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ANET A8 E3DV6 Titan Direct Drive X Carriage

by Richard90 Nov 5, 2018
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Hello, it's a great design, I have printed it and it works perfectly, I want to change the 50mm centrifugal fan to noctua fan to make quiter the printer, do you have time to make a adapter for the 40mm fan that fits in your design withe the fan pipes that you design to fit a mistral fan duct? Thanks in advance

Happy you like it. I've not much time because I've 2 small sons and a job, but I'll try to do this. Actually I'm working on a new carriage for BMG extruder, and I was thinking a bout this kind of adapter because I know that some people like the silence of noctua fans (I prefer the effeciency of a good old blower.... but it's noisy !). Would you be OK to test it if I draw it ?

yes, I would like to test it :)

I uploaded something called Noctua 40 to blower, I did it very fast during lunchtime, so tell me if it need some modifications

cool, can you make it easier to put bolt to hold the fan? i mean like a little space to insert a nut for the bolt? like the picture

Sure. Can you confirm me you want to use M4 screws ?

Understood, I made holes ready to tap for M4 screws. I can either reduce for M3 screws, or do a little slot for M4 nuts. As you want. But tonight or maybe tomorrow because I'm not at home right now

sorry, but I think is better M3 screws , you can see in the picture the comparison, and also what do you think to make a little change so the fan can be more horizontal , maybe help with the performance? it iss just a idea, but i like more your first design .

i realized others standard fans uses M3 screws but noctua fans have bigger hole for M4 so i guess M4 is ok , thanks again for the help

Just to be sure, is it ok like that or you'd prefer a M3 with nuts slots version ? And I realize I missed your request about having the fan more horizontally. On your sketch, the fan will face upward. (Whereas on the original design, the blower face downward). I'm made it vertically because it is compact. But if you want I can do it facing upward

M3 with slots version , I will test it vertically.

Please find attached. For the bottom left hole, it's not very clean, but I did it this way : the start of the hole is larger than M3, and then after the nut it's ready to tap by the M3 screw; so there's no leak. Don't know if it's easy to print though

Hi again, I printed it without problems just with support, and I was testing the airflow with the mistral fan duct and really is very little the airflow compared to the stock radial fan, could we try the sketch that I sent you to make the fan in almost a horizontal position?
you can't put the screw on the left hole, it need a little space maybe 3-4 mm

I could do it, but honestly, a small axial fan will never blow as much pressure as the stock blower. You should at least use a 50mm fan to have something acceptable, but still not as good as the blower. https://www.pelonistechnologies.com/blog/axial-vs.-centrifugal-fans?hs_amp=true
I haven't understood the issue with the screw and the space you need . The nut should be in place before you screw. Or is the screw too long ?

yes, you are right, I am upgrading all the fans of my printer to noctua because the noise, (my printer is my bedroom because I don't have more space for it) the only fan that is noisy is the radial fan for layers. sorry sometimes I don't write well in English and I make it confusing. it's not posible to put the screw on the The left hole because is not much the space for the nut or head of the screw. maybe need to lower the fan a little more arpud 4-5 mm I think

Thé additional / new fanduct + pipe design is really good and makes it much safer, again +1 on you design! Very nice!

Impeccable ! J'ai fait cette modif un peu a l'arrache mais si ça marche c'est l'essentiel

Top, je recommande a toutes et tous, well done mate!

@pipersw je te confirme que les pièces doivent s emboîter sans aucune force. Si c est le cas il y a effectivement un problème de réglage.lors de l impression. Je suis en cours de re impression de l ensemble sur une Prusa et les pièces s emboitent a merveille.

Hello, do i have to print the x belt tensioners or can i still using the simple stock screws to hold the belts ?

Honnestly I don't know as I don't remember where were exactly these screws on original carriage but I think that you"ll have the good holes to do this on my baseplate. (I think it's where I let some space to insert a nut in the baseplate)
Anyway, I strongly advice you to use the recommended X Belt tensionner, because it allows you to really fine tune the belt tension

Really nice design, perfect fit for an Anet A8 with E3DV6 Titan! Thank you!

Le support moteur doit rentrer légèrement en force dans la baseplate ou non ? si non, je dois avoir une surextrusion.

Salut, alors moi il rentrait pil poil, très très légèrement en force, mais c'est vrai que ça se jouait a pas grand chose.

Distance between x rods are 45mm or 46mm ?
Original bltouch is compatible ?

Both distance are compatible.
Bltouch smart should be compatible. I strongly advice the right mount as you can add washers if the sensor is too high. Please test and tell me.