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Creality (Ender 3) Filament holder 80mm spools

by mjoaris Nov 11, 2018
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Seems a little too free-wheeling with eSun PETG. Roll spools too much introducing excessive slack which runs the risk of getting caught on the printer. I printed the filRoller_80mm.STL. Is the Roller_cut_out_80mm.STL + Roller_insert_4[85,90].STL designed so as to introduce some friction to avoid this?

It's okay if it rolls a little. For me that has never caused any issues; the filament is held by the extruder so it will not unwind on its own and a little roll will never cause the filament to tangle up. I guess you're good! Otherwise, try to increase the friction a little. The design with insert is meant as a quality of life (printing) upgrade as it is easier to print.

Fits like a glove on my Ender 2 as well.

Works great! I actually dropped my first roller (before I even used it) on a tile floor and broke the end off. So I doubled the wall thickness in my slicer and re-printed. All is well. Thanks for the design!

The roller insert is hollow and breaks at the step down. Other than that it's a quality piece.

I have a lot of babin size 86 mm and 110mm (reel width) (main 86mm; 110 is 2.5 kg not comfortable)
You specify 80 mm - could you correct and make a version of the type 90 mm?

Easiest way to to just scale your x or y axis to the length you need. Should be fine.

I've been using this mount for a little while now with a large variety of brand and paterials and I'm really satisfied with it but today I found the first roll that did NOT fit. AMZ3D pla+ green is too small to fit, I had to revert to stock mount to load it.

I use quite a lot of AMZ3D filament and it's the first spool that doesn't fit this spool holder.

2nd spool that won't fit from Amz3d again.. I have 6 other spool from them that are not as small as this.. I don't know if this is because it's a newer model or older model.. I've attached pictures of the rogue spool..

I have several same size as you showed in the pictures... I¿´m using another tube inside the Ender 3D tube... Any suggstion?

Sorry, I can't figure out where the file is for the bracket (or where to get the bracket) that attaches the roller assembly to the top rail of the CR10. What am I missing? Thanks for the great design.

I suspect that 2 of the files are marked as 'hidden'. When I use one file explorer I can see all the files. When I use a different file explorer, I can only see 2 files.
Hope that helps.

Fits on the CR-10 bracket mounted on the control box, and works like a charm. Excellent!!!

I think the CR10 holds the spool on top of the control box? Not sure though. It should be a similar metal bracket.

Of course. I neglected to consider that you intended this for an Ender. I moved to the bracket to the top rail on my CR10 and it looks like it will work. Thanks.

I had a real problem with supports around the threads for the holder. Any advice on settings to use for this so that I can remove them without tearing up the threads?

If you set the support overhang angle to greater than 60 degrees, it will not put supports on the threads. I was able to print the thread without support. It might look messy, but once you screw the nut on you won't see it again, it'll be fine.

Any chance of doing a version that has the mounting base that attaches to the arm at an angle to match the side mount reel holder angle so the spool sits on the roller properly. Hopefully you know what I'm meaning.

You should check out micweis' make on the 8th of Februaryt 2019 for what you are asking. For that side spool mount, you can just rotate the metal Creality part 180 degrees

Of course. Did not even think of that. Thanks!

It took me a while to decide if I should bother printing this as I was not sure it was necessary. Now that its installed, the spool roller resistance is MUCH less that stock! So glad I did. For the roller, I printed the one with pins in place standing on end. I used supports and a "Brim Line Count" of 40 in cura. Stuck to stock bed like a dream and very sturdy. - Any friction I can remove on the inlet of the extruder means less chance of it skipping and under-extruding.

I was able to successfully print this after a few changes.
first I used PETG and it didn't work because it must have shrunk. the nut had a hard time screwing on. I went with PLA and it worked.

Printing the FilHolder, I had to stand it up on the thread and use supports everywhere in cura. Skirt and no brim needed.
Printed the FillerBraceCrealityNut by itself without any support, only set it to "touching the bed"
Printed the FilRoller without support standing up, only set it to "touching the bed"

works perfect with skateboard bearings.

Any tips on the print position of the FilHolder_80mm_V1.stl ?

Tried in two diffrent positions now and both failed :X

I successfully printed it vertically with the threaded part on the build plate. I used a brim for extra adhesion.

im afraid that it will fall of, ill give it a try, thx for feedback <3

i cutted the top now to test if it will print without support.


LOVE this design. I use it "side mounted". I struggled a bit with print orientation and supports, but made it work. I printed another design w/ bearings, but it was too "freewheeling"....and if the spool was out of balance it would over-rotate and put a bunch of slack in the filament feed. Your design puts a slight tension on the feed/spool and works perfectly. Thanks!!

I use a AMZ3D filament with an inner diameter that just fits the stock Ender 3 spool holder. This won’t work for this filament spool will it. ?

Hi, the inner diameter of the spool should be 50mm or larger to fit this filament holder. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the Remix.

I have two questions: What is the difference between Roller_insert_485.stl and the ....490? Which one do i need to print?

And are these one the right: https://www.ebay.de/itm/4-Kugellager-608-ZZ-8-x-22-x-7-mm/251514839761?hash=item3a8f73e2d1:g:OmoAAOSwofxUmCMV:rk:1:pf:0

Thanks and greetings from Germany

Hi cheat008, thank you!

What is the difference between Roller_insert_485.stl and the ....490? The difference is the outer diameter of the shaft which needs to be inserted. My advice is: print both and see which fits the best! Which size fits best depends on extruder calibration, filament, settings, etc.

Yes, two 608ZZ bearings are needed. I will add this in the thing discription.

Thanks for making this awesome remix mjoaris! Any idea on which is more likely to work? Or which is better if they both do? Trying not to waste filament... Thanks!

Thanks for answering this I was wondering why too :) Thanks for the design my friend :)