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Ender 3 Bed Level

by Elproducts Nov 24, 2018
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I can't get the chep file to do anything... I have tried to send it to the printer with pronter face but nothing happens...

What a Godsend! Having tons of issues with PLA warping because of my bed not being leveled. 5 minutes testing with this print and I was leveled again and up and running a 4 hour print with NO issues brimming and printing! Thanks a bunch!

Tried this on my ender 5 pro with just tweaking to the scale to fit the bed and it worked! Thank you for this creation!

Immensely helpful, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

can you make this for the ender 5 or show how to do it on filimate Friday???

Best leveling G code!

Can this be used on the Ender 5?

no its centered to the ender 3 I tried it
I did use the square stl to make it on my ender 5 but I would love to know how they made that tool path gcode

Just use a CAD program, add the details of the lift/plunge and bed size, and convert to gcode add some pause start stop up and down commands to the code and away you go, simple gcode, helps knowing how to use a CNC which is what a 3d printer is...

It really is simple
Home Device
Move to position XY
Down Z MM
Click to move
Move to position XY and so on and so on, its just Gcode. Its very simple to know how to do it, look up G code on wikipedia for all the commands,

This is why you can easily add a laser engraver to a 3d printer as the board is grbl based and accepts gcode, all you do is bolt one on the side add the wiring to the controller board and send the code and it will run, dead easy.

Muy buena para principiantes

These file are so useful, but I have a question. When I run the bed level gcode on my Ender 3 when I turn it on, it works fine. Later, if I run it again (without resetting the printer) the bed leveller runs REALLY SHOW.
Is there a way in the gcode to set the speed so that it runs the same every time?

This was my first bed test on my new Ender 3 Pro. I was able to miximze the printing result. Thx a lot for sharing this thumbs up

Wow, thank you so much. New to my ender 3 and had so many issues until this. You saved me from losing what hair I have left.

Thanks! G-code works perfectly!

The best bed level easy


Makes a simple process a whole lot easier.

I'm curious to know why you leveled the bed cold, almost every other video / advise I have seen would indicate you should heat the bed before making any adjustments.

I found that if I preheat the printer then run the chep Gcode it maintains the preheat settings. the other file has heat settings already loaded inside it

Comments deleted.

I received my Ender 3 today, built it, manually leveled it and used this to print test.
Went very well except when moving from outter square to inner square, on right side, it seems to hit the inner lines.
Does anyone else get this?

Thank you so much for this handy GCode!
Saves me a lot of time and clicking :-)

Great leveleing method, I'm really impressed how easy it can be!

I was about 1 failed print away from giving up on my new ender 3. I ran this and now i can print parts right in the center of the bed which wasn't possible before. Thank you!

I have a monoprice maker select v2 I try to run this level test but it doesn't stop just runs the entire bed and then stops like a regular print would do am I missing something

When I run the bed leveling test and hit pause it never pauses. When I hit stop it continues in the direction it was heading and tries to keep going grinding my steppers. This happen to anyone else? I'm running it on a Ender 3 Pro.

Gcode works but in Cura the STL doesn't work. It will slice but when I go to print nothing happens.

I have the opposite problem

I didn't slice it, I just ran it as is. I think it's already sliced?

Since I use these files it's a piece of cake to get the 99.99% perfect first layer. Thanks Very Much!

Just found your video on youtube, used this and got my bed perfectly level first go. The test squares are my first 3d print on my first 3d printer and they stuck down solid and printed perfectly.

Thanks so much for this.

For those of you that don't (yet) have your stickers, can you provide the thicknesses you're using at both rounds of the leveling script? I've got a set of feelers gauges that I can use or measure different papers with some calipers. Thanks!

Paper works too. It’s just a starting point for the live adjust. My stickers are 0.2 and the backing is 0.1mm

i hit stop print half way through cause everything looked good but the nozzle went to the right in stead of the left and i had to turn the printer off.

I own 3 Prusa I3 printers of various flavors/versions with ABL so when I recently picked up an Ender 3 on a whim and had to learn to manually level the bed I'm glad I started with your files. Your instructions made this very easy and I absolutely appreciate you and your efforts to educate the community! Thank you! :)

I decided to buy an Ender 3 because of you. I learned of your Gcode bed level from your channel. Thank you.

Thank you for making these, made leveling the bed infinitely more easy!

when i tried 3rd times it was worked. perfect calibration guide. thats my first day at 3d printing so im amateur.

Thanks! It works perfect and make my 3d printer life so much better :D

Comments deleted.

I'm not sure what you are referring to.
The files described are in the Files section.
The description in the video links back to here.

Thanks for these, it made bed levelling a lot easier...faster...and probably better than I have ever had it.

Nice, much easier to level, thanks :)

This is my "go to" model for leveling my Ender 3 Bed. When everything goes well, it is easy to remove. I just run my scraper under the corners on one side then grab all the squares and pull em up. If I'm too close to the bed it can be a pain to remove. Not the models fault though. I've wondered if this would be easier to remove if there were lines joining the corners of the boxes, kind of like an X that cover all the squares.

Worked a treat. Just got my first printer (Ender 3 Pro) and used it before my first print (Benchy), everything was perfect. Many thanks. :-)

Anyone who buys the ender 3 pro should make this their premier leveling tool and a tool in the noob fils. Awesome.

This is great!!!

What slicer/settings did you use to slice the STL?

The first layer of your gCode looks great. However when I slice the STL it looks like junk. :/

The g-code for moving the nozzle to the four corners is great. Way better than the way I used to do it. I'm going to try it on my Anet A8 as it has the same size build plate.

Superb i leveled bed :) ty for esun pla+ i usde 215 nozle, 65 bed temp and room temp 25

These two files streamlined the process of setting up my Ender 3 for me in addition to giving me a better understanding of the whole process. Fortunately, I ordered my printer with a Glass bed included. The Alu Bed it shipped with is concaved to about 0.015" and this gave me fits trying to TShoot the resultant issues.
Thanks again for the Tubes, You do a good job of communicating and seem to know what you are talking about.

Great print for beginners! Allowed me to move on confidently knowing that my bed was level while also showing me where the low spots on my bed are. Thanks!!!

Loved it! This was super easy to use and for a newbie like me, it was nice and slow and gave me time to play with the settings on the knobs until I could get that almost yet not really squished look. Very easy to use

Very hekpful to level the ENDER3 - Thank you!

Can this work on any size bed?

Ah ok thanks chuck. How hard it is to make a 300x300 bed level gcode?

Yes, if it’s a similar size bed.

The nozzle temp is too low in the gcode should be more like 210 for PLA, thanks

210 is high for some PLA filaments. We use our Filament Friday Filament and that is the temp we use. You can always adjust the temp in the LCD or modify the GCode.

Ok depends on brand I guess, at 200 my nozzle clogged, so let me say this , when printing this thing, people should alter the nozzle temp on the LCD to their normal print temp

What brand of PLA do you use? My normal brand has a print temp from 185 to 220, so I'm very curious to know which brand would see 200 being too cold

Truly a utilitarian dream. I can not thank you enough.

I've used some others but this one is definately fast. Quickly on the fly adjustments. I will keep this one on the SD card.

It is also great for diagnosing a dirty bed :)

Perfect code, great video explaining everything and making bed leveling as simple as possible. Thank you!

Man, I wish I had had this code and your video when I started 3D printing just two months ago. This has got to be possibly the best "Bed levelling for beginners" I have ever seem. If I could press "Like" multiple times I would!