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flow calibration test cube .8mm

by OneBadMarine Nov 16, 2018
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Does linear advance affect the results? Asking for a friend ;)

i recommend using the profile/configuration that you intend to print with, to be reflective of results.

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What settings in slicer are important for this to come out correct ?
Wall line width ? (0.4)
Wall thickness ? (2.0)
Wall line count ? (4)
Any other settings to care for so measurements will be correct ?

Is the bottom also supposed to be .8mm in thickness? (Edit: No, its supposed to be .6mm, see below.)

After switching filament, I noticed under extrusion. I printed the .8 cube with my current flow and it was indeed only .71 mm on average. The bottom was so thin that it just popped off, and I was able to measure that also. It is .54 mm! (looks really good, just thin.) So, I assume I have a first layer problem. But how do I fix that independently? (Ok, didn't really google around yet, but do figure it will be useful for the next person whose bottom pops off.)

Edit: Ok, so I opened the STL in FreeCAD and measured the sides, got .79 and for the bottom I got .58 (through transparency). So, assuming the bottom is .6mm then that makes perfect sense. .54/.60=90 percent which is pretty close to .715/.80 = 89.4 percent. So I think I answered my own question.

I did not make base very thick to save time and filament, the seperation was likely due to your 10% under extrusion. Not a mechanical problem per se.

Right, the subsequent bases did not detach at all. Thanks for your attention!

In S3D if I have single wall extrusion enabled, the first few layers print 2 walls then it switches to a single, wide extrusion. Do I assume to set a 0.4 line width instead of auto which typically uses 0.48?

To get the desired calibration, .40 line width and 2 shells/layers are necessary.

Ok. I just ran the single wall cube from Michael and got 91% at 0.4 width; that low usually gives me under extruded parts. I'll try yours next and see what happens.
Yeah, I think I like yours better. Average dim of 0.825mm. I set the multiplier in S3D to 0.97.

Hi Luke,
I would be interested in the reason why you prefer a two line test over a one line test?
What were the research results which led to this?

I took the lead from another user who did extensive testing, and shared his data supporting this in the article.
So it is not my original work, but I find it is very accurate in characterizing flow rate for printing.

I did a lot of testing in the last weeks too. And found some "weird" effects. With 1 to 5 walls thickness.
Independent of the number of walls, the wall thickness always got "good" at the 3rd wall after the layer start.
My first thought was that the nozzle maybe needs some time/distance to build up the right pressure.
So I instead of 25x25mm square I used 50x50mm. Expected to get good now on 2nd wall at latest.
Nope, still on 3rd wall.
Then I made a 10x100mm. Still on 3rd wall.
Made a hexagon. Did not become good at all.
Made an E-shaped 20x100mm which has 12 walls and 12 90° corners. Were totally irregular between perfect and .08 off.
Then made a 50x50 again, and got the above regular 3rd wall good pattern.
Most later tests were done with 5 walls = 2mm, which amplified the pattern. And this itself is another weird aspect, as I would expect a bad connection in the walls and not a thinner wall, as the 3 inner wall are always printed at same line. So I would expect if with a flow x% a 2 wall side is e.g. 0.04 off, a 5 wall side should be 0.04 off too, but it's ~.1.

So in the end very weird results for which I have no real explanation until now.

Cura keeps making one of the 4 walls thicker, so im advising people to discard the large wall.

I manually checked the gcode of the square.
There is nothing I could identify as reason for this.
Do you have a gcode file of another slicer, which makes almost same walls?
Would love to analyze and compare the gcode.

I'm a bit confused now. Title says it's 0.8 mm test cube so should I just try to set "Wall Line Count" 2 in Cura and print with 0.4 nozzle and no infill ?

I sliced it in Cura (3.6 and 4.0) with thin walls enabled, but it makes two of the walls (left and front) on alternate layers (one wall per layer) out of a back-and-forth zigzag pattern rather than just a quick straight line. And those walls measure about 0.7mm. The straight-line walls measure about 0.4mm as expected.

When i get chance, im going to see if i need to draw wall thicker to force the slicer to print single wall thickness.
Also considering using spiral mode....

My Cura (3.6) slices the same way, but I haven't tried printing it yet. Adding "Spiralize Outer Contour" makes the same result.

Any update?

I just had the same issue using single walls 2 walls were .37 and the others 2 walls were .7 Im at a loss...Help Luke

Has there been a solution for this yet? I too have the same issue.

In order to avoid the zigzagging on 2 sides I had to reduce the slicer line width to 0.3 and enable Outer Before Inner Walls. Then when doing the calculations, use 0.3 in place of 0.4. I still dont know why Cura is doing this but it is a work-around for this calculation.

Comments deleted.

I checked and the thickness of the walls is 0.2mm in your file, not 0.4 as you mentionned. Am I understanding something wrong ?

i remade it, sorry for the issue. No one else pointed it out....Thanks should be good now


I just downloaded the file, and I'm still seeing my Ender trying to zig-zag on the back wall instead of full layers. The other three walls extrude in two layers, as expected. I have "spiralize outer layers" checked in Cura.

Not sure whats going on here but when I import this stl direct into cura 3.6 it only has 4 layers and the walls are greyed out ?

You need to enable "Print thin walls"

That fixed it thanks for the info

Not sure what happened but i printed as per the instructions and the walls are .23 thick? Cura 3.6 ender 3 .4 nozzle.

i had made a dimensional error, sorry for the inconvenience