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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Modular Ender 3 Electronics Enclosure

by KC3D-LLC Nov 8, 2018
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Where can I find the files for the Pro version of this?


Damn Nice Looking Kit!!!...Your printer control board for your Ender 3 doesn't look stock....What Is It???....Thanks In Advance!!!

MKS Gen L. Very nice board

You forgot cheap! Don’t forget cheap

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Is the regulator mount AND the Pi mount both supposed to fit? I'm having trouble visualizing how that would work. Also, the holes under the Pi mount are cosmetic or?

No, only one can be used at a time. For regulators when using the Pi I just double sided tape them to the front panels. The hole in the Pi mount is to reduce plastic use, nothing further.

I was thinking of doing my own design, but you're doing good so might just use yours.
Why is all the ports on the Pie facing backwards (towards a closed wall) and the power connector into the side wall?
To make it even more modular and applicable to alternate solution, maybe have lose face/back plates that either snap or screw in (You already have pillars in each corner designed in that could be used for the purpose. Then people can design their own faceplates for your enclosure with logos on and whatever ports they need accessible (and different boards dropped in with suitable adapter.

so how is everyone connecting the USB from the PI to the MKS board? ethernet and usb hit against the back wall and stop mounting. thought about flipping my pie aroundand have the wires comming out of the front and then into the hole for usb into the mks board usb. I can get the Pie working on wifi to eliminate the the ethernet but standard USB cable hits against the back wall.

so now looking at the pictures above i see two instances, one where the pie is close to the back wall and one where it is not. maybe flipping the bracket the pie sits on?

The Pi mount was designed with a right angle USB cable in mind. A short right angle USB A to right angle USB-B is used to connect the Pi to the printer. It was also designed for WiFi, not Ethernet. In theory you could flip the Pi around so the USB ports face forward, cut out some of the verticals in the front panel so a USB Cable and Ethernet cable could pass through, and use a straight (e.g. not right angle) USB cable to connect to the Pi and then to the printer. Then of course you'd have a USB cable passing needlessly outside the enclosure, which is what I was wanting to avoid, hence the right angle cable being used.

thanks. also any chance of adding 80mm fan with 10mm hight mounts to the top plates? i seen someone did it for a remix of this for the pro but those dont fit on the reg ender 3. I have TMC 2130's and they require active cooling of the steppers. so i need big fans or some sort of fan duct/tunnel for the steppers and none on thingi seem to fit in ur case. i ordered the 80mm fans and just planed to cut the holes larger but something to think about.

I've made a Base Cover Left with holes for a 80mm fan. Fan will go on top as there's not enough room for it below the surface of the cover. 80x10 would be ideal, but a 80x25 should fit without hitting the bed. The files will be on GitHub shortly.

I plan to have one fan pushing in to the case on the right and one pulling out of the case on the left creating one big air tunnel

There should be more than enough airflow with a single 80mm fan IMO. I'm only using a 40mm fan and my TMC drivers run cool and have no issues with heat printing at 150mm/s.

do you have the MKS 1.4? the extruder is directly under the y axis and does not get hit by the fan. even with the 2 80s down low it does not seem to cool the extruder and i get overheating temp warnings from the tmc2130's. even tried replacing the driver with a different one that i know was fine. hate to put a little 40mm fan just for extruder. might get a small piece of copper and try attaching the extruder heatsink to the ender 3 frame since its right there. use the whole printer as a heatsink lol

tried putting a little 30mm fan on it but its to big to sit sideways so it was on an angle. didnt have enough ventalation around the heatsing to really push air on it. it did better but not enough. might need to design a steppor driver air tunnel for the drivers like this that fits in the case. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2877312 right now this is too big and will hit the pi. right now i took a small heatsink chip and put it ontop of the taller heatsink that came with it to make contact with the y axis frame. hoping this will transfer the heat into the frame for a heatsink. i had to raise my feat up a little bit bc the heatsinks combined was a little higher and the entire printer was actually sitting on the stepper. kicked off another print this morning lets see what happens. if i do a print with minimal retraction the stepper works ok with current cooling, but if i do something that has alot if fails about an hour in. the spi slowly reduces the power to try to fight the heat till it fails. just as a not its driving a bmg extruder.

MKS 1.4 air tunnel for TMC drivers + fan adapter

It would be awesome to add the Fysetc F6 to this case

What's happen with files? Currently is available only Base_Left_V1.2.stl and that's all. :/

project has been moved to GitHub. link is in the description

Thanks for info. But it seems there is missing Ender 3 "PRO" version yet.

Yes that's my bad. I meant to leave the Pro version on Thingiverse. I don't really have time to maintain 2 versions of the same thing, so I do not have plans to further develop the Pro version of the enclosure. I'll be uploading them here soon.

Comments deleted.

Encloser prints great , Pi adaptor puts the pi to close to the right hand side, to use the 5v power connector. Dont worry me so much as i plan to power over GPIO.

Keep up the good work the Encloser is great....

yes, it was designed with GPIO power in mind using regulators.

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Just to add to BladeScraper point ....The PI needs be run off some sort of Regulator. DONT try pick up 5v of the mks board..... It will only end in smoke!!

mks gen l 1.0 does not line up to holes

Don't know how. The holes are 102mm apart, same as the MKS Gen L spec sheet, which also lines up perfectly with the CAD model of it.

i was tired my mistake you have it listed as right for mks gen l board so i assumed all the diffrent holes wer for diffrent mks boards... was thrown off because of the extra pi base and the fact the right side only had two mount holes figred that extra board was made for those two holes..

The MKS boards both sit on the left of the enclosure. There are two holes right by the edge of the right half, those are for Gen L. The holes that are about 33mm further into the right side are for the bigger Gen 1.4

just noticed a big problem.. you made base right v1.3 for the mks board but it should be on left so that cables can get out.. putting it on the right makes the cables to short.. which then makes left v1.2 on wrong side ... your files are created backwards from your mockup.. just a suggestion but make both sides with same mount holes.. then create plates to mount to those holes to hold diffrent boards.. this way anyone can configure the box any way they like and adding plates is much easier and takes less material then reprinting the whole box..

What? I'm using it in my Ender right now. It works fine. The assembly is made using the files that are uploaded here.

Very nice work. This is nice use of the space available. I second the thank you for modifying to fit an Ender 3 Pro. I would like to tweak a few things to suit my own components if your ok with that? Would you mind adding a file i could modify in Fusion 360? Thank you.

I use Inventor, I've uploaded the source files, I don't know if F360 can edit .ipt files.

I'll give it a try. Thank you.

Thanks for the files! i'm printing this right now, will upload the make.

Do you think that maybe this could be set up to work with the back of the machine? it kinda feels like wasted space now

Great Job, would like to try it on my Ender-3 But only have the stock board, and the C10S Board... Mixing it with a Raspberry Pi would be great… Stock board and Klipper = 32 Bit - Fast printing…
Can you make the front on the RPI side so there is direct access to the USB / Ethernet, and access to the SD / USB in the front on the stock board side?

Is there anyway you can edit the design so it will fit the ender pro? I really like your design but it wont fit my pro because of the bigger rail

Is that a 4040 extrusion for the Y rail? Should be an easy mod if so.

Yup Yup 4040. I dont have time to remix it or i would

That would be very nice.
Yes it is a 4040 extrusion.

Added it, feel free to try it out.

You da man gonna start printing right away!

Let me know if you have any issues with it