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EZ Print Christmas Tree

by SynJa Nov 24, 2018
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Nice work! Printed beautifully the first time using your S3D profiles. I opened two sessions of S3D, one w/ your printer's setting and one w/ my printer's settings and copied over the relevant settings for my printer.

What CAD program did you use to design the trees?

Thanks! Glad you like them. I used Fusion 360 to make them.

Should I print the inner part first?

Simple prints of these things (main_80 and main_120) sliced with cura, no multiple processes. I just changed the filaments during printing :)


Thx again for your great job.

Hi there ... looks like I am not the only one with problems... :)
I generaly have no issues with sticking branches to the base, all is doing fine, I also managed to print with two seperat processes like explained.

I have a different kind of issue. My branches are not printed all around the base, thez are positioned in a form of a cross, so one on each side an I have no idea what can be the problem...

When I overview the printing in S3D I see that branches should start and finish in a circular way... but they dont when printing...

strange... open to ideas...

no one...?

Maybe try slowing the movement speed down so the branches don't drag across

For Cura you need to use the per model settings option.

I am getting only the centre cone printed, any help. Cura 3.6

Im using Simplify3D so I dont know what that exactly means...

Here's a tip for anyone with a smaller nozzle size than 0.4mm:

Since the model was designed for a certain amount of flow you'll notice if you print on a 0.3mm nozzle (like me) that the filament will have issues forming the "branches" because the nozzle can't reprime fast enough to start the next branch. You can solve this by increasing your flow on the outer shell. (I set mine to 115% and it worked flawlessly) For 0.35mm something like 110% will probably be fine and 0.2mm nozzle can probably go with something like 125%. Happy printing!

Has anyone had success generating gcode via the STL files in Slice3r? If so, can you please share your specific settings to achieve the print? I've not had success in multiple tries. Was able to print the large tree via the gcode file posted, but as the creator stated, this is not a magic file that is customized for every printer. I would love to be able to print the other sizes, but again I'm had several failures with nothing close to success.

Thanks for the gcode. Printed really nicely on my Prusa, even though it wasn't designed for it. Saved me a lot of messing around in the slicer!

Hmm I can't get this to print successfully, even using the included S3D file. Whenever my MK3 tries to make a droop, it fails to anchor to the cone, and so it extrudes out in the air, and leaves a big blob when it returns to the cone. Cooling fan is off. Any ideas?

I have some sort of problem with this.. When I try your options I have other result. In your gcode there are 566 layers. In my I have 1066. Ir counts that inner and main parts are different objects. How can I fix that? I have also problem when printing.. I changed the layer when the fan will stop. But nothing happens.. I used your fff file :/ Am I doing something wrong? Same thing happen when I use your factory file..

This is very clever! Who says the limits of technology are where the boundaries of creation lie?

Imagine using one of those giant printers at one of those 3D Printing expos to make a life-size version of this. That would be very interesting.

I used setting from your factory file as well as the layout of the objects. I just can't seem to get the filament connecting to the trunk of the tree - as soon as the outer circle is finished and the nozzle leaves to extrude the branch line, filament seems to break (or perhaps there's a delay and the extrusions starts too late) and only after the nozzle had moved 1cm away from the trunk, I can see the filament curling out of the nozzle.

I see people in this thread experiencing same issues - can you think of anything for us to try? The filament I am printing with is rather viscous (SBS), similar to PETG in that regard.

Great Idea!
Is it possible to up-scale this? I would love to print a 500-800mm high tree....

No. Read the directions for the explanation.

Really nice thing! Congrats!

first time, perfect print!!!! Thanks!!! everything is described and works perfectly

I just can't get this right, but seems to work with the gcode you posted for the 160mm. Would you please be willing to post the gcode files for the 120mm & 80mm?

for some reason mine is always printing in mid air

Increase your flow on the outer shell to about 110%-115%, that should help.

Thats the idea... lawl

It's printing in mid air and filament is not connected to anything and drooping down

That's supposed to happen

I made some ornaments and a star for the tree. They look amazing if I can say so myself.

EZ Print Christmas Tree Ornaments with Star

Merged the objects into a single file
0.3 layer height
2 perimeters
Cooling and retraction off
Doing great so far!
As I said, you dont need 2 seperate objects and processes!!!

I see you are using a Prusa, so was wondering if you used Slice3r for this model? I'm not having any success, so was wondering if you were using Slice3r if you would please export and share your config?

what do you mean by perimeter? wall?

I assume you use cura, the only slicer that calls perimeters “wall thickness”...anyways, yeah, perimeters=wall.
Attached results :)

very nice bro. i am going to try it now... did you modify the settings per model or use the same settings for both models then merge?

I merged the models, made it a single STL (windows 3D builder) and then sliced it with a single process. I have no idea why this guy says it should be printed seperately with 2 processes, it makes no sense

i see... well. i merged it, slice to generate gcode.. did not generate new stl. trying this now and see if it works

bummer failed again.. sighzz

Why 2 separate objects? This can be done in one single Object...

The idea for two objects/processes is to print the inside slower, to give it time to cool properly so it doesn't lose shape. Print the outside (loops) fast enough so they DON'T cool, allowing them to droop. I personally thought it was pretty clever, and have printed a bunch of these in all sizes successfully.

can you upload a g.code? for some printers like the cr-10 ender3 prusai3....?

did anyone tried printing on the ender 3 using the gcode file in the section?

For those of you struggling with the lines not connecting to the cone, I suggest you turn on the retraction option. Set retraction to 0mm and extra restart distance to 0.4-0.6mm. You will then get a fuse on the start of the grain and a strong bond!

Thanks! ^^ this solved my problem!

what is restart distance

Thought it was worth a shot since my cheapest filament is green. It's printing like a charm on my ender 3 with just the main sliced in Cura. I set it to 10% fill, 0.3 layers, retraction to 0, and fans off.

This is the most overhang I've ever seen! Excellent work! I don't get how the loops are implied though, I guess on an FDM printer it does it that way. I printed it on my SLA Anycubic Photon, and it came out without the loops, much closer to a real christmas tree shape.

The branches are somewhat failing. It prints out from the center and when done then moves a distance then as it starts back in it ties a big knot in the branch instead of a loop. Pretty ugly!

You can see in the pictures. It seems that when it gets to the outer end of the branch then moves, the filament is sticking on the noxxle and as it starts to extrude again it is just a ball until the weight is enough for it to drop.

I'm having the same problem, were you able to find a solution?

Not yet. Tried several times with adjustments to settings but nothing seemed to help.
Going to try a different printer tomorrow and see how it does.

A 120 mm main .stl printed in vase mode after scaling 200% on all axes. No cooling and perimeter speed was 60 mm/sec. Print time 4 hours 30 minutes and 34,000mm of filament.

Will this work with TPU too?

I'm pretty much convinced that this was designed by a maker of filament.

so the print speed needs to be at 60... what about wall speed?

After a number of failed trials, I decided to take the matter of the design in my own hands. This tree stands 288 mm tall and was printed from the 80 mm main .stl only. I scaled the x and y 200% and the Z 360% . It uses 3 perimeters and no infill. put as many bottom layers as you wish. I used 2.

Scaling the xy by 2 causes the slicer to put the loop in the g code out and back to the trunk and results in a tighter loop. You can leave the retraction on if you wish . I printed this with PETG. Scaling the Z causes the slicer to create more branches vertically. You can keep the Z scaling the same as the XY if you want but I like taller thinner trees. You can scale the XY anything you want as long as you increase the layer width to go with it (220% = .48 width.) but you will have to scale the layer thickness too to maintain the 1.2 ratio.

Printing in this fashion solves a lot of problems.
Printed on an Ultimaker clone 400x400x300 with an E3D V6 hot end and a Bondtech BMG extruder.

I'm confused, Do you print the cone next to the tree or inside of the tree? Or do I print it before and leave it on the build plate and then print the tree around it? Or do I print the cone, remove the cone, print the tree and then insert the cone afterwards?

They print together simultaneously. You need to merge them in slicer and use different settings for inner and main.
Someone above said printing just the main works as well.

Thank you. Following instruction I was able to slice it in Cura and print on Monoprice Select I3. The only issue I have is that branches create vertical loops and not horizontal. Will see if I can twist it in meshmixer so branches are not straight but slightly bent to the side to have nicer side loops.

I found you need to be 10 degrees above minimum temperature as per temp tower to have fluffy tree and 20 above to have thin. This in with 20C ambient and no cooling no wind.

Can someone please explain what the need is for the inner cone? Why not just leave the 'Main' part with 3 walls and 20% infill for example? The loop/droop parts should still print correctly...

It's for support. Printing a tall model without part cooling enabled (as the Main part should not) will often result in failure or a poor print. Also in this particular case the droop loop method pulls on the inner part causing the object to move off the bed.

Just awesome! I printed the 80mm and it came out great! Have the 160mm going now. Very easy to set up and print. Thanks for your hard work making this model!

I'm thinking of adding a star at the top of the inner model and a single or double spiral out after that. Thinking I can change filament color at the top, print a star and some garland that drops down around the whole tree in a different color. What do you think?

I'll post some pix when I'm done printing a few.

Glad you're enjoying it! If you can successfully do that I'd love to see it!

Try it someone with Slic3r? What settings are you have?

i try to print with your setting but still not working.... can you post the cone and the spikes in 2 different file like the lion and any other "hair" model?

Why don't upload your S3D fff files settings to print it ?

Done. Read Update.

Thanks a lot !

Was going to print one but that's a whole lot of special setup and instructions for a simple tree. Why didn't you make the branches work like the hairy lion print?

Can you post the gcode you used for the 160mm version? I'm also on an Ender 3, but I can't specify these settings in my slicer. :/

Got it, thank you very much! Making one in glow in the dark!

I think thats called Spaghetti. Do it all the time.

Haven't finished printing yet but thank the Lord for the 80mm size. I saw this and thought it would be too large for my printer and then saw that. Tanks you.

Did anybody print this using Slic3r?

Something is wrong but I have no idea what, a movie of a printer printing correctly would help to debug this.

Tried changing speeds, extrusion multiplier but every time I get this cross like tree:
cross tree

Mine is doing the same in S3D! Did you find out a solution? Tried it in cura and the branches print fine but it has a different issue with the trunk not printing solid, and I prefer s3d...

Using Cura and with my Ender 3 I can't do the print processes thing. So I tried printing just the main part. It failed miserably as there was not enough support from the center trunk of the tree.

Next I tried increasing the walls to 2 and it worked well enough for the 80mm tree. The center part kept things together.

But: Then I tried the 120mm tree and suddenly there was often no extrusion on the branches?? The hotend goes out and back in again but without extruding anything for many of the branches. How on earth can that be?

I had that exact same problem last night. I tried increasing flow and slowing things down with no luck. I haven't tried the smaller tree but I had no luck at all with the looping. The filament would just barely poke out and then basically not really do anything. It looked constipated!

I would LOVE to see a Cura profile for printing the main part that actually worked for someone here!

I saw this note in the directions but I have no idea what the Cura equivalent of "single wall extrusions" would be:
***You may need to enable "single wall extrusions" in your slicer for the branches to print.

UPDATE: I finally got these to work by simply combining the two parts in Tinkercad and printing it as one piece. I'm wishing I had just done that in the first place.

Can someone show me how to set it up in Cura? I just can not center two objects in same place ....

The two parts thing won't work as expected in Cura as we can't specify the needed settings for a part of the print.

Well we could specify different settings for both, but I can't make them "sit" in same place on printer bed.. echh :(

Placing them both in the center is no problem - just enter 0 in all places in the upper right-hand corner for both models.
But we can't do e.g. fan/cooling settings for each part.

Very similar to this one made in 2015 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1216450
And this one from 2011 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7096

Christmas Tree/ Pine Tree
by ROBK636
More Pine Trees
by tc_fea

@SynJa .....Why the Heck don't you just provide a S3D .factory file that can be "tweaked"???

There are more important settings particular to your printer and filament than the settings required to print this. You'd likely be tweaking more settings if I provided that. If you know how to tweak your slicer settings then you should have no problem applying the settings specified.

What is so EZ about this hot mess. Just reading the directions is not EZ. Making all those Simplify3d setting changes is not EZ and remembering all those changes that you made and that have to be changed back, definitely not EZ.
EZ is when you download something and click the Print button and it prints correctly! This thing should be titled CrAZy Christmas Tree.

I'm so confused on the "printed together"

2 print processes: one process for Main part and the second process for Inner part. When you print you select both processes to be printed together. See my recent settings images.

How are the two parts positioned on the bed? Could you post a picture of the screen capture of parts position in S3D? I printed only the main part in vase mode with the parameters you suggested and turned out okay.

They're both centered. Providing a pic wouldn't help because the Inner part is visually covered by the Main part. If they're both centered, as they should be, you should just see the Main part

Could you make a really tall one? I've got a delta, Tevo TLM, that can print cylinder around 280mm dia x 450mm tall. I'd showcase it!

the guy who made the original has a guide on how to design your own


Christmas Tree/ Pine Tree
by ROBK636

I can work on that, but keep in mind it will be untested, since my Ender 3 can't print any wider than the 160mm version. The problem is not the height, but the width. The droop loop method needs twice the printing width for half the resulting width. So it's not going to be much taller if you have a 280mm width bed. The height will be between 200 - 220mm.

Love the design but I must be missing something, somewhere. Could you post a screen shot of your Simplify3d settings? I have checked and double checked and I keep getting odd behavior when I start the print, even though the slicer looks right. The brim doesn't seem to be printing correctly.

Thanks much! I got things printing with my settings, but I think my brim is having problems because of the extrusion width. I'll review your settings and/or possibly add another process so the brim prints normal on the first layer.

I'm struggling to get part of the branches to stick. I'm using simplify on a Taz 6. Every other attempt to create a branch typically fails and the beginning point for the branch doesn't catch on to the cone piece and so the looping won't occur. It'll work for a few sides. I feel like it was going to fast for it to catch, but I had the same issue after I slowed it down.

I've added images of my Simplify3d settings.

I'm having this same issue. When I watch it print, some branches begin extruding next to the trunk, these catch and work. On the other side the branches start extruding at the outer extreme and then move toward the trunk. There is no way for them to stick to the trunk. So, while I think I have worked all the settings, I get very lopsided trees.

It looks like you're using part cooling on the Main part, which you shouldn't be, but that's just a guess from the pics. I've added my Simplify3d settings.

I thought I had cooling turned off, but in all honesty this is the first time I've tried a more complex project. BUT THANK-YOU, trying to do this has taught me so much about my printer. (FlashForge Finder) I've had it nine months and didn't even know that there was an "Expert Mode."

Make sure your printing at 0.3mm height and that retraction and part cooling is OFF for the Main part.

I'm struggling a little which part needs to be printed first. when I started printing the strands were coming out more like spider webs and not like strands is this a problem on me or my printer I am using CURA and my printer is the Anet A8. These are my settings for the branches part

Layer Height is: 0.3
Layer Width is: 0.4
Shell Wall Count is: 1
Infill is: 0%
Speed is: 20mm
Cooling is: Off
Supports are: Off

Do I need to add a setting or am I setting the speed wrong cause whenever the printer goes out to print the branches it looks like its struggling to extrude?

Did you turn retraction off? You also probably want to print faster. I do 60mm with auto speed adjustments enabled. Are you also printing the Inner part as a separate process? e.g. 2 processes, 1 for each part/model, producing a single print. All of this is explained in the directions. Unfortunately I can't help you with how to do all of this in Cura. I use Simplify3d.

Hi, I was trying to print with Cura and I had some interesting results, you cac chek this link for mor informations. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3271606
I hope that will be helpful

I'm using S3D. I can only find where I can select the primary layer height. Where do you select the layer width ?

Extruder -> Primary Extruder Toolhead -> Extrusion Width (Manual)

Charlie Brown would be proud of that tree!

Boy you just made me laugh.

You made my day :D. Best tree ever, I't made me laugh :D

Comments deleted.

Did you print the Inner part as a separate process with cooling turned on? It looks like a result of not doing so.

No I did not :) I am having some issues in the print environment because the closet I am printing in is very cold at the moment because the heat doesn't make it in there so I have been printing everything without cooling.

This is so EZ yet cool.

I have tried to print this but it fails everytime. When it prints the string out it does not comeback and make a loop. It just strings out and looks like crap. I'm using Simplify3D and followed your steps. Not sure what im suppose to select when selecting multiple parts at once.

You should have 2 Processes: one process that only prints the Main part and a second process that only prints the Inner part. Each process should have their respective settings as described.

Yeah I got that far but the issue is what to select after that. Am I selecting print one layer at a time or the other option.

Continuous printing: layer-by-layer, since the idea is to have 2 parts with different settings that make up a single print.
You would only use the other option, Sequential printing, if you had actual independent objects with different settings that you just wanted to print at the same time.

Cool I will try that thanks

Wonderful. Printing my first small tree now. Using PETG and only printing the main part. Will add a Make as soon as it is finished. And after that: printing the next one. My daughter and her friends are waiting already.

Nice! I like the copper :)

i`m sorry: I cannot agree with your " Novice Skill Level " LOL this is Awesome Design and the time and effort you have
you have put into this i can only imagine

Seriously Thank-you for Sharing this
And Merry Christmas to you

Thanks! Despite the wordy instructions (otherwise no one would know how to properly print it) they actually are easy to print as compared to other "hairy trees" I've tried, hence the name and why I set out to make it. I also wasn't aware that some slicers don't have the same separate process abilities as Simplify3D does. Give it a try though! I'd love to see some more community prints :)

the thing has a core in it why cant i just print it likr that

It's described in the directions. The Main is printed with no retraction or part cooling, assuming PLA. The Inner cone is intended to be printed as you normally would print PLA with retraction and part cooling on, which adds support while printing and to the final print. You are welcome to print without the Inner part, but printability and quality would be at risk, especially for the larger sizes.

So i follow you mostly- on the base or inner part are you using 100% infill or hollow with 2 walls. Referring to this section vs. the second part seems a bit opposite... (bold section)

The cone that the branches connect to is solid, but only print ONE WALL. The cone is solid because the slicer interprets the movements differently than when it's a hollow model. So while a hollow model would be more convenient, I found that the branches do not print correctly with a hollow model.


Inner Part

I recommend 2 walls and no infill. 2 walls will close the top of the cone, but technically you will get a successful print with just 1 wall; there will just be a tiny hole at the top.

Main part specify 1 wall. Inner part specify as many as you want and as much infill as you want. I find 2 walls and no infill is fine. I'll see if I can rephrase some things.

I'm sorry, but I am confused. I take both parts, put them on top of each other in Cura and print them at the same time? I think that is what you are saying but I wanted to check before I tried.

i sliced it in cura and printed fine on MP mini. just ignore the inner part.

Great to know! I too was able to print without the Inner part cone. It was added to guarantee printability, since printing tall, skinny objects with no part cooling can easily fail. You mind posting a pic of your print?

Comments deleted.

Yes. You center the inner and the main part in your print area and print them as separate processes, since they need different print settings. See directions for specifics.

It appears that maybe you use Simplify3d in which adding separate processes is quite easy. In Cura, you can do "per model" settings, but unfortunately I don't think I can change to having retraction on one model but not the other. Cura doesn't allow all the settings to be changed in "per model". I don't think I can even have "part cooling" on one model vise the other

I am running into that roadblock now. The options just aren't available in Cura. I might have to switch slicers to print this thing.

Yes I am using Simplify3d, so unfortunately I can't help with Cura settings. I feel like this should be possible with something as robust as Cura though. But if you can't I suppose you can try not using the inner cone and just specify more walls on main part and print slow so that it cools enough without a part cooling fan.

Hi SynJa,
I am working on printing the tree in Cura and I had some intresting results on my Ender 3, can I publish a video on my Youtube channel to share the prosses of slicing and printing on Cura?
Best regardes.

Thanks! I've never played with process specific print settings before. This will give me a good opportunity to play with them.