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The Fabled Hare (A 3D Printed Ball-jointed Doll)

by loubie Nov 13, 2018
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Forgive me if this information was readily available and I missed it, but how big/what scale is this printed and assembled?

Thank you!

Forgive me if this information was readily available and I missed it, but how big/what scale is this printed and assembled?

Thank you!

First of all this is a really excellent, top tier model you've created. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into it, designing/building the digital model with all its joints and everything that comes with that, testing/troubleshooting, reprinting parts and etc to get it just right. I'm prepping to print it and I was just wondering what the total height/size is when printed and assembled? I have a feeling I want to scale it up a bit but it's hard to gauge the total size from the independent parts.

Thanks to the author for a beautiful face, very inspiring !!

I am very happy you like my hare and that is a very pretty watercolour painting. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful model :)

I printed the head of the hare in an upright position, at 50% scale, the detailing not lost, but appeared noticeable patterns on the boundaries of the layers.

I was a little surprised by the size of the tail. It seemed to me that the hares are bigger = ^ __ ^ =

I'm working on this one now! Love it so far. I've gotten to the ears and Cura wants to prepare them standing upright. I think to myself, surely that can't be right. Can someone confirm what orientation the ears should be printed in?

Upright - like they would on a hare's head. If you look at the base, you'll see it is flattened to accommodate this.

Alright, it’s printing now! Let’s see how this goes!

Are the magnets a requirement for building this, or is it possible to build this without them?

Yes, you'll need the magnets otherwise the hare's head will fall off.

This was so much fun to make. Thank you!

Your make is lovely to see. Thank you!

This looks amazing! But no prints posted of this yet? I must try it before I start doing the chess set for a xmas gift. I may have to order some silver filament. Where did you purchase the eyes?

I made the eyes - how I do this is described in the documentation, but it does look as though suitable eyes can also be purchased through Etsy. Just remember, they need to be flat backed 12mm and designed for animals rather than humans.

Look forward to seeing your make:-)

Yes I saw the info on instructibles after I sent you the question. I actually have a second much larger printer coming in next week and this will be the first project I do on it. I also purchased some nice silver PLA that will look really nice with bright eyes.

Oh how cool! Well, if you do decide to make the eyes and need more info then feel free to PM me(I didn't go into too much detail because I reckoned most people would buy eyes or use them plain and the documentation is long enough as it is)

Hi Loubie,

Fantastic model, can't wait to print it: do you have any advice for infill?

Thank you very much - glad you like it.

The Instructable tells all - look at the section which covers printing:


Oh wow! It really does, I scrolled right past: I should have used find.

Thanks so much!

Oh wow! This is stunning! Such beautiful work, as ever!

Aw! Thank you - glad you like it

This is one of the most beautiful 3d printable things I've ever seen. I can't wait to print it. Thank you SO much for sharing your stunning work here with us. It's so prettyyyyyyy!

Thank you! I love hares - they are so graceful. I look forward to seeing your make.