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Wrapping Paper Cutter (X-Acto #11 Version)

by makerboz Nov 19, 2018
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Usually don't bother commenting, but just put this together and gave it a try. Really didn't work at all, not like it didn't do well, like it really didn't want to do anything but crush up and tear the paper. I'll totally admit that there might be some user error, but it was a nice fresh blade never used, but design didn't force the paper into a position to actually be cut. Oh well, no big loss except for some plastic. Hope it works well for others.

I've sold about 20+ of these so far, and the initial reaction is similar. It does take a little bit of getting used to using it so that it doesn't jam. If it was an injection molded part, the lead out from the blade could be much, much thinner. I had to model it so that the lead out would print correctly though, so it's thicker than I'd like. It still should work fine if the blade is installed the correct way, and if you aren't using super thin wrapping paper. You have to go a little slower at the start of the cut, but after it starts feeding smoothly you can cut all the way through without much issue. I'm afraid that we are limited by 3D printing at this point, or I would design out some of the remaining issues it faces. Thanks for the feedback. I'm always wanting to improve my designs so that they universally work. I will work on making sure this design works better if I can.

I already have some #11 scalpel blades that I purchased for another design, but I'd like to try yours instead. Do you know whether they are close enough in shape to fit? I tried googling images of both to compare, but can't tell for sure. Thank you.

This was designed very specifically for the #11 X-Acto blade/s bottom taper. The scalpel blade doesn't have a bottom taper, so it wouldn't sit all the way at the bottom like it's supposed to. If you can get some measurements (mainly blade width), I can model one that will fit your blade.

That is very generous of you. I found this link that shows a picture of both blades side by side. I'm still looking for dimensions online, but I can measure the blade myself if needed. http://bookoferrantpages.blogspot.com/2011/08/consider-using-scalpels-instead-of-x.html

And, because of a shipping error, I am now the proud owner of...200 of these #11 blades. More than I could use in a lifetime. As a show of gratitude for revising your model I am happy to send some your way free of charge.

It honestly looks like it would work just fine with a scalpel blade as is. I would try printing the remix because it's a quick print and see if that fits it before you print the whole thing. Also thank you for the offer, but I'm winding down on making these as Christmas is approaching fast, so I won't need any more blades until next year around this time.

Ok, I'll give it a shot. Which one is the remix you refer to, the one you updated today?

Yes, it should be the one with PLA in the file name.

I like the model. I just wish one of these cutters had a wider wall on the right side of they blade - every iteration I've tried tends to snap off when inserting a blade.

Hold the blade with needle nose pliers, then hold the blade under a lighter for 10 seconds, it'll slide in like butter with no force on the wall

Mine did that too when I printed in PLA. It just didn’t have strong enough layer adhesion. I’ve made about 30 of them though in PETG with no problems. I can make a version with a wider one though this evening.

That'd be awesome :)

Definitely a PLA layer adhesion issue. I should really try PETG one of these days.

Thanks for making this!

I posted a PLA version this morning for you to try. I haven't had a chance to test it, but it is significantly larger in that area. The only downside is that you will have to be a little more careful in lining it up when you go to cut it, but it's honestly not that much different.

Thanks for the modification! Worked like a charm this time :) Finally got it printed just in time to finish wrapping presents.

The X-Acto blade is very loose on the Christmas Tree.

I made the slot a bit on the looser side so that people's printer calibration wouldn't affect the fit too much. I just put a small dab of super glue on the bottom before I insert the blade and it's good to go.

This is fantastic thank you! And the updated Xmas tree cutout is perfect, at least it is printed at 0.2mm layers. FYI saw your post on r/3dprinting.

Thank you for this! I am printing the dual one right now for my wife and mother-in-law, as you can see they will get good use (pic is 2017 Christmas, and some of the present weren't even in the pic!)

My wife says:

"This is life changing...I need it
Everyone needs it"

Can't wait to make one, this is a great idea!

Haha thank you. I cannot take credit for the idea though. There are several others like mine already uploaded. I just wanted one that fixed some flaws in other designs and that used a blade I could easily get locally. I hope it works well for you!