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Scythe RifRaf Factory Tile Version 2

by Srifraf Nov 13, 2018
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Hey. Firstable nice model. But I have a question. The hexagonal shape match with the big tableboard or to the normal one. Or wich is the file that match with the big one? Thanks mates

The file that is the MetalFullSizeFactory is the biggest factory that is made for the large sized board, accordingly it fits all the mechs and characters on the 3 platforms fine and can also be used on the regular sized board but fits slightly outsize the hex lines a bit on one side. The other factory with the "hex" base is reduced in size so does not fit the mechs on the platforms but the hex base fits the regular size board within the hex lines... hope that helps...

Thanks for this fast reply. I will have a look :)

I LOVE this print, but have one minor question/issue. On the factory symbol right in the middle of the center building (see attached image), the upper left side of the hexagon is not filled in. There is a minor gap on the left side that does not appear on the right side. Was that intentional? Amazing stuff nonetheless and just a very minor nitpick. Thanks for making this thing!!!

Ya it was put there when I rendered the 3d file... the reason is the original graphic is not one color.. it has a 3D appearance to it with light shining from the upper left side... in the logo that line area is lighter in color than the rest to give the 3d "effect" … so it translated into the stl as well...

Ah that makes total sense. Thanks so much for the fast reply, I’m totally new to this as you probably imagined. The model looks amazing on the large Scythe board and my friends are loving it!

What file do i need to use it on the base board?

I just made changes the name to be more clear and added this note:
The Full Size FactoryMetalFullSizeStrongBaseREPV2 file can be printed at 94% to reduce the size to better fit the regular board, any smaller and you will not have the needed platform base for the mechs.

If you need help in order to scale it in your slicer please let me know.

Looks good, I like it.
Would be nice though if you would add some credits to where the parts you used to remix this came from.

You are indeed right and thanks for the reminder... I meant to get to do this long ago... I just posted this:
"Special shout out to Derek from BGG for the initial design inspiration and the many files and thoughts from elsewhere and thingiverse for the many idea designs and inspirations, especially to SevenUnited, PabloNada, Earsling, dutchmogul, macakcat.. great work all!."

All updates are finished, current files and additions all there. Thanks

Hi Shawn, here is the big tile version of the factory on a hex tile base.

I uploaded a cute little 25% version the same size as the Mech... maybe have a look as well, they are not just resized the details are enlarged...thanks for all your work

I just noticed the difference. I was working on a small version as well, so I will use this smaller version for the small tile hex.

That's great, the big factory, 25% and 50% in another post all have the added pipe supports now. Thanks

Created by "NeoInspector" is good?

Sounds good ;-)

here is the factory with an added support...on a couple of pipes at mid level support. And base attachment enlarged. Probably be the best to print going forward..

All done. Swapped the old factory with the new one based on your "FactoryMetalFIXEDPIPESStrongBaseREPV2" model.
The artillery guns are twice the size now. I printed the model and found them way too small and one already broke off (might be me being clumsy but hey, you can't have this on a 15 hour print :-) ).
This should be the final model that can be added to your downloads.
Check it out, if you see adjustments needed, let me know.
BTW, I also uploaded the 50% model in the other download section for the model. It's the same based on the50% model but without the artillery as there is not really enough room.
Happy printing ;-)

That's great... There were some mesh issues so I repaired the file and posted it as ScytheFactoryMetalFULLSIZEwHexREP… you may want to redownload it from here before printing. Another thing I will point out is because of the reduced size... the Mechs will no longer fit on the platforms.. just be aware of that. I messaged you earlier but I think things are getting lost in the mix, the 50% one you did is the old file.. the current one has the updated details and pipe support, sorry for any confusion, thanks for all your work..

Tnx for the update.
About the 50% model, I was aware and just uploaded an update version containing the new stronger model.

Comments deleted.

OK, I'll add this one to my base.

If I remember right I think you can go to about 96% and still fit the mechs and characters on the platforms, you need to clear 30mm to fit the mechs so if you make it any smaller then it may fit the board better, but not the pieces.. make sense?

Hi Srifraf, it looks perfect. Which size I should use I want to print it to basic board?
Thanks for answer

Looks great just like the rest of your designs :)
Just wondering what % infill you used? I was thinking 25 or 30 percent to give it a little weight but thought I would see what you had used.

I used 15%.. 4 outer walls.... I am not sure how much of a weight increase another 10-15% would add, you could consider drilling holes in the bottom and inserting coins, I have done that with some other things successfully. I just updated the post with the printer settings as well. thanks.

What slicer do you use that lets you do supports only under the mech? I can't find a way to do that in Cura.

In Cura you have to first select "generate support" then in the dropdown menu.. select touching build plate only... then it is a balance between increasing your support angle as high as you can up to 89 and lowering your support density as low as you can... you will have to play with these numbers and render between each change until you get the minimum supports that you need and in locations you want....it is a happy compromise and you will likely still end up with supports where you do not want them... but works the best I have found... hope this helps...