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Parametric Spool Roller Core

by LeeIIIWill Nov 21, 2018
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These are awesome and fit the 3D Soultech spools perfectly. Do you know of a printable masterspool that would work well with these?

Hey there, thanks for commenting, glad they work well for you!

I haven't found a good priced master spool refill, so I've never used them. Still blows my mind that it's cheaper to buy filament with a spool.

I wouldn't even use this, i'd just find a master spool that uses 608 bearings and use that directly.

Quick question :: Did you print the roller standing up or on its side? If standing up, I suspect you might need a little bit of supports. I'll post a make of this print soon, likely this evening.

I printed it vertically. Yeah, a little support doesn't hurt!

@LeeIIIWill can you tell me just a bit more about this item. Is this spine just to help get a good center on a spool of filament and use bearings? Or is there another aspect of this design that makes it work well with your other Ikea dry box parts? Maybe stated another way, why not just set the filament spool on the rod crossing the dry box without these parts? Thank you.

Good question! A good part of the reason is to use the bearing which makes the rotation much more smooth and require less strength from the extruder to pull the weight of the filament roll around. The other thing, and reason not to just use the spools on just the 8mm rod is that the center hole on some spools are very different. This can lead to some spools actually sitting on the bottom of the IKEA Salma/Sterelite box. If you have a spool that's sitting on the bottom of the box it can get in the way of silica gels as well as try to push the 8mm rod up and off of the braces. With some spools this may not be an issue but having all the spools centered makes them look nicer and work more reliably.

@LeeIIIWill thank you for the quick response. I understand the design intent a bit better now and I appreciate that. I'm going to try and do a print with the roller design. I may change up your other design as I'm working with the Ikea 365+ 11qt. box and prefer to minimize the holes drilled into the box. Then again, if go ahead and drill the holes, I could get my boxes ready faster. Hmmm...

Did you use any sort of gasket when sandwiches the parts with the box?

One mod I was thinking that could be done is to extend the cup holding the 8mm rod and perhaps make it so a small zip tie can tie the rod down. The zip tie would go through a slot in the printed rod holder and then up and around the rod. Sort of an added security to ensure the rod stays in place, but can be removable when needed.

Glad to help! The only holes that are an issue(in terms of being air tight) are the filament ducts. If you undersize the screw holes when you drill them, when you insert the screw it'll have to cut a bit of plastic and form the thread shape, which should be very close to an air tight seal(I'd bet money that it's air tight with no actual pressure acting on it), no gasket needed.

I thought about the zip tie method but keep in mind that you have to lift out the rod every time you need to add/remove a spool, this would require the ziptie to be cut and a new one re-inserted for every filament change in the box. With 4 spools in a box you're looking at over 10lbs of downward force so the only real way the rod would pop out of the groove would be if the box was flipped on its side.

You should make it and I think you'll see it's pretty much something you can forget about once it's done. I've been running two of mine for about a year now. I run through over 100KG of filament a year and this works great for all of my filaments that are either used more slowly or really sensitive to moisture. The only issues I've had were one of my spool cores delaminating and with the box my only complaints are that it's kinda a pain to re-load the rod with 4 full spools of filament on it and when you change filament you have to open the box to re-wind the filament onto the spool(long bowden systems).

If you make it, I'd love to see how it fits in the other IKEA box!

Thank you for the push @LeeIIIWill I've got my first spool parts printing to test those out (and my understanding of the parameters in Fusion). Let's see how it goes.

In the Ikea box I'm using, it can hold two 'standard' spools or one wide spool.