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Low-Poly Charmander

by FLOWALISTIK May 7, 2014
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My favourite pokemon, I can't print enough of these :)

Hi everyone, I made a time lapse video of this file if you want to see it. Great model btw, Flowalistik. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1AvuKgAYAI

Hi, I just tried printing your wonderful little Charmander and it was going great until about 75% in and the lower jaw area. Unfortunately this seems to have collapsed in on itself (pic attached, he looks like he's wearing a scarf or a snood :P) After this incline section it continues to print well on top of the head. Can anyone advise me what I can do to try and fix this type of problem for a second try? Apologies I am very new to the scene and this was my 4th print.

I was using PLA that came with my machine (Creator Pro) at 200 degrees, bed 50. 2 shells, 15% infill. Layer height 0.18. Travel speed 60mm/s. Printed at 100%, eventually I hope to print larger.

A lot of these are default from the software with the printer as I don't know what I'm doing.. is there anything obviously wrong there, or might be worth tweaking for a retry? I think I'm very close to having a neat little figure. Thank you :)

I believe this would be due to your slicer settings, not the file. I have printed this multiple times and with multiple materials perfectly fine on my cr-10.

i have printed a lot of these now and the jaw/ under mouth part looks like a brain or something it is saggy and not that great otherwise cool model

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I wouldn't go over 15% for this

Where is the Cyndaquill of your collection?

When I print this 0 infill 3 walls with a cooling fan 195mm tall it prints fine but makes the front completely flat. No nose or face or arms. How do I fix this?

Thanks, Jake

Can you also print this with 2-3 percent infill without it failing too?

Printing a large one right now! :) Will update on progress

I've tried to print this but when the software sends the file in the printer, it cuts the charmander in 3 parts and so it's impossible to print! It's very weird because i haven't got any problems with pikachu. Someone has an idea ? (I have a XYZ printing Da Vinci Mini and I use XYZWare)

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In the interests of protecting your work, here's someone selling your model.

SO COOL. charmander was my first pokemon

Made one out of concrete, but the flame broke of :(

Just printed it and it came out excellent, of course. GREAT model!

What software and printer did you use?

best charmander ever bro.

Can this be printed at 0% infill? would love to know

Use 15% infill and a raft you scrub, it works really well.

Hi Mr. Swanson,

I've printed some of them without infill, and I've got results with thick walls (1.2-1.6mm) and no infill. I would recommend at least 5% infill to avois any problems, but it all depends on the printer settings (cooling fans!).


0% infill works great! "spiral Vase" mode almost works as well, cute one!


The part under the mouth ALWAYS sags and gets ugly. I think the overhang is just a little too much.

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what do you use to design your models? They look very professional.

I turned your Charmander into a Charmeleon. :) Hope you like it.

Low-Poly Charmeleon
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And I'm just sitting here designing Low-Poly Pokemon for free.

There is something wrong with the .stl file. I printed it out and it was all support material. When I ran the .stl through Netfabb's .stl repairer the print came out fine.

Could you post the fixed version? I've the same problem with Simplify3D and Slic3r...

I love this! I made one but the tail fell off so I made another but the tail fell off again. I would love to have a Charmander to go with my Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu. His tail keeps breaking or falling off. Could you try and strengthen it a little bit so that is less likely to happen. Other than that I think the design comes out amazing.

Which 3D printer are you using? Material? Layer height? I'm asking this because I've printed millions of charmander, and the printing settings are really important to make the tail more resistant!

Very very nice model. I can't like it enough!

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Check out our video on the great work done by Flowalistik's low poly Pokemon below.


Can't wait to... "literally" get our hands on more of your work!!!

Low-Poly Charmander

Is it made of plastine

What, the model from the picture? It's 3d printed!

what software are you using?

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Nice, but make its face and body smoother anyways it is awesome man

Hey FLOWALISTIK! I made the charmander just a few minutes age and most of it looks fantastic! Although, just like the squirtle, the only bad part is basically his crotch. Im using a prusa i3 no support with a .4 nozzle. I had a perimeters set to 2 and a .25 layer height and my speed was 45mm/s for everything. Do you kow what I could do to make mine look more like yours? Thanks!

I just uploaded another design with little modifications (it's called "lowerpart") trying to fix some problems where the legs and the tail connects. I hope this is enough, but as I said, every printer is different and the things I print correctly may print not so well in your printed. Also, I print with PLA 185ºC and with a fan cooling down the plastic (I think the fan makes the difference in terms of printing without support material, as it makes the platic to solidify faster).