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M.A.X. Truck - The Modular Toy Truck - Base Vehicle

by somerandomguy03 Nov 14, 2018
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Just a short update:

  • added a hook lift + container (yeah, there could never be enough accessories) ;)

Very cool!! Also, great job integrating the servos into the chassis.

Thanks, was quite challenging, getting wheels steering a 45 degree angle.
Also the N20 DC motor + gears was not easy.
Anyway, I'm happy with the results.

Now busy with truck design number 4, that will be the last one.
Like always, also doing some other projects in between... ;)
I might use your 5th-wheel thingy, because of a possible trailer.
That will be a nice add on for truck number 4.
But I'm also very happy if you finish your trailer :)
(Would be nice to fit a container on top of this.)

nice truck design.
do you have any plans/idea's converting to a R/C Backpack (soon)?

Thanks! Yes, it is still planned. Hard to say how quickly. With the little one to take care of now, I can't crank designs out as quickly as I used to.

I know, having a little one too, making it hard designing new toys...;)

So just started to remix your truck.
I was just wondering, if you had some electronic components in mind, when designing this thing.
Because it's very hard getting something in this design...

I also want to make it compatible with lego minifigs, so had to raise the cap height a bit.
If you like, I could start a remix in thingiverse and working together on a remix?

Collaboration is always fun!

Your concept is actually making the base vehicle, itself, R/C. My concept was sticking with the "accessory" architecture of the M.A.X. Truck System. My vision was essentially a "box" that you would add to the rear chassis of the truck (similar to the fire truck, dump truck, etc.). This is why I refer to this concept as an "R/C Backpack". The truck, itself, remains unchanged. The box (aka "backpack") would be self-contained (batteries, motor, servo, Rx, etc.). Simply installing this box on the truck, adds R/C capability. When the box is removed, the truck is the same as the original base vehicle. The drive motor (possibly a continuous rotation servo) in the box would interface with one set of of the aft drive wheels via a gear that touches those wheels, which matches the tread on them. Granted, this may require an alternate wheel design, more suitable to acting like a gear, but I wanted to experiment with the existing wheels first.

The front of the box would overhang the knob on top of the cab. Inside this overhang would be the actuator arms and "knob interface" to allow a small servo to do the steering through the existing knob. The steering components on the underside of the truck cab would likely need to be loosened to reduce the resistance for the servo. This "overhang" feature means the entire assembly would probably need to be installed vertically onto the truck base vs. slide longitudinally onto the rails. The rails could still be used as a vertical locking feature. A longitudinal lock pin would still be required, like the firetruck has.

I was also thinking of looking into bluetooth receivers such that parents could let their kids drive the vehicle with a smart phone or tablet (seems most kids have these) vs. specialized hobby radios. Not sure about all of that yet though.

In terms of system design requirements for my concept:
1) The base vehicle shall remain unchanged. An exception to this requirement may be the tires, but as a goal, those should remain unchanged. (Obviously this wouldn't apply for the purpose of adding Lego compatibility).
2) Where not dictated by COTS components (servos, motors, etc.), the R/C backpack shall use M3 hardware for consistency with the rest of the M.A.X. Truck system.
3) As a goal, the use of screws should be minimized.
4) Externally exposed screw heads shall be recessed to prevent removal without the use of a tool.
5) Electronics shall be powered by a small 2 cell LiPo.
6) Battery shall be accessible for installation and removal without removal of the backpack from the truck.
7) As a goal, the battery should be rechargeable while still installed in the backpack.
8) The battery shall require a tool to be removed.
9) The R/C backpack shall have a feature that allows for adjustment of the pressure between the motor's "drive gear" and the wheels that they contact.

Thanks for sharing your insight about the "R/C backpack". That's a clear description. :)

For me, I just want to create a tiny RC solution and your truck could be a great candidate.
I like the expandable idea, making the system more fun over time, especially when more people creating all kind of accessories.

In terms of system design, for me system design would be:
An optional upgrade, making the base vehicle R/C and having all other interfaces the same (incl. (outer) wheel size).
In this case, all 'extra' accessory, will fit both platforms.
Next step could be, including electronic interfaces to these accessory too. (Automated rocket launcher or what ever.)
Reasoning including an other system too (lego seems to fit), is making it portable to this other platform, potential increasing game play, but is not mandatory.
So adding a R/C backpack, might rule out some of the accessory.
I do agree with points #2 to #8, although I have no idea what to do with electronics.
Well, let's see what is happening..