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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Geeetech A10M cooling duct 360

by jdharris Nov 16, 2018
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Hi I wanted to make the biggest cage to put two 4010 fans inside the cage, could you tell me how to get the cage design? Thanks

I disassembled my hot end and measured my cage to create a 3D model of it. It is time consuming but worth it.

Is it possible to share the CAD of the Cage?

It is possible, but I would recommend making your own variation as mine may not be 100% accurate. Also, with manufacturing tolerances and other nuances, I would suggest making your own version as it will best match your setup. I have already seen slight variations in the cages from the original release to the most current release of the A10M.

Can you share the CAD file of the cage (you show in your pictures with the fan duct)?

I responded to you privately.

Will this work on the A10?

It looks like it would be a close fit, but I do not have a standard A10 to attempt it on. Also, this was designed with the older shorter nozzle in mind, so if your A10 is more recent it may have a longer nozzle and the geometry would be off and it wouldn’t cool as well as it should.

OK. Whats the best cooler to use?

I don’t know as I don’t have the A10. If I had one, I would probably just design my own again.

Just to confirm, this will not fit an A10. I finally got one and the cage has a slightly narrower cutout for the cooling nozzle. At some point I’ll make an A10 version once I get the A10M finalized.

Hello, any chance of making a 360 duct but for use with a 5015 fan?


Can you post a photo of what your setup looks like with the 5015 fan and I can give it a try.

Hello, this is my actual setup with 5015 fan



by mazzoca

I don't have a way to test it, but here is one I created this evening. It uses your adapter from the your blower project above and it should use the stock screws for the blower nozzle to get held in place on the cage. Give it a shot and let me know if any changes need to be made.

Hello, Does not fit on my printer the fan integration is perfect but does not fit on this "inverted U shape", I don´t know if my printer is different... If you could modify would be great, but thanks a lot anyway!


So is the inside too snug and cannot go over the heating block or the outside doesn’t fit up inside the cage

Inside is too snug but there is a problem to fit on the cage too, I tried to draw with all measurements, check if can help. There is heat block size and inner sizes of the cage as well the clearance between the block and the cage..


Fit well but the bottom is in the same level of the nose, so there is no clearance when printing... please see the attached photo

If you hold a piece of paper flush on the bottom of the blower duct can you feel the nozzle or how close would it be to flush? Given if it were flush, it would work as you print 0.1-0.3 mm above the surface so you would have clearance.

Thanks! I´m going to travel for few days, when come back I will print this one and report...

Yes, the drawing helps tremendously. I am curious about your inner clearance measurements compared to the inner dimensions of the heating block and the inside of the cage. My heating block is the same as yours and the inside of the cage seems to have the same measurements as well. However, the clearance measurements with the heat block measurements add up to more than the inner clearance measurements. Can you double check those for me?

Thanks, I'm printing now and will report the results

I happen to be working infront of my Qidi Tech 1 (the printer i used to print this in ABS) at .1 mm concerned about bridging, but this part is so well designed and the internal surfaces are all arched so there is not a lot of bridging required. This is a marvelous part, not sure it will fit my A10M printer, but it really is a work of art. :) I usally dont gush about parts for printers, but this is a nice one... i will update or post again once I have tried to fit it. (there are currently 3 different types of A10M models (really flat nozzle, kinda pointy nozzle, and very pointy nozzle) My A10M is the kinda pointy one. hope this fits. :) - update, did not fit my A10M, this one would most likely fit the earlier A10M, with the really reallyflat nozzle like shown in the picture as it did not fit mine. :( still an awesome design.

I do appreciate your comments and I am working on making some adjustments to the design to accommodate a few small issues and the newest longer nozzle.

This fan works great! Too bad the printer doesn't lol. Nice design. I upgraded to the longer nozzle and no problem with this fan duct. Have not tried with the original short nozzle. Thanks.

Good feedback, I've changed to a larger nozzle, and was wondering if this would work.
Printing it now, thanks.

I loved your old 360 duct, so I tried your new one. Unfortunately, it sits too close to the hot end.

The one in the left of my photo was because I mounted it wrong (at a slight angle). However, the right one was mounted flush. It might be a bit hard to see, but the duct came into contact with the heat block and melted (and stuck to the block) a bit. There's also a bit of warping from being too close to the nozzle.

Apart from that, it's a great improvement on the circular one. It greatly improves overhangs and warping on the corners.

Confirm, even on A20M is too close to the nozzle

Here's how close it is to the nozzle of my A10M V2.2.

How did you solve it? I have v. 2.2 too

I haven't found a solution yet (other than to have a backup at hand at all times).

I have made some modifications and a redesign to try to improve airflow and direction as well as keeping this away from the heated aluminum block. I have also discovered that my printer has the original short nozzle, so this may also work well for those with the newer longer nozzle.

I ended up creating a 3D model of the carriage system so I could model around it giving me the best results possible. I know with manufacturing differences, this may or may not work well for your printer, but at least it is better than what I started with! I have been using this duct for about a month now with no issue except for when a print doesn't stick and it all goes up around the nozzle area in a big blob. The built up heat from the melted filament combined with the tight tolerances may warp the thinner areas where the air comes out. I have had a few instances of this, and I am still working just fine with my original!

I tried to print in abs according to me too thin in the part where the air should come out

I will try to make it a little more robust in that area.

you did a great job ... I noticed another problem but the fan you drew is for the new nozzle that is longer I have the most crushed and it's not good because the fan arrives after the nozzle

So you are stating that you have the original A10M with the shorter nozzle?

yes I have the first model made ... this fan is longer

I posted a shorter version of the duct. Please feel free to try it out to see if it works for the shorter nozzle.

as soon as I have some time I will try to reprint it and I'll tell you ... thank you for your work

Comments deleted.

is that one for the short or the long nozzle ?

Could you provide some more information on the short and long nozzle?

the first batch of Geeetechs a10m has a rather short nozzle-head the second batch came with a 0.3 mm longer head meanwhile they released a third variation as is to be seen on their geeetech shop page however the real bummer of all these geeetech colour printers is - AND THAT IS NOT ADVETISED IN THE ADVERTISMENTS - is that these specific nozzles can not be intechanged with regular nozzles such as E3d and Creality variations AND is only avaliable in one size 0,4mm

So if I can make this 0.3mm shorter in height, it should work for earlier printers? Is there anyway you can provide me with some photos of the cooling duct you have on your printer? Or is this one in the correct size for your printer? If it is, I can use it for measurements. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3155359

Part cooler Geeetech A10&A30