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Wearable Infinity Gauntlet

by MonsterMovieProps Nov 9, 2018
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Do you have instructions for this anywhere? I fafnir figure out how the thumb base goes on

I don't have any instructions I'm afraid, the thumb base is attached using glue

Saw this and currently printing it for my sons birthday. Thank you for making it! I do need some help, however. I scaled it down to 80% using makerbot print as my slicer and it came ok with the exception of the fingers...

Do you have nay suggestions on how to print them to have cleaner lines and still keep the moveable parts free? I am printing with raft and supports on Makerbot Rep2. Other than the fingers, most of the parts came out good.

hey, not sure as I haven't printed then any smaller myself, I would've thought they would print out ok at 80%, ill have a look into it!

It printed ok at 80% except for the fingers... at 80% the fingers are still way big for my son... I am only limited to scaling it using tinkercad so my measurements are really not precise...
and since printing the fingers require supports, the final outcome is messy and hard to put together... im currently looking for other design that i can mesh with your design and hope it would work...

What materials did you use besides the electronics and print material?

How much print time does this take...approximately?

Where can I get leds for the stones? Also, what wires and battery should I get?

how do you put the "thumb shield base" on the palm ?

How do you join the knuckle to the finger base and the other small piece?

I use 3mmX14mm dowel pins, but you can use screws

Is it possible that i can print 3x14 mm rods

No, they’re way too small, and they’d just break. I’d just use a m3 screw or nut and bolt

Comments deleted.

I told my son I will print this for him for his birthday, looks great. I will have to scale it down of course for a 7yr old. I am thinking of using a glove underneath some type of working glove and glue the parts instead of using elastic. Looks awesome!

If I want the LED to shine through the stones, do I then need to print in clear?

Probably yeah, but I didn’t do that, I imbedded leds in resin

for the fingers did you print the fingers twice. for example, the index finger there's the front side. should we also print it again for the back side of index finger.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean. The fingers just print all as one bit, they’re not separate

What's the hand size on this? My son wants this as a Halloween costume but I need to figure out how much I should shrink this. Any help would be appreciated!

Hey! Can you measure your sons hand? Palm width, length and complete length from wrist to tip of middle finger?

My son is similar to the size below, very interested In the scaling

Hopefully I did this right...

Full length: approx 145mm
Length: approx 85mm
Width: approx 75mm

Thank you so much for the help. He's 8 (going on 9) and loves Thanos. I could buy something easily but this makes it more special. Let me know if you need something else.

Evening! I was wondering if you had any updates or knew what I should do to minimize the gauntlet for his hand. Thanks!

How come the pinky base doesn't have any holes in it? Us that just for me because in s3d the holes are filled in

can you create the nanotech version?

already have ;) in the prototyping stage at the mo

I'm almost done printing, will soon be on paternity leave for 2 weeks with my girl and new born, so I'll have some time sanding, painting and assembling this beast!

has anyone tried connecting it to a welding glove?

Just wanted a follow up on when would you be able to post the ironman infinity gauntlet?

I'm Still confused on how you hooked up the fingers to your hand. How exactly did you do it?

I didn’t hook the fingers to my hand, they’re connected to the inside of the palm with elastic

So I casted the stones from resin in pla molds. Now they're stuck. I know it probably wasn't very smart but I had no other option. Anyone have any advice on how to get them out? Because I already tried heating up the pla and then the stone started to melt a little too. If I'm just screwed at this point does anyone have any better ways to cast them? Because I do not have any pliable molding I can use and id like them to look good.

After PLA plastic has melted to a surface, it's pretty much game over from their. The best thing I'd suggest to do is to try and redo them but dust the inside of the molds this time with flour or cornstarch.

I was thinking. Would it be easier to use something like playdough for a mold? Just a thought

no, your completly screwed if you didnt use a release agent

Well what do I do then?

try making simple molds of the printed stones using proto putty, then cast into those.

This is awesome! Also, I'm designing an implementation for this with a microcontroller and some WS2812 LEDs. It will lower the over battery requirement down to 2 AAs and also allow for programmable motions. I'm specifically designing one for a snap! I'll keep y'all posted.

Here's an interesting idea. Replace the resistor with a potentiometer (Basically an adjustable resistor). That way, you can adjust the brightness of the stones, so you can "activate" the stones for using them and snapping.

The circuit used for this uses a 100 ohm resistor. So, if you were to use a potentiometer, make sure it is 100 ohms.

So I am having a lot of trouble with the knuckles on this, even when i print them lying down they still are really weak in the same 2 spots every time did you have any issues with them? if so what did you change to make it work better?

Hey, this model looks pretty cool but I have a feeling that assembly won’t be that easy. Is there some sort of video out there with instructions on how to assemble this? If there isn’t, will there be one anytime soon?

Read a comment below from April 30. 2019 by Razoraxis047. He has a timelapse video up in youtube.

Comments deleted.

can someone plz let me know what glove is used in the project

I just bought a gold silk clothe (sorta expandable material) at hobby lobby for $2.13

This is amazing by the way. Great work!!!! Its what tipped me over the edge to buying a 3D printer. Can't wait to get started on it. Would it scale up you think? I struggle to buy gloves as nothing ever fits and even size XL gloves are snug.

So when are you making the Stark version?!

I’m about half way through it now


I'll be able to wear one on the left and one on the right hand!

hi do you have a video tutorial?

How did you connect the rubber bands through the knuckle hole? I cant seem to understand that part

The fingers aren’t connected with rubber bands, that was just for testing. I used elastic in the final ones

Ohhhh, i see. Thanks for the info.

Can someone please verify if there is an error on the Left Wing part, or just me? Im using cura 3.5 and 4.0 and seeing same issue.

Hey! Yeah as far as I know there’s not a problem, I didn’t have any problem either! Maybe there’s something in your settings?

i have the same issue in S3d. its problem with very thin wall. you need to set width of extrusion very low and the hole in the model will dissapear.

My daughter avie "thAVIEnos" loves the gauntlet, thank you for the file. I had to scale it down to her size. Jpg#4 is the based coat with semi-gold, and jpg#1 is the final result.

We fixed the issue by thickening the wall were the hollow at. The line passage on the wall is too thin for cura to recognize so it's showing as hollow.

Thank you and awesome design by the way, can't wait for the ironman version =).....

It looks great, and I know this is asking a lot, but could you change the designs (not shape) to look like the iron man gauntlet? I think everything is similar enough that i can print and paint it, except for the design on the front arm area and around the mind stone. Obviously this is alot to ask, so thanks for making the original anyway.

Well I’ve already just about finished modelling that one from scratch! Hoping to start printing it in the next few days ;)

Nice! Keep us updated, and good job on both. The designs are very accurate and this is probably the best print on this website

OMG awesome, I'm almost done printing mine and my daughter. Keep us posted as I want to print the ironman version for my son.

Hello! I love this model and I would like to print it in the future, but my printing bed is only 5x5. (:/) Is there any possible way to split up the biggest pieces, like maybe into quarters? It would really mean a lot and I look forward to (Hopefully) printing this soon.

Hey, thanks :)

So your bed is 5x5cm? How tall is it? I think you’d have to split the arm bit into a lot more than quarters I’m afraid, I can do it for you, but that’ll be a bloody nightmare flying it and sorting all those seems!

Basically it’s 120mm x 120mm x 120mm. It’s a Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer V2, if that helps. Here’s the website: https://www.monoprice.com

Also, thanks for the reply!

Here is my completed infinity gauntlet. I shaped gemstones for the stones instead of printing or resin molding, I used a 3s lipo battery in place of 2 9 volts and ran the LEDs in parallel, and I made the glove. Here is a build video to check it out if interested: https://youtu.be/qbDT0Xa_EZs

Looks amazing! What gemstones did you use and how were they shaped

Thank you. I used Gemstones that you can purchase at A craft store or somewhere like Walmart. I shaped them with a sander, I showed it briefly in the video if you would like to check it out :)

Did you had any problem with the Left Wing Part? I am seeing a hollow on the middle of the part, no matter which version i use, cura 3.5 or 4.0 shows the same issue.

What nozzle diameter and layer height are you using? I believe that part showed some issues standing but I laid it down on the inside face and it fixed it.

What rating is the resistor?

What length would the 3mm pins have to be? Would it just be easier to use m3 screws?

Comments deleted.

Yes, a guide to assemble this or even just things I will need to buy. That would be helpful

1.5 resolution it's not too big?

Comments deleted.

Ahhh that should actually say 0.15! Thanks for pointing that out!

how do you print the fingers? there is no good way to lay it, and i have to print the whole finger at one, and supports won’t work with this? anyone have any tips? do i rotate it? find a way to divide the finger pieces up?

just saw that you already did, thanks tho, i’m gonna try to print this for end game premier, just got gold/bronze filament to do this, and did a test print to make sure the size is right, i’m so excited to see this come out!

This is an awesome model. I am trying to get this ready for endgame! I see you split the arm into part A and B. Sadly my print only prints 6x6 and they are just a little to big. Would it be possible to split them in half long ways? I added a picture if that helps. I appreciate all the work on the model!

Thanks very much! It was unintentional when I printed my arm in 2 bits, the print failed and I didn’t want to reprint the whole arm! Haha
I can get those parts split up for you, I’ll upload them asap!

Awesome, thank you very much! Can't wait to start printing it :D

How did you connect the knuckle piece to the finger base piece?

I used 3mm dowel pins ;)

Hi, I have been making this with my daughter and having a ton of fun. By chance do you have a file with the fingers separate so I could stand them up and print? I have ran them twice and my printer is giving me a hard time on the lower layers because of the supports under it.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it1
Im sure I could sort that out for you. though the hinges will be a lot weaker that way, and may snap! it will take more finishing printing on their sides, but it is worth it! but I'll get them up for you asap :)

does the elastic band run from the wrist, through the wings notches into the palm?

There you go, all uploaded, hope this helps!

Thanks a lot!!!! I will let you know how it turns out.

so will I have to use pins or screws to make the fingers attached? move?

I used dowel pins, but its up to you

I have i problem with left wing, it has holes in model

the model is totally fine, it must be either your slicer or printer settings ;)

When i choose 0.2 Nozzle and 0.08 layerheight the problém is still here

have you got a 0.2 nozzle on it?

Is there a way that you happen to have the fingers on the platform in 1 STL?

all of the fingers together?

Yeah, I have a relatively big printer so I’d like to get some of it done in only a couple of prints

If you want to print more than one file at a time, just add them all into your slicer, you don’t need them in one file ;)

Comments deleted.

I'm having trouble getting the palm_a part to stick to the bed. It loosens a couple layers in. I haven't had trouble to print anything else, it's just that specific part, any tips on getting it to stick?

To be honest, I’ve not printed that, I printed all my parts in one, apart from the arm that failed a 2/3 of the way in! But it shouldn’t be the file, use a large brim, and or check your levelling

How did you attach the hinge that connects the fingers to the palm to the knuckle? I don't see any pins to keep the hinges attached to the knuckles.

Hey, I used small metal pins to attach those parts, as 3d printing this parts would lead to constant failing of the joint!

I have this questions as well

I was hoping to be able to make this although I am having trouble printing the index finger. I was wondering if you would be able to include a folder for each finger that had the different parts all separated so that it would be easy to adjust each one individually on the build plate. I tried separating the mesh myself with your .obj file although I could not figure it out / my computer couldn't handle it.

hey, sorry to hear that! have you tried chopping them up in tinkercad? if so, I can do it for you, but id have thought your machine should be able to handle tinkered, but give me a shout if you still have no joy!

Thank you! I was able to figure it out and the index finger just came out great!

Comments deleted.

I would like if at all possible one of the next things you make to be the Right Hand of Doom from Hellboy, so I can snap half the world away with the gauntlet on my left hand and then send the rest down with my right hand. Please make the Right Hand of Doom

hahaha, you know, that has already crossed my mind ;) I may have to add that to the list! been busy modelling a lot of bits lately! cyberpunk weapons, Spiderman stealth suit goggles to name a couple! but I may have to get on hellboy!

Man the functional design of this gauntlet is fantastic and a huge improvement over Happymoon's if you're looking to wear it. Only problem is I'm not a big fan of the back-of-the-hand design as it's unfortunately less screen accurate, did you do all these designs yourself? Very impressive!

Hey, thanks very much! Do you mean the palm? I had to leave it blank like that so there is room to bend your fingers and make a fist unfortunately. I may well revisit is and make a new one at some point!
Yeah I did it all myself, got a few other projects underway at the mo. Just finished Spider-Man’s stealth suit goggles, which the lenses retract like in the trailer ;)

Oh I mean the wing design, the ring around the mind stone is more oval shaped in the movie and the whole decal/design is thinner overall across the back of his hand, but again that's me being admittedly super nitpicky and it's a very impressive sculpt regardless! Do you have any guides or tutorials or any sort of advice on how you got started doing this? I would love to make my own designs (maybe one day be as good as you) but have literally no clue where to start!

How did you attach the elastic? Just super glue?

Yeah man, that’ll get it done! Let me know how you get on or if you need any help!

I used hot glue, not sure super glue would hold it enough :)

I've never had luck getting hot glue to stick to my PLA for some reason. Just peels right off after it dries. Maybe I'll try some epoxy. That'll git er done. Lol.

Hi what material is best or did you use to make this?

It was 3d printed in pla

Did you wire the LED's up in series or parallel? I'm assuming parallel.

There’s a diagram of how I wired them up in the photos :)

Yes, I would like if you could do that.

Ok, I’ll see what I can do for you

For the Finger parts, could you add files with only one of the parts, not 4?

Hey, so you want the finger parts, all in individual files?

What mold making kit did you use to create the molds for the stones? Been looking at a couple of kits online and don't know what to buy.

I used this kit from amazon, it did the job, but it’s really not the best option, but for making one gauntlet it’s probably the easiest and cheapest route!


I used this kit from amazon, it did the job, but it’s really not the best option, but for making one gauntlet it’s probably the easiest and cheapest route!


Hello, how are the thumb shield and thumb shield base supposed to look, i cant see a good photo and I'm lost on how it attaches to the hand

That is exactly what I needed, thank you so much, I'm having a blast making this

Can you put a link to something on Amazon for the wiring of the LED...I saw the wiring diagram but I would like to know what you bought so that I can look into getting that...it is the next step in the process I need to move on. Thank you so much

Hey, this is what I used from amazon, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01CE5DKN2?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_pd_title
Came with leds and resistors, can’t wait to see yours all done!

few tips about printing it? i worry about supports as figers and arm part needs them. should i twist the model or use it as it is in download? supports everywhere or just touching base? do i need to support on fingers?

I printed them as they are, finger parts on their sides, with supports everywhere. For the arm I had supports everywhere, but it was a nightmare removing all the supports from the details, so you might wanna just have support touching the bed to make finishing a bit easier!

I have finished making mine and it looks really bad because this was my time making anything like this. The model was great though, the only issues I had was that it was unclear how to assemble it using the elastic and I also slightly modified some of the fingers because they pinched my skin when I curled my fingers. I bought some xtc-3d to use on the second one. Does anyone reading this know if I should use a primer over the xtc-3d or just paint it and also what kind of paints and primers would stick best to the xtc-3d? Some of the paint has been rubbing off of my first gauntlet when parts make contact with each other.

Yeah, you're not good at making things. Just give up.

And I hope your wittle fingers get better from being pinched....

Don't be a cunt.

Hey, yeah you’d need to use a primer over the top of xtc, and to stop the paint wearing off, I’d go over it with a clear coat when it’s all painted, that should stop some paint wearing off, I also lined the back of the wing parts with 1mm from sheets to try and stop them rubbing too.

Can you cut the arm and palm pieces in half?

Comments deleted.

How is the thumb supposed to be assembled?

its connected with elastic, with loops to attach it to your thumb

It would be exceptionally helpful if you could post photos of what you mean. It’s not very clear.

I've added some more pics of the thumb, hope this helps

Ah, that’s very helpful, thanks. I actually meant the thumb base/shield part though.

Ahhhh ok, sorry! That part I super glued to the palm to make it all one solid part ;)

do you have it so the wrist is movable or is it all glued in place

Yeah you can move your wrist, I connected it all together with elastic

Can you add the infinity stones to print separately?

hey, sorry it took so long, been super busy lately! but I've split the stones up for you

yeah I'll see what I can do for you

What kind of glove did you use?

What kind of elastic did you use? Like, where’d you buy it from?

Also, in the images you’ve posted of the insides, what’s the yellow stuff? Putty or something?

I used 1inch elastic, you should be able to get it pretty easy, amazon or something like that.

I used 1mm foam sheet to line the inside of some parts to stop wearing the paint off mainly

...And I used in in the fingers and inside the palm for comfort/covering the wires ;)

Cool, thank you. What'd you use for paint?

I used a primer for the base, and then some rust-olium metallic bright gold, then I weathers with various coloured acrylics, then gave it a clear coat on top

Does the palm connect to the arm at all, because when I scaled it to fit the base of the arm is massive and just slides down my arm. Any suggestions?

You shouldn’t need to scale anything, it’s all the right size, unless your hand it’s massive! Haha
It’s all connected with elastic, with a loop of elastic inside the palm that goes around your hand to anchor the palm to your hand. You’ll have to pad The arm with foam, or else it will move around ;)

Ok so it is the foam i was missing that, and pads out the arm...thanks for the update, I hope to be able to post a print early next year.

Could you provide a procedure to putting it together and/or how to make it stay together? Would be much appreciated.

Focused more on the thumb pieces in general.

Hey, there’s various bits and photos I’ve posted here in the comment section, or on my Facebook page :)

The thumb is basically connected with elastic, and held onto your thumb with a loop of elastic ;)

No worries! If you get stuck anywhere just drop me a message!

Comments deleted.

Just another request, sorry to be a pain. Would it be possible to upload the thumb base separated? I’m having a hard time with the standing part and supports!

Thanks bro!

all done for you! uploaded the "ThumbShield" and "ThumbShieldBase"

No worries, I’ll get that sorted and uploaded for you asap! :)

You sir, are a a hero. Thank you!

Comments deleted.

Does this model need to be scaled? If needed, how much is best

Hey! How do you construct the gauntlet? Please let me know.

hey, I mostly used elastic to connect the parts together, there are various photos and bits I've put in the comments here, or there are some other photos on my facebook page

Are you able to snap your fingers with it?

Any update on the new thumb design?

Currently doing this and got 2 fingers the palm and the stones done!

Would be cool to give us the final caps in a separate file, cause they tend to brake when removing supports.

Not had time to redo the thumb yet, as I’ve got a few other projects on at the moment, but I will get to it soon!
Sweet! Can’t wait to see it all done!
I can do that for you, I’ll add them on their own so you can print them as you want!

Also, if you could share or point me to a DIY on the circuit board for the LEDS it would be awesome! :) thanks!

Hey, here's what I did for my wiring, hope this helps!

Comments deleted.

Yeah man no worries, I’ll draw up a little diagram for you!

Thanks man! Let me know when you upload them!

Currently doing the Thumb base... will definitely post a pic and comment when done!

Just uploaded the knuckle parts separately for you too, let me know how you're getting on!

Currently finishing the two wings, will need to start the 48h print of the ARM soon! Then simply need to finish with the thumb base and assemble it!

Did you glue or attach the fingers to the glove or did you use the rubber band supports? Could you attach a pic of the fingers attached to the glove without the palm so that I can see how they fit the glove?

Hey! The glove is totally I dependant if the gauntlet, and the fingers are attached inside the palm with elastic, I just put the glove on, then slide my hand in ;)

Are there pins for the top knuckle sheild? I see the slots but should there be pins to secure it to the finger and to the little attachment that you had rubber bands on? Did you secure it to the glove in some way or just let it rest on the glove?

No all the printed parts you need are there, I used metal pins, as printed ones would be far too flimsy to hold.
The glove is completely separate, with no parts attached at all

Hello again

How does the thumb connect to the glove and/or the hand piece? Do you have any build/assembly pics of the thumb section?

I just used elastic to connect the thumb, and strapped it around my thumb :)

how to do the wings attach to the arm, I noticed the hooks on the inside of the wings but do not see where they attach or how they threaded through. Any help and or pics would be awesome, thank you in advance

I threaded elastic through the loops, then glued it to the arm, hopefully this pic helps

I threaded elastic through them, then got glued the elastic to the arm, I’ll get some photos for you so you can see

So the elastic is pulled through, so they become one piece attached to the arm or are they attached to each side individual? Sorry, this is throwing me off, but the pics did help give me some ideas.

Yeah it’s pulled through and connects both the wings, the. The elastic is glued to to arm, hope you get it sorted!

hey there! I also have a Tevo Tornado, and was wondering if you had printed each part seperatly or if you printed them all together? Great looking gauntlet!

Hey, I printed all the parts separately, just I case of failure really! ;)

you're saying you don't trust your TT?! XD
Ok will do that ;) thanks buddy!

Hey what is the part between the fingers and the parm model? Is it a painted glove or am i missing a part? x) Other than that fantastic work!

Thanks very much! Yeah that’s a gold glove I got off amazon, you should have all the parts :)

Love the model and the detail/quality you did. Was wondering what process did you use to smooth out the print? Just sanding, bondo, filler, etc?

Yeah pretty much! Used filler primer spray, some bondo and a lot of sanding!

one word amazing, im close to finish to print all the parts

Thanks! :D I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Could you possibly upload the files as .f3d files as well? .obj doesn't really play nice when you open it in fusion again. Looks amazing though :)

hey, I uploaded the .f3d files for you, the fingers aren't complete in there though as the hinges were added in tinkercad.
Also, did you want all the parts for the fingers separated?

Also possibly including all separate parts individually? It would really help for placement.

Yeah I’ll see what I can do, just heading out to work now, but I’ll try and get it sorted later for you

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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you created what? u fukin stole game model, look you even do bad smooth, just tell truth

What game model?

He was claiming I stole this from a game for some reason

Yeah I saw that part but what game/game model is he talking about? So far the only game i know to of put in the infinity gauntlet is flippen fortnite, and the fornite model looks nothing like the movie model which this looks like.

Yeah not got a clue mate! He wouldn’t have it, we exchanged a few messages. Apparently tho, he’s going to get a game model and do it to prove that I stole it tho, so that’s something to look forward to!

Comments deleted.

What filament did you use to print this. Also how did you make the infinity stones.

have a look on my facebook page, there's a few more photos of it on there, and I'm planning on uploading a video soon

I used Surreal Pla, prints really nice, and its a good price too!
for the stones I printed them, mad moulds, and cast the LEDs into resin, worked a treat!

this looks fricking amazing

Im gonna need you to make like an assembly video with also like how to set up the lights, and a part list for the lights

Hey, I’ll see what I can do, here’s a few pics of how mine was put together, tho I ran out of time for mcm so had to throw it together a bit! And I’ll add a wiring diagram for the lights too asap

Awesome. I would like to watch your process during the modeling of this in fusion360.
You should consider having it printed in metal from shapeways.

Or go hardcore and get yourself a foundry!

Well done.

thanks very much!
Yeah a metal one would be pretty amazing! maybe I'll do that one thew next one, I already have some improvements in mind

Is it set to only have the rubber bands on fingers?

no, that was only to test them out. I used elastic to anchor them to the palm

Awesome! Thanks this is so good.