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Printrbot Simple Metal Spool Holder and Handle (UPDATED)

by tonyyoungblood May 7, 2014
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Do you have any spool spacers for hatchbox and/or solutech?

Not currently, but Hatchbox has small enough holes to not require inserts.

I have a different spool holder for another printer I have in which the hatchbox spool is to big and drags on the bottom of the spool holder, however I use the spacers you created for the bumat spools which work great by the way. If anything I'll see what I can do by remixing one of the spool holders.

The bumat spacer is ever so slightly to small for the solutech spool. A slight mod(Make slightly bigger) in the model should fix that.

Great design! I really like how this fits on my Printrbot! I picked up some spools from Monoprice and the hub size on all of them is 38mm (they state it is 38mm, but I measure them all around 38.15mm). If you could post a hub for these it would be awesome!

I just designed and uploaded a Monoprice spacer. Please let me know if it works out or if it needs adjustment.

Thanks for the kind words. I just returned from Maker Faire Atlanta and will try to have it posted later this week.

I just purchased a spool of plastic that's actually too wide to fit on this. The design as it stands will fit spools 81mm (3.2 inches) wide and smaller. The spool I just bought is 94mm. Later in the week, I will redesign this to fit wider spools.
In the meantime, check out this spool holder by Emmett. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:355889http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Printrbot Spool Holder
by emmett

The build list should be edited to increase the PVC needed in order to build at the current specs. 24" of PVC will not yield 1@5" and 4@4.75" Builders should buy more than 24" of PVC. Thank you for putting this model online. I've built it and it's terrific.

Thank you for building and letting me know! I actually just used a 10 foot stick. I might change the instructions to recommend doing this.
I double-checked my math though and 5 + (4.75 * 4) = 24. What am I overlooking?

The saw removes material (dust) of at least 1/16" (fine saw blade) and wider/courser blades can remove even more. So for the four cuts (to obtain the five pieces) about a 1/4" of the original 24" will be lost. May or may not matter, depending upon how precise (and equal) the pieces need to be. For instance if you make the four 4" pieces exactly 4", then the 5" piece will be at most 4 3/4"... And may not fit.

That's a good point. For those who use a 2 foot stick, it will be fine as long as they measure all the cuts before cutting. Then the saw blade width will be equal in each piece, and 1/16" won't matter in the scheme of things.

Nice design, but... The supports you added actually do more harm then good. They are too thin for a good stick on the build plate. It's easier to print it with supports generated via the slicing SW. The line on the right side actually does not show in the resulting gcode. Too thin.

Thank you for trying it out. I'm going to pull it back up in Sketchup and try to get rid of the supports and upload a support-free version.
Do you use Slic3r? What are good support settings? Thus far, I haven't been able to get good results with Slic3r's supports.

Ok, I just uploaded a version without supports. If you can get Slic3r to print it, please report back with optimal support settings.

I posted my Splic3r settings as screenshots in the pictures above and also uploaded the gcode.

Thanks and happy building!!

Yeah, that definitely would have caused Slic3r to return an error. The same thing kept happening to me. I had to keep reducing the loop until Slic3r liked it (at 1mm out).

One thing I do know is that if you don't set your skirt to 1mm or smaller, Slic3r will return an error when slicing.

Yeah, this was a tough one. One thing I realized after making this is that a rectangular, non-twisting version would have been a lot easier (but not nearly as cool looking). Btw, the version I posted here was already run through Netfabb.
I was going to upload the version without the supports, but I forgot to save it before adding them, and when I went to remove them in Sketchup, it started taking out whole sections of walls.
I'll post my Slic3r settings. Is your printer not building the supports properly or are you having trouble with overhangs?

for some reason my slic3r hates the supports you have for this. I even ran it through netfabb but still having issues with the stl. any hints for you printrbot metal simple settings?