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Parametrized SCARA robotic arm. Customizable. 1200+ g PAYLOAD !!!

by Kalium Nov 10, 2018
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I am building this now... wondering what board to get for the build. I have been unsuccessful in finding the 3Drag board in the USA.

There are lots of 3D printer boards that will run Marlin. Do I just pick one? Can someone help me decide preferably with the option to buy on Amazon? Also, are there tutorials on what to change within Marlin to run a SCARA?

THANK YOU for placing this on Thingiverse... my kids and I plan to really learn from it!

In line of principle each 3d printer board is ok. The only thing is if you need servos or not.
With only steppers you've to change few things (steps for degrees).
If you choose a more available board let me know so I can add marlin setups for that card too.

Ok... I will pick a board and edit this comment when I have it.

Just printed out the parts and assembled - not sure if if this is correct behaviour but I find thst in some circumstances the two arms both move (e.g. I move the second arm and the first arm moves as well. I unhooked the first arm motor but still moves under some circumstances

Is this to be expected?

Had trouble getting the stack of bearings to sit at the 44mm.height - had to take out a spacer but not sure how kuch of an impact,but will try some more. I am using 3D printed tpu belts and 3d printed 6002 bearings at present.

Hi, the bearings should fit nicely without extra spacers.
I encountered the same problem (both arms moving) because of a poor gear printing (internal gear). The problem was solved with a new printed gear without brim. Anyway, for a precise movement I put an M17 command (enable motors) before moving X Y axes.

Ok I will reprint that gear - I did print without support but no brim. I have managed to make the 'stack' fit by sliding the lm8uu into the top.

Will give it a try. Have ordered real bearings too

Here is a simple Z endstop to screw on top of the motor holder. It works with a makerbot style endstop (3 wires, like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4971, but many versions exist). The height is for a pancake style motor, you may need to change this for other motors (openscad source attached as well). I plan to add end stops for the arm segments as well.

Mechanical Endstop v1.2

Very nice idea! Keep me informed about your work

Still working on this ... moved z end stop fixture to the side of the motor base, which makes installation easier. But this means I need to move around the hole for the trigger screw on the bottom carriage. I seem to have failed in terms of version control, so I need to sort out these things ...

I also need to figure what to do to have a good end stop trigger on the proximal arm; the way yours is designed the body is slimmer than the path of the GT2 belt -- nice in terms of weight, but it means I will need to add some way to fix this.

I was able to re-use the distal arm from the MPSCARA I built beforehand, so I will use that for now (it has a trigger block built-in already).

I will! I am currently using the MPSCARA arm I had printed before, but the proximal arm is blocked by the front screw assembly early. So I am torn between changing out the arm or building an endstop fixture for what I currently have.

Hi, finally a student of mine realized the XY and Z endstop supports!

Hi, I built the XY endstop support, and while it works, it's not ideal for Makerbase style endstops (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32808678951.html). Also, the attainable angles of the arms limit the work area (I am losing about 23mm on X compared to the XY endstop support from MPScara).

That said, it works! See https://youtu.be/cRcnrH5-Lzw for a sample homing run.

Hi, thank you for the make and for the suggestions!

Thanks for this remix !
What is the print area size with originals STL?

Awesome design!!! I wanted to design one, but you already did :) Will print ASAP and buy the belts meanwhile :) will add an inductive Z probe and my incredible Duet Wifi
Psd: the hardware stuff is the same as the one from Ideaagraf?

Hi, thank you! Keep me informed about your building. More or less the hardware is the same of Idegraaf. In detail you should buy 6x lm8uu, 3x 6002zz and 3x 608zz. Soon I'll add a more detailed BOM.


How to scar?
What software do you use? You can share the electrical scheme and program?

Hi, I've just added the preliminary files for wiring, programming and control

thank you for the question. Currently I just connected motors to a 3D printer I have and I used manual control. I just started playing with marlin software (some old version). Up to now I'm designing end stops and then I will try to understand how to connect and use servos from marlin (I need to use gripper for my final project).
The final idea is to use a raspberry (for the wifi connection and board programming) connected to a 3D printer board.
I saw some interesting marlin adapted for scara (see MPscara https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2487048) but still I need servos support (also I wish to buy some not too much expensive board, if you have suggestions let me know).

MPSCARA: Mostly Printed SCARA Robot

Great job! can you share individual part?

Hi, thank you. Here it is a (possible) plating for printing. You can detach all the parts by using repetier-host, for example. Please note that this robot is under development, so in the future some parts could be changed or added (like endstop holders).

yes, I can separate each individual pieces and save as stl, but it cannot be anymore parametric :( I'm developing a native firmware for scara's, and I will change the structure and I need to modify this design to adapt to acme threaded rod(much velocity) and adapt encoder's, if you can provide each individual part as .scad (when you have time) I can continue with the develop :)

Hi, I separated bases, that I think you should be interested in. If you see comments in the scad file, you've four parts (//lower motor base
//nut blocker //608zz cap //upper motor base). In the beginning of the file you can find vars used for the generation. If you need more help tell me what you need exactly.
I've a question for you: I saw your videos where you're showing an inverse kinematic software. Have you written that code? is freely available? Currently I'm starting considering IKPy.

Hi, thanks I'll check it after my graduation in some days :)
respect to the inverse kinematics, I upload the code
if you use QT you can compile it and run in your OS
if not, just take a look "mainwindow.h" in the function "void cinematica_inversa(double x2, double y2, double paso1,double paso2, double paso3, double paso4)"
I hope you find it useful

Ok, thank you. Good luck for your graduation!