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Screw-down tabletop, wall, and ceiling mounted axle stands for MMU2 Auto Rewind Spool Holder

by universaljoint Nov 20, 2018
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Hi, love the design! so much so I’m going to do the same on mine. Building my MMU2 at the moment but I noticed the included PTFE tubing won’t be nearly long enough to reach from the printer all the way to the spools underneath. Which tubing did you use and how much did you need? Again great write up

It is PTFE bowden tubing for 1.75mm filament. Outside diameter is 4mm, inside diameter should be at least 2mm, but 3mm would be better I think. I don't recall exactly how much of it I used but it is quite a lot. 10 meters should probably be sufficient if you don't make too many mistakes.

Awesome thanks for the quick reply much appreciated, and again great design

I love this design and your blog explaining the assembly steps. You and VincentGroenhuis have made my post-MMU2 life a lot easier! This will improve the aesthetics, and more importantly, it will improve the retraction function while also reducing friction in the whole system.

One potential improvement I would suggest is to remove the vertical chamfers on the sides of the stands such that it can print horizontally (completely flat on the build plate). This would enable print times much faster than with the current vertical print orientation.

Alternatively, the supports could be hollowed out in the center. Even with low infills in the current design, there is a lot of extra material that is not strictly needed. You could simply cut this material out with an isosceles triangle extruded through, and the top would be self-supporting. I would guess this alone would reduce material usage by 20 - 40% and consequently speed things up a bit.

Thank you for these suggestions. They have merit. Having looked at the openscad source I've determined that a substantial rewrite of these objects would be necessary to implement these changes. If I do a major revision I'll definitely include some of these suggestions, but I have no plans to do that at this time.

Great design!
I print 3kg spools often and checking the height these will be too short. Would you be able to make taller ones or share your CAD files?
The 3kg spools are 10.5 inches / 264mm 'ish in diameter. I think if the stands were about an inch longer (single and double) they should work and still plenty of clearance below the IKEA lip. Unless the mounting base is thicker than I thought.

What about scaling the stands in Z direction to e.g. 125%?

I ended up making my own in Fusion 360. Needed to customize the width to fit my platform to maximize spool width. Should be able to handle any spool width plus the auto rewind and 3kg spool height.

Thanks for the inspiration. Love the design.

Could you please post your remix if you haven't already? I'm sure there are others who would be interested in it.

These were designed in openscad - will have a look at the code. Have you tested the 3kg spools with the auto-rewind spool holder yet?

No luck modifying these taller? If your busy I'd be happy to do the work if you could share your CAD file.


Just tested the auto-rewind on a 3 hour print. Works great with the 3kg spools.

Not yet.. that's what I'm going to test. I guess I could rig up some holder that is tall enough but yours was close to what I was looking for just short. I was going to try the default 100mm spring but might have to be bigger to handle the extra weight. Should roll smoothly on the bearings though. Part of the learning process and testing.

Would it be possible for you to share the CAD files for these? I want to mount my spools on the wall directly behind my MK3, so I need the axle slot to be rotated 90°.

There is already a wall mountable version under "thing files". If that isn't what you're looking for, I'm not sure what you're asking to be changed?

What I'd love to see/add (if I had access to the scad files) is a set of screw holes in the vertical face of the original (table-top) single-sided version so that I could do a few things: 1) print two of them (they look like they should print flat quite well) and either screw them together to make a double that was printed flat OR mount them to the sides of a drybox – again printed flat/faster – but still with the same general orientation as the table-top mount, if that makes sense? The current wall-mount design doesn't allow easy adaptation to different dry box sizes and doesn't allow me to mix and match the wall vs bottom/table top mount easily which would be helpful for a drybox setup.

It seems like adding 2-3 screw recesses in the vertical face could make the original single-sided piece a really versatile object.

Oops, I did not see those.

Really like the look of these and would love to see an under shelf version (i.e. ceiling mount)!

Whipped some up just for you. I haven't tested them so let me know how it works out. You will probably need to print them with supports "everywhere" so that the notch for the axle comes out correctly.

Awesome job! What's next? Stands for vertical arrangement against a wall? Stands floating mid-air? Stands that work in a zero-G environment?

I don't know Vincent, but I'll be needing your help with most of those options. Thanks again.

Brilliant! Thank you!