2 one for my coffee beans and the other one for my sugar bags.

I wonder if it will work for flour too?

good idea bro, very useful

I do not see the cover, could you pass the stl on the lid?

Is it just me or is cap_1.stl broken - it has a size of zero bytes???

same on my, but I've found a solution.
Download the cap1 from Thing Files tab.

same on my file.
an have problems to print the cap ... some tips for slice settings ?

same on my, but I've found a solution.
Download the cap1 from Thing Files tab.

can you make some other sizes? like family size chip bags or cereal bags

why not just scale it then the lid also will be bigger to let cereal out

I have a lot of problems with print-in-place things. Joint will stick together. Have made a remix with screw hole for M4 screw instead of printed pin. Download can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3072246
Printed in PETG

tetrahedron place holder
by faggahz

Looking at the design, I don't think the "join" is supposed to be articulated. It's designed in such a way - I think - that It can not rotate around a central pin. I think that it was designed in this way to guarantee high flexibility to the "round shape" limiting the risk of a break-off during multiple uses.

I think this is evident while looking at the layer view: in the attached picture you can see - at approx. layer 13 - how the two parts composing the joint are actually fused around the centrepiece (that would appear to be a centre pin) leaving just a small space in the back to guarantee a degree of flexibility.

I think something is odd with your slicer. When looking at this in Cura 4.2.1, the hinges of both sides never fuse into one. What layer height did you use?

Holy Brittle! Thanks for getting back to me about this: I've never got any problem with hinges so when I printed this I supposed it was "static".

I'm using a 0.2 layer height, but thanks to your input I moved to Cura 4.2.1. and double-checked everything...and well, it was my fault for missing the "Slicing Tolerance" variable. I used the "Inclusive" option for a previous print and I didn't switch back to "Exclusive": this alone was causing hinges to fuse together in place.

Will re-print the clip as soon as possible to check for other differences. Thanks a lot for your help! :-D

Still, I don't understand how this joint supposedly articulate... from the layer view I can clearly see the two halves merging together around what should be a centre pin.

Also looking from the inside is clear that the whole circular piece is just one single piece, with no separation between the parts that should slide.. .

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Oh wow...this is a nice idea and design! Thanks!!!!!

very good idea i like it <3